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General Info

Ganon logo
Job TitleKing of Gerudo, King of Evil
Birth PlaceGerudo Valley
Knows aboutPower, Magic, Link, Zelda, Triforce
Alternate NameGanondorf
Character NameGanon
Member of OrganizationGerudo Tribe
Ganon, also known as Ganondorf, is the main antagonist of the Zelda universe. He is a powerful evil king, often seen in his beast form Ganon, and is driven by his hatred of the Golden Goddesses and their chosen people. Known for his immense strength, insatiable lust for power, and cunning mind, Ganon is endlessly searching for the entire Triforce to fulfill his quest to conquer all of Hyrule. Despite this, he is often opposed by the series' hero, Link. Throughout the series, the character of Ganon has been portrayed in various forms, from a demonic boar creature to a human sorcerer. Fierce, terrifying and unpredictable, Ganon is a force to be reckoned with and truly sums up what it means to be a villain. His obsession with gaining the ultimate power keeps him in a perpetual battle with Link and Princess Zelda.


Ganon, often referred to as the "Great Evil King" or "Lord of Darkness", is a powerful and terrifying character from the Legend of Zelda universe. The creepy presence of Ganon, who is the main villain of the series, creates a sense of unease and danger, making him very memorable and influencing the series' story.
Born a Gerudo, Ganon was originally known as Ganondorf, an image of human form. He was gifted with powerful dark magic and had an insatiable thirst for power that eventually transformed him into a grotesque beast known as Ganon. In his beast form, Ganon embodies a monstrous boar-like creature that represents pure evil and destruction. Ganon's motives revolve around complete control of the Holy Empire. His quest is to take possession of the Triforce, a sacred relic that can grant its owner's wishes. His relentless pursuit of his powers shapes the exciting quests of Link, the hero of Hyrule, throughout the series.
One of the longest-running villains in gaming history, Ganon's evolution from a power-hungry man to a symbol of pure fear, terror and tyranny makes him an underrated and highly intriguing figure in gaming culture. Despite Link's many defeats, Ganon's resilience keeps the Legend of Zelda story powerful and keeps players everywhere asking: What evil will bring Ganon next?


Ganon, known as the "Prince of Darkness", is an unreal force in the kingdom of Hyrule. Born into a tribe of wizards known as the Gerudo, Ganon was a standout character from the start due to his distinct male identity, a rarity among the Gerudo who were predominantly female.
Ganon's life takes place within the mystical powers of the Triforce. Gaining the trinity of power, Ganon becomes a fierce and formidable warlord, his sheer strength and immense magical abilities overwhelming any enemy in battle. His evil ambitions manifest in his desire for supreme power and control in Hyrule, which is known for its quiet beauty and tranquility. In the world of Legend of Zelda, Ganon is a recurring curse, relentlessly pursuing evil schemes to dominate, bringing chaos and darkness wherever he goes. But beneath the cover of a brutal warlord lies the story of a creature struggling with tragedy. After all, Ganon was shaped by a prophecy that led to his life of terror and strife.
He shares a unique relationship with Link, the main character, and Princess Zelda. Their lives are intertwined by the Triforce, a divine relic that each of them holds a piece of. This relationship forms a heady love-hate trio that leads to many epic battles and adventures. Ganon's character and story is a strong counterpoint to Link's moral compass, adding depth to the plot and engaging the audience.
Ganon is definitely the biggest enemy in the Zelda universe. It is his malevolence that fuels the stories, his terrifying power that tests the mettle of our heroes, and his epic defeats that bring hope and refreshment to Hyrule. Although Ganon is a harbinger of chaos, he inadvertently becomes the cornerstone of peace and freedom, and his disappearance heralds the dawn of a new era for Hyrule.

Creation and Development

Ganon, also known as Ganondorf in human form, is a main character in the Zelda universe created by series creator Shigeru Miyamoto. The character was first introduced in the first game of the franchise, The Legend of Zelda, released in 1986, where he appears as the final boss.
Ganon's development throughout the series has been significant, taking the character from a faceless threat to a complex villain with intent and purpose. Miyamoto stated that as the series progressed, he worked to make Ganon a more three-dimensional character, acknowledging his need to respect evil, while acknowledging his desire for power and dominance.
In terms of physical conception, Ganon has two main forms: his human form Ganondorf and his beast form Ganon. Ganondorf is usually depicted as a tall, muscular gerudo man with red hair and menacing features. Meanwhile, in his beast form, Ganon often appears as a monstrous boar-like creature. The techniques and technologies used to create and animate Ganon evolved with the gaming industry, resulting in a more realistic look in later installments of the series.
Ganon's abilities and powers have also been seen to change throughout the games, evolving over time from physical strength to the ability to use dark magic, shapeshift, and manipulate others. His character not only anchors the series by providing continuity and motivation, but also challenges the player and further enhances the immersive gameplay experience. Despite his role as an antagonist, Ganon's multi-dimensional character development makes him one of the most memorable figures in the Zelda universe.

