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Apex Legends: Bloodhound

General Info

Apex Legends: Bloodhound logo
AuthorDark Horse Comics
GenresVideo game, Action, Adventure
PublisherDark Horse Comics
Issue Number1
Release Date2021-04-14
Number of Pages32
Original TitleApex Legends: Bloodhound
Comics Issue NameApex Legends: Bloodhound
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Bloodhound, a technological trailblazer, is the story of an undiscovered legend known for his merciless hunting and unparalleled tracking skills at Apex Games. Join Bloodhound in this comic series that aims to delve into his roots, to his home planet before he arrives in Kings Canyon. Discover the crucibles that shaped him into the enigmatic and feared figure he is today. Unravel the secrets behind her extraordinary abilities, her connection to Norse mythology, a never-before-seen story of friendship, survival and courage rooted in her history. The series perfectly captures the essence of the "mystery wrapped in an enigma" character Bloodhound is known for in the Apex Legends universe. This saga is a must read for all Apex Legends fans!


One of the most mysterious and enigmatic champions of the Apex Games, the Bloodhound has a secondary identity as a fascinating part of the hunter folklore of the world's edge. The Bloodhound comics take us on a surreal journey through their dark past and immense abilities, revealing an angelic connection between the machine and the wild, a story that seems as old as the universe itself.
The Bloodhounds, finding solace and strength in the ancient Norse customs and gods, are led on their quest by the Allfather, their spiritual guide. We follow their pioneering rise from a humble developing civilization to the pioneering Apex Games follow-up, guided by the spirits of ravens and the harsh trials of the old gods in the unforgiving wilderness of the North.
In addition to paying homage to a character from the world of Apex Legends, Bloodhound comics present the deep and complex beauty of wilderness survival, the unbreakable connection to nature, and an exciting family saga of destiny and honor. . Bloodhound's appearance at Apex Games is about much more than just the pursuit of glory. Their purpose is deeper, to preserve old traditions and a sacred connection with nature and the haunted world.
Journey into the comical world of Bloodhound. Witness the transformation of a legend. Discover history like no other. Unravel the secrets of Apex Legends.


In the remote depths of Talos, Bloodhound embarks on a harrowing journey with his trusty raven, Arthur. Following the Allfather's cryptic advice, they navigate treacherous terrain and hair-raising blizzards. The alien secrets lurking in the frozen wasteland are finally revealed, revealing ancient secrets that test Bloodhound's faith and oath to the Father of All. Fierce battles, losses and sacrifices test their physical and mental endurance. Bloodhound balances his cultural values ​​and confronts harsh realities; the wilderness is merciless and survival is the only truth. Friendship and determination drive them forward and form the Bloodhound we've come to know in the Apex games. Their experiences in the brutally expanded home of Talos tested their mettle and paved the way for their destiny as observers of equal technology.


No longer shrouded in mystery, the development of the comic Apex Legends: Bloodhound involved a global team of exceptional creative talent working around the clock to bring the beloved character to life. Known for his intricate illustrations and unprecedented attention to detail, the lead storyboard artist painstakingly drew each frame, with the writers working closely together to ensure the continuity of the story.
The pre-visualization phase was crucial in determining what color schemes to use, capturing the essence of the game's vibrant yet gritty visual aesthetic. On the other hand, the writers worked tirelessly to bring the necessary nuance and depth to the story, shedding light on Bloodhound's enigmatic past and unique personality. Each iteration of the development process was open to criticism and improvements to keep the game's passionate fan base as happy as possible. The creation of Apex Legends: Bloodhound Comics is a testament to the dedication, creativity and passion that drives the fascinating world of Apex Legends. It bridges the gap between virtual gameplay and immersive storytelling, giving fans a deeper look into the life of their favorite character.


In another exciting installment of Apex Legends: Bloodhound comics, our beloved tech stalker engages in an exciting battle for survival. Delve into the confusing depths of his past, explore the enduring bond he shares with his pet raven Arthur, and witness his unparalleled skills and relentless pursuit of the truth. In this epic tale, Bloodhound faces untold challenges and reveals a more vulnerable side of the stoic character. Discover the Norse folklore that shaped this legend's life and set him apart from other Apex Legends contestants. Filled with new alliances, formidable enemies and tantalizing twists, this edition will show you World's Edge in a new light. Get ready for an intense narrative journey full of epic encounters and raw emotions. The All-Father's Choice saga continues to unfold in this must-have series! Stay tuned.


In the comic book edition of Apex Legends: Bloodhound, fans are treated to an immersive adventure experience as Bloodhound scans the world using localization techniques and uncovers his mysterious past. This deep dive into Bloodhound history explores their origins and paints a vivid picture of their journey from child to the exceptional detective we know today. Their unique relationship with the Norse gods and the mythical beasts that surround them reveals an intriguing parallel to their current role in Apex Games. This comic series also explores their complicated relationship with their uncle, which has a big impact on Bloodhound's life. Apex Legends: Bloodhound's stunning comic book graphics and engaging story keep fans hooked to the end and feel more connected to the character. These stories also provide players with unique insights into the Bloodhound's abilities and instincts in the popular Apex Legends games.


The Bloodhound edition of the Apex Legends comic book has received widespread critical and fan acclaim since its release. Visual storytelling combined with a complex and emotional narrative strongly engages readers. He received particular praise for his in-depth exploration of Bloodhound, one of gaming's most mysterious and beloved characters.
The comics beautifully illustrate Bloodhound's Scandinavian roots and shed light on their tragic past, while maintaining the exciting, fast-paced action that Apex Legends is known for. Fans appreciate the insight into Bloodhound's relationship with their mentor Arthur and how it made them a legend. The masterfully drawn art is both detailed and impressive. Find a balance between presenting the emotions of the characters and the action of the story. Particularly impressive are the battle scenes, which are so dynamic and exciting that readers feel as if they are in the heat of battle.
Critics praise the comics for seamlessly integrating the game's story into the story. The addition of Apex Legends to our growing library of multimedia not only adds depth to the universe, but also fleshes it out perfectly. Bloodhound Edition's unique blend of futuristic science fiction and original mythic elements come to life to further enrich the Apex Legends experience. Overall, this is a must read for any fan of the game.

Cