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Faction NameKokiri
The Kokiri, known as the Children of the Forest, are a magical tribe from the Zelda universe. They live within the boundaries of the Kokiri Forest and live in peace and tranquility, living in harmony with nature. They are often accompanied by fairy-like companions and are believed to never age, forever retaining their childlike appearance and behavior. They are closely associated with the Great Deku Tree, their patriarch and divine protector who provides wisdom and guidance to this magical community. Despite their small stature and playful nature, Kokiri are brave. They may not venture into the outside world, but their courage is unquestioned, as shown by their unity and respect for the laws of nature. They are a symbol of innocence and the formative power of childhood.


The Kokiri, the famous inhabitants of the forest in the Zelda universe, live a timeless life of youth under the guardianship of the Great Deku Tree. Each of these ethereal beings has a fairy companion, a manifestation of their eternal innocence. They exist within the confines of an evergreen haven, the Kokiri Forest, and remain oblivious to the life beyond, a truth established by their guardian, the Deku Tree itself.
Clad in green tunics that reflect their protector Link, they bear a striking resemblance to the Hylian children. Gifted with longevity, their lives are incredibly long. However, their fate is entwined with the asylum, as if they venture beyond its hospitable confines, they turn into mindless skeletons.
Their society, while seemingly innocent, is not without hierarchies. Mido, the self-appointed leader, is in charge of everything else and shows some jealousy towards Link. Sleepy Fado, on the other hand, is the unofficial musician of the forest. Not everyone avoids the thought of the outside world, as evidenced by the adventurer Saria, Link's best friend, who can often be seen in the Sacred Forest Meadow. Kokiri live a unique existence that is heavily influenced by the spiritual and the elemental. Their story is a testament to the connectedness of life and reflects the deeper dynamics of the Zelda universe. As warriors of the spirit, they embody courage, loyalty, and innocence, core tenets of the Zelda story.


Often referred to as the "Children of the Forest", the Kokiri have a complex history that is deeply rooted in the Zelda franchise. Hailing from the magical Kokiri Forest, these tiny elven creatures are the creations of the Great Deku Tree, the guardian that is the heart and soul of their home. A benevolent tree entrusted with the protection of the Kokirs created these creatures from the trees of the forest itself, giving them childlike form and eternal life.
Considered eternal children, the Kokiri have an innocence and purity untouched by time. Each Kokiri is linked to a fairy through the Great Deku Tree, an entity that becomes their companion for life. Kokiri are believed to be unable to survive without their fairy partners. Meanwhile, these fairies are not just companions. They are considered "gifts" from the Great Deku Tree, and their presence indicates full membership in the Kokiri Society.
The customs of Kokiri society are shaped by a deep respect for the Great Deku Tree and the natural resources of the Kokiri Forest. Their buildings are built from forest trees and blend seamlessly into the lush green landscape. Interestingly, despite being eternal children, the Kokiri have a social structure with a clear leader, Mido, who is known for his determination and courage.
Their story takes a major turn during the tumultuous events of Ocarina of Time. When the Great Deku Tree falls victim to the sinister curse of the evil Ganondorf, the balance of the Kokiri Forest is disrupted. Just then, the young hero Link, a boy mistakenly raised as Kokiri, enters their world and embarks on a journey to defeat Ganondorf.
Despite her secluded life, Kokiri supports Link in his quest. They help him understand his true Hylian origins and his destiny as a Hero of Time. Link stands as a witness to their love and unity and shows the world that the Kokiri truly stand for courage, friendship, and unwavering loyalty to their home, the Kokiri Forest. To this day, their story bears witness to their legacy and inspires generations throughout the Zelda universe.

Notable Members

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Know-It-All Brothers
Great Deku Tree


The Kokiri live in the Kokiri Forest, a verdant paradise full of diverse flora and fauna in the southern part of Hyrule in the Zelda universe. This beautiful place is surrounded by tall but beautiful trees that seem to touch the sky. Entering Kokiri Forest is like being surrounded by a beautiful sea of ​​green, and the dense canopy allows dappled sunlight to gently illuminate the green undergrowth. Nature here is harmonious and peaceful, so Kokiri live a calm and carefree life.
The forest not only decorates, but also serves as a home. Kokiri architecture is dominated by organic and wooden elements. Their structures often blend into their surroundings and provide a seamless integration that respects and appreciates nature. A labyrinthine network of random paths criss-cross the Kokiri Forest and lead to various areas such as the Lost Forest and the sacred Great Deku Tree, further enhancing the unique geography of the Kokiri Earth Realm.
Because the Kokiri live in isolation, they have a deep connection with their beautiful and mystical surroundings. This connection is spiritual and tangible and is an integral part of their daily life, customs and ideology. Their deep respect and symbiosis with nature defines the geographical character of Kokiri Forest, making it a pristine oasis where the spirit of the land is felt in every leaf and root of the tree.

Legacy and Impact

Kokiri's legacy from the Zelda universe is particularly impressive. Their status as children of the forest, blessed by the Great Deku Tree to keep them forever young, marks them as a clear symbol of innocence and potential in the face of adversity. The Kokiri were tasked with protecting their forest home, and in doing so they showed extraordinary bravery. They learn that strength lies not only in physical strength, but also in the strength of faith and love for their home. Their impact is further reflected in one of their own, Link, who embarks on heroic adventures and demonstrates Kokiri's boundless courage. It is part of Kokiri's legacy to be brave and determined, a lesson that even the smallest can make the biggest impact.