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Faction NameGoron
Gorons are a powerful and physically robust race found in the Zelda universe. These rock-eating, mountain-dwelling volcanic creatures are best known for their exceptional strength and rolling. They have an innate talent for mining, providing valuable ores and metals. Their culture is strongly based on a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie, offering help whenever possible. Despite their seemingly ferocious appearance, Gorons are gentle, peace-loving creatures that value friendship. Their relationship with the main character Link was very important throughout the series. Their resilience and indomitable spirit make them an integral part of the Zelda universe.


The Gorons are a proud and powerful race that hails from the unstable heights of Death Mountain in the Zelda universe. Famous for their unique physical attributes, including tough skin and impressive strength, the Gorons are a group to be reckoned with. Their society is one of unwavering camaraderie and an unwavering commitment to protect their homeland.
Gorons feed primarily on a rock-based diet, particularly enjoying the dynamic and tasty rocks that are abundant in the area. Strong muscles and a solid build make these stones easy to reach and consume. Despite their tough exterior, Gorons are kind, loyal, and have a great sense of justice.
Goron culture is steeped in tradition and honor. They are led by a patriarch, often referred to as the Goron Elder. This leader is entrusted with the Goron Ruby, a sacred gem that symbolizes Goron courage and valor.
The Gorons established themselves as skilled metalworkers and miners, a skill unmatched in the kingdom of Hyrule. They are also known for their prowess in combat, and their signature move is the Goron Roll. Despite the harsh conditions in their home, the Gorons continue to adapt and thrive, and their resilience is a testament to their strength and unity. The Gorons may be a rock race, but they are truly the heart of the Zelda universe.


The Gorons are a unique and intriguing faction in the ever-expanding world of the Zelda universe. The Goron race made its first appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and has since become a player favorite for its unique talent.
Traditionally known as mountain dwellers, these rock-eating giants are mostly found in cave areas and rocky plains. Their bodies are hardened, similar to the stones they consume, which gives them the strength to withstand any physical threat and endure adversity. Despite their imposing physique, Gorons are peaceful in nature, demonstrating friendliness and unity within their tribe. The story of Goron is related to the mythical Death Mountain, a huge active volcano in Hyrule. Death Mountain is important in Goron folklore as it is considered a sacred place, a place of honor to Goron, the Great Goron. Another important object of Goron legend, the "Goron's Ruby" represents the spirit of their ancestors, a treasure gathered after a careful trial in the cave of Dodong.
Based on the principle of democracy, Goron society works in a communal spirit. A strong patriarch usually assumes leadership and is usually wiser and significantly taller than the others, known as Big Brother. The community is characterized by great strength, unmatched endurance, unique culture and stone carving skills.
Gorons also excel in the art of making bomb flowers. The Bombflowers are the faction's biggest contribution to Hyrule as they play an influential role in several missions.
The Goron story is not just a story of survival. It is much more based on unity, resilience and camaraderie. Their brightness, combined with their sheer size and stoicism, continues to fascinate the player. The Gorons have grown from just another group in the Zelda universe to an integral part of the game itself, providing players with an unforgettable experience.

Notable Members

Member #
Darmani III
Link (Goron)
Goron Elder
Goron Elder's Son
Goron Patriarch
Goron Brothers
Sumo Wrestler
Hot Rodder Goron
Lava Runner Goron


Gorons live in various geographical areas of the world of Hyrule, from mountainous regions to volcanic areas. The heart of their society is on Death Mountain, a giant volcanic peak with a network of caves and tunnels that the Gorons call home. The interior of the mountain is naturally heated by lava flows, creating a warm environment in which these rock-eating creatures feel comfortable.
The familiar thump of Goron's heavy footsteps can also be heard behind Death Mountain. Spectacle Rock in the Gerud Desert and the mountains surrounding the idyllic province of Lanayru are home to Goron settlements. A unique colony also lives on a floating island in the vast sky called Skyloft.
Despite the extreme geographical conditions, the Gorons use their immense strength and deep knowledge of minerals to thrive. Their innate ability to resist heat allows them to delve into volcanic regions and mine rare minerals and ores that contribute to their masterful forging.
Although the geography of the Goron's home is rough and harsh, their stoic nature and sense of community, along with their indomitable courage, have become an integral part of the diverse landscape of Hyrule.

Legacy and Impact

First introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Gorons have left an indelible mark on the franchise's universe. Known for their strength and love of rocks, these mountain creatures played a central role in many of Link's quests.
Their cultural focus on brotherhood, loyalty, and courage helped set the tone and values ​​that reign throughout the Zelda series. Their music, a fusion of live drumming and singing, gives the series a unique sensory depth.
Also, their contributions are not limited to secondary characters. The gorons' trading of Bomb Flowers played an important role in the game's mechanics, adding elements of challenge and strategy. Additionally, characters like Darunia and Daruka have become fan favorites, their charisma and heroism shining through their intimidating appearance.
The Gorons' lasting impact is a testament not only to their memorable design and nature, but also to the Zelda games' ability to create a diverse, relatable, and inhabitable universe. Although initially seen as aloof and intimidating, the Gorons' evolution into indispensable allies reflects the series' recurring theme of unity, friendship, and the triumph of good over evil.