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The Legend of Zelda

General Info

The Legend of Zelda logo
AwardsGame of the Year, Best Sound, Best Graphics
ArtistsShigeru Miyamoto
WritersShigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka
Game NameThe Legend of Zelda
ComposersKoji Kondo
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
DevelopersNintendo R&D4
Directed ByTakashi Tezuka, Shigeru Miyamoto
Produced ByShigeru Miyamoto
Release Date1986-02-21
Game PlatformsNES, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo Switch Online)
Publisher NameNintendo
Country of OriginJapan
Publishers Websiteswww.nintendo.com
The Legend of Zelda is an immersive action-adventure video game that has been popular since its inception in 1986. fascinated players from all over the world. The game creates a fantasy-filled universe and invites players to empathize with Link, a young hero who is destined to die. defeat the evil Ganon and save Princess Zelda. Spread across a vast landscape, the saga combines puzzle solving, combat and exploration in the enchanting yet treacherous world of Hyrule. The core of the game is the acquisition of skills and artifacts necessary to advance the story and defeat bosses. With its unique non-linear gameplay and immersive storyline, The Legend of Zelda is an unforgettable gaming experience. This game is a milestone in the evolution of the gaming industry, masterfully combining cutting-edge technology and creative storytelling to create an immersive gaming journey.


'The Legend of Zelda' game screenshots
'The Legend of Zelda' game screenshots
'The Legend of Zelda' game screenshots
'The Legend of Zelda' game screenshots
'The Legend of Zelda' game screenshots
'The Legend of Zelda' game screenshots


The Legend of Zelda is a classic action-adventure video game series that immerses players in the exciting adventures of the protagonist Link. These adventures span many magical landscapes as Link sets out to rescue Princess Zelda, defeat the evil adversary Ganon, and restore peace to the kingdom of Hyrule.
Link's journey is not for the faint of heart, filled with epic battles, puzzles and mysteries that require strategic mastery. Each game in the series introduces different elements, highlighting new aspects of the games' story, as well as recurring motifs such as the Triforce, a relic that symbolizes strength, wisdom and courage.
The engaging gameplay, captivating story and innovative mechanics of the franchise set it apart from other titles and cement its status as one of the most iconic game series of all time. The series has stood the test of time, with each episode adding depth and intrigue to the expanding Zelda universe, making every player's experience incredibly engaging. Few game franchises capture the imagination of gamers like The Legend of Zelda, making every quest, battle, and puzzle a journey of a lifetime.



The gameplay of The Legend of Zelda is varied and challenging, providing players with a rich and immersive gaming experience. The game takes place in the mystical land of Hyrule, where players assume the role of the protagonist Link. His mission is to rescue Princess Zelda from the clutches of the evil Ganon.
This action adventure game takes place in an open world. Players are free to explore Hyrule's vast landscapes at their own pace, completing quests, solving puzzles, and battling various enemies. The main focus of the game is exploration. Some parts of the map are initially inaccessible and only become accessible as Link acquires new skills and resources.
Combat in The Legend of Zelda is strategic and fast-paced. Link's main arsenal consists of his sword and shield, but he gains access to a number of additional weapons and gadgets along the way. These are bows, boomerangs and bombs. Master the use of each weapon to overcome your enemy's unique weaknesses and progress through the game.
One of the standout features of the game is the puzzle-solving aspect. Many of the game's temples and dungeons contain puzzles that players must solve in order to progress. It often involves complex mechanisms that require strategic thinking to decipher.
Another important feature of the game is the character creation system. As Link completes missions and defeats enemies, he gains experience that allows him to level up and improve his skills. This game element adds some progression and makes the game experience more rewarding.
In short, The Legend of Zelda combines the elements of adventure, combat, exploration, puzzle solving, and character creation to deliver an immersive and multifaceted gaming experience that has cemented its place as one of the most iconic video games of all time.

Gameplay video


As for the acclaimed series The Legend of Zelda, the game takes place in the fantastical land of Hyrule. The main character, Link, is a rural young boy with unmatched courage. The plot follows Link's heroic journey to rescue Princess Zelda, the embodiment of wisdom, from the clutches of the terrifying Lord Ganon, who symbolizes the intoxicating power of evil.
The peaceful kingdom of Hyrule is doomed when Lord Ganon acquires the Triforce of Power, a divine relic of the Holy Trident that embodies strength, courage, and wisdom. Heeding the divination's warnings, Princess Zelda destroys and scatters the eight fragments of the Trident of Wisdom throughout Hyrule, preventing Ganon from gaining his ultimate power. She is then held captive in Ganon's prison.
Meanwhile, the old woman helps Link uncover Zelda's fate and the Triforce fragments. Link embarks on a perilous journey to retrieve the eight pieces, exploring dangerous dungeons fiercely guarded by Ganon's minions. The expedition grants him mythic relics along with fragments of the Triforce, which enhances his ability to face Ganon.
The climax cuts to Death Mountain, Ganon's lair, where Link uses the Trident of Wisdom against Ganon and kills him with a silver arrow, an ancient weapon in Hyrule folklore. The Triforce of Power left behind by Ganon is used to restore the peaceful state of Hyrule and free Princess Zelda, maintaining a balance between strength, courage and wisdom.
So The Legend of Zelda tells more than just an adventure story; seeks courage against corrupt government. Furthermore, it is the essence of wisdom embodied by Princess Zelda, who carries courage through all, proving that wisdom and courage together can bring down the mightiest power.


The making of The Legend of Zelda is a compelling story of creativity, innovation, and the adventurous quest for escapism. Conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, Zelda was born in 1986. from their shared desire to recreate the thrill of exploration and discovery inspired by their childhood adventures in rural Japan.
Unlike conventional games of the time, which focused more on action sequences and named levels, Zelda's concept revolved around a continuous journey in an open world, pioneering non-linear gameplay. The innovative "Zelda formula" that gives the player the freedom to explore, strategize instead of solving puzzles, and the impressive implementation of "trial and error" brought the game to the pinnacle of success.
Developing the game was a huge undertaking due to the hardware limitations of the NES, but thanks to the persistence and ingenuity of the development team, they maximized the system's capabilities. This resulted in a game with a fascinating story, intricate landscapes and unforgettable characters, an evolution that changed the landscape of adventure games forever.
The story behind The Legend of Zelda is a testament to Nintendo's commitment to pushing the boundaries of video games and setting the benchmark for all adventure games to come. Its revolutionary game design and the tireless efforts of its development team have made it an important part of the gaming industry.


Since its inception in 1986, The Legend of Zelda video game series has introduced players to the mythical world of Hyrule, filled with enchanting stories, mysterious puzzles, and the iconic green-robed adventurer. The original game was designed to break away from the arcade norm by giving players a large map to explore at their own pace. The first part was shown on the simple but versatile 8-bit Nintendo entertainment system NES.
The game quickly became a huge hit due to its non-linear gameplay and high-end graphics at the time. Created by pioneering game designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, The Legend of Zelda broke new ground and set the standard for action-adventure games for decades to come. Over the years, the series has evolved with changing gaming environments, from the hand-drawn aesthetic of The Wind Waker to the breathtaking, fully realized 3D world of Breath of the Wild. With its exploration, puzzle-solving and combat mechanics, each version introduces players to a unique aspect of the adventure, cementing The Legend of Zelda's status as a beloved video game franchise.
Recognizing its impact and popularity, The Legend of Zelda was released in 2016. was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame as one of the most influential franchises in the gaming industry.


Since its initial release in 1986 The Legend of Zelda received huge critical and commercial acclaim. Thanks to its non-linear gameplay, the game presented players with naturally evolving challenges, making both the puzzling obstacles and exciting fight sequences largely worthwhile. The combination of action-adventure and RPG elements set new industry standards and provided a solid foundation for subsequent titles in the series.
The presentation of the game was also well received. Despite the limitations of 8-bit graphics, Zelda's distinctive visual style successfully showcased many environments. Composed by composer Koji Kondo, the memorable soundtrack tunes further cemented the game's unique identity.
The Legend of Zelda also benefited from a strong replay factor. Hidden secrets, collectibles, and the innovative concept of "second quests" for persistent players long after the first story arc has been completed have added to the game's longevity.
The success of the game is reflected in its sales. By its first year of release, over 70% of NES owners had purchased The Legend of Zelda. Today, it continues to be called one of the best retro games and is honored in several halls of fame.
Revered as an industry masterpiece, The Legend of Zelda's widespread praise cemented its legacy as a true classic, influencing countless games and inspiring an enduring and highly successful franchise.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of The Legend of Zelda is palpable and spans multiple generations. Launched in 1986, the franchise captivated gamers and changed the landscape of video game storytelling forever. Unlike other games of the time, which focused on linear gameplay, Zelda offered a complex universe where the player was not guided, but encouraged to explore and discover secrets.
Zelda's complex and enriching storylines made players think about their own morals, bravery and intellectual abilities to solve puzzles. It encouraged curiosity, exploration and strategic thinking. This creative innovation is reflected today as other game designers followed suit and incorporated non-linear gameplay into their creations.
In addition, the franchise has developed a loyal fan base that continues to grow. There are tons of fantasy films, cosplays, and conventions all over the world celebrating the series. Many current game developers and designers often cite The Legend of Zelda as the game that inspired them to pursue their careers.
Outside of the gaming world, The Legend of Zelda has also had a significant impact on popular culture. It has influenced movies, music, and TV shows, and left its mark on more than just the games you play. Several bands and musicians have been inspired by Zelda's music to create great orchestral performances.
In short, The Legend of Zelda's cultural impact is more than just a successful video game franchise. It inspired creativity, challenge, exploration and changed the concept of video games forever. His influence is seen far beyond the gaming community and will continue to inspire generations in many ways.