Character Profile

Ganon, also known as Ganondorf in his humanoid form, is a fictional character and the main antagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series. He first appeared in the original in 1986. in the game and has been a staple of the franchise ever since. Born of the Gerudo tribe, Ganon is the epitome of power, evil and manipulation.
Often appearing as a tall, muscular humanoid with fiery red hair, Ganon has a deep, ringing laugh and a tendency to transform into a monstrous beast. Known as Ganon the Beast, this transformation represents his true form, a pig-shaped behemoth bursting with destructive energy. Many of the game's stories are held back by the fear of this monstrous form wreaking havoc on Hyrule.
Ganon's quest to rule and rule the Hyrule Kingdom is usually the basis for every title in the Legend of Zelda series. He seeks to possess the Triforce, a powerful artifact that grants the wishes of its owner, in order to carry out his evil plans. Time and again, Ganon proves a deadly force to be reckoned with, conquering kingdoms and driving them to despair.
However, Ganon's fatal flaw throughout the series is his underestimation of Link and Princess Zelda. Caught in the wheel of fate, Ganon meets his end at the hands of these brave characters, only to return stronger, more determined and angrier than ever. His continued survival portrays him as an immortal demon, truly embodying the essence of an ageless enemy.

Story Arc

Often known as Ganondorf in human form, Ganon is a personality you can't ignore in the Zelda universe, and she's the main antagonist in most iterations of the series. Ganon is the tyrannical ruler of the Dark World and is relentless in his quest for complete dominance of Hyrule.
Ganon's storyline is steeped in ambition, dark magic, and a ruthless quest for power. The story begins when the King of Hyrule gives him the title of King Gerudo. Although initially seemingly grateful and loyal, Ganondorf began secretly studying the forbidden dark arts and soon turned his attention to the Triforce, the power of the Golden Goddesses. Planning and plotting, he launched a surprise attack on Hyrule Castle, breaking the Holy Empire and getting his hands on the Triforce. With a heart that lacked the balance of strength, wisdom, and courage, the Triforce split and Ganondorf ironically obtained the triforce.
Now partially successful, Ganondorf soon wreaked havoc on Hyrule, turning the once prosperous land into a barren wasteland. But his reign of terror comes to an end in the form of Link, a brave hero chosen by the goddess who holds the trinity of courage. The epic battle between Ganon and Link has been told and retold in various ways throughout the game, but Ganon's desire for power and his underestimation of Link's strength are constants. The Arc of Ganon is the arc of a tyrant bent on his destructive desires. His quest for the Triforce throughout the series paints a picture of a resilient, ambitious, and unyielding villain who perseveres in pursuing his goals even in defeat. Embraces the essence of the villain, proudly wearing his cloak of tyranny throughout the Zelda series.

Cultural Impact

Since the creation of the original Legend of Zelda video game, Ganon, the main antagonist of the franchise, has played a major role in shaping popular culture. Ganon introduced the quintessential enemy element to the video game vocabulary, a concept that has been replicated in countless games and media.
The character of Ganon, often referred to as the "Prince of Darkness," has been used as a metaphor for corruption, evil, and the desire for power. His timeless battle with the heroic Link has been hailed as a popular symbol of the eternal struggle between good and evil.
Ganon's influence extends beyond the video game industry. He has been featured in a variety of media such as books, TV series and even music, and indie band I Fight Dragons' album Canon Eyes features a song named after him. The villain's menacing design and evil personality have become iconic in fantasy media.
Regularly regarded as one of video game's greatest villains, the character of Ganon continues to leave a lasting impression, inspiring developers around the world and enthralling countless fans. This continued presence and power only cements its place in the annals of video game culture and beyond.


Ganon, often referred to as the Dark King or the King of Evil, is arguably the most influential antagonist in the Zelda universe. Ganon isn't just an enemy to defeat, he's basically the embodiment of hatred and malice that threatens the kingdom of Hyrule in almost every era. Despite his many defeats at the hands of Link, his commitment to power allows him to return with determination and display a formidable resilience.
His ability to transform into the beast known as Ganon's Fury also gives his character an interesting dynamic. Ganon's influence is not limited to his anger; his plot involves manipulation and deception, often leading the other characters down a dark path. Deep in the history of Hyrule, Ganon's legacy transcends time and space and reverberates throughout the ages in the form of various curses and disasters. Ultimately, despite his dark power and evil intentions, Ganon is a constant reminder of the triumph of heroic Link and Princess Zelda's bravery and enduring spirit.