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Faction NameHyrule
Hyrule is a royal and central realm in the Zelda universe, teeming with vibrant inhabitants, mystical creatures, and ancient legends. Known as the Temple of the Triforce, Hyrule uniquely combines various landscapes; from windswept deserts, lush forests, hair-raising mountains to tranquil lakes, each waiting to share its mystery. Noteworthy is Hyrule Castle, an architectural wonder that exudes timeless grandeur. The kingdom has endured many hardships thanks to its brave subjects, mainly the famous protector Link and the wise princess Zelda. The faction hides adventure around every corner, challenging brave hearts to explore the remnants of the past, the struggles of the present, and the unsolved mysteries of the future. A trip to Hyrule is a true quest for excitement and knowledge.


The majestic land of Hyrule is at the heart of the memorable Zelda universe. It is a fascinating world full of mystery and wonder, shaped by the extraordinary tests of time and fate. Home to various species, including humans, zors, gorons, and more, the fascinating kingdom involves the harmonious existence of various creatures under the paradoxically unpredictable but constant influence of Princess Zeld.
From snowy peaks to tropical beaches, Hyrule's geographical landscape reflects the kingdom's cultural and historical diversity. Dotted with magnificent castles and ancient temples, the architecture tells silent stories of heroic quests and mythical legends. The Hyrule faction prides itself on being the bearer of the Triforce, a mysterious source of ultimate power. Divided into wisdom, strength, and courage, the Triforce tied the fate of Hyrule to the legendary hero Link and the evil threat Ganondorf.
Every corner of Hyrule invites you to adventure, revealing timeless secrets, dangerous enemies and friendly allies, all under the patronage of the goddess Hylia. Fireworks on Death Mountain, the water wonders of Lake Hylia, the freezing landscapes of the Hebra Mountains or the barren dunes of the Gerud Desert; Hyrule is a wealth of scenic beauty and enchanting lore.
The Zelda saga cannot be told without highlighting the Hyrule saga. The land of Hyrule has etched its way into the hearts of gamers around the world and continues to fascinate with its majestic allure.


In the grand, ever-evolving story of the Zelda universe, the story of the precious kingdom of Hyrule tells its own story. Born from the extraordinary events of the age of the goddess Hylia, Hyrule was a beacon of power, knowledge and triumph.
Hyrule was founded by the descendants of three goddesses: Din, Nayru and Farore - guardians of the Triforce. This legendary artifact, symbolizing the perfect balance of strength, wisdom and courage, became the royal coat of arms of the country. Originally prosperous, Hyrule enjoyed the divine blessing of the Triune and entrusted its protection to a royal line, the Hylians, identified by the clear elven ears attuned to the whispers of the gods. A period of shining prosperity was marked by the rise of evil forces that unleashed an era of chaos. He has seen numerous attempts to seize the Triforce, leading to the creation of the Holy Empire to protect it. But the peace was short-lived. The Dark Invaders, power-hungry sorcerers, tried to reclaim the kingdom and were banished to the Twilight Realm by the Spirits of Light, leading to an invasion of shadow.
Hyrule then faced several eras leading to its cyclical rise and fall. It was destroyed in the glorious Hero of Time era, recovered in the Hero of the Winds era, and even flooded to prevent the evil Ganon's resurrection in the Great Journey era. But after each fall, Hyrule rises again, following the indefatigable spirit of its people.
Throughout history, the land has been protected by the Chosen who uphold the honor and legacy of the realm and imbued with the virtues of the Triforce. Today, Hyrule is synonymous with resilience, wisdom, and courage. History continues to unfold, filling the centuries with legendary chronicles immortalized in the hearts of its brave heroes. Through centuries of adversity, Hyrule has survived, telling a story of courage and a legacy that transcends time.

Notable Members

Member #
Princess Zelda
King Rhoam
Kaepora Gaebora
Great Deku Tree


Hyrule, the main realm of the Zelda series, features a varied topography full of charm and wonderful quirks. Hyrule's landscape is filled with towering mountains, verdant forests, vast deserts, and tranquil lakes. It's amazing how the geography changes from one region to another, so there are many different areas in Hyrule.
The regions of Hyrule are famous for Hyrule Field, often considered the center of the kingdom and known for its picturesque meadows and peaceful atmosphere. To the east is Death Mountain, a volcanic mountain range to be reckoned with for its treacherous trails and hostile inhabitants. But it is also home to the brave Goron tribe.
Further south, the player can explore the breathtaking Lake Hylia, a tranquil body of water with mysterious secrets beneath the clear waters. A journey north of Hyrule Field can lead to the misty Lost Woods, a mysterious forest labyrinth known for its ethereal beauty and enchanting forest sounds.
The Gerudo Desert can also be found west of Hyrule Field; a hot, dry land inhabited only by the female gerudo tribe. Despite the harsh climate, the desert is home to incredible oases and ancient ruins that contain epic sagas from the Zelda universe. In short, the geography of Hyrule is a testament to the impeccable imagination of its creators, making it an unforgettable fantasy world that has captivated fans from the very beginning.

Legacy and Impact

The influence of the Hyrule faction in the Zelda universe is large and wide. It is not only the main battleground in the epochal struggle between the forces of good and evil, but also forms the social and cultural backbone of the world's population. Hyrule's architecture, customs, and folklore are expertly rendered throughout the series, adding depth and intrigue to each game. Many of Hyrule's legendary locations, such as Hyrule Castle, Lost Woods, and Death Mountain, are etched in the memories of players around the world. The faction's rich lore has spawned numerous bonus games, fan theories, and scholarly articles. His impact is not limited to the video game industry, as he has had a profound impact on popular culture and set new standards for game design and story-building. The lasting legacy of the Hyrule faction cements the Zelda series as timeless masterpieces in the annals of gaming history.
The influence of the Hyrule faction is also felt on a personal level. Enthralled by the beautiful scenery and deep story, players often find themselves lost in the immersive world of Hyrule. These unique experiences and lessons learned from the epic battles between Link and Ganon radically change players, evoke a wide range of emotions and promote personal growth. The Hyrule faction has successfully resonated with players on an intimate level, cementing its inexorable impact on the hearts of a global audience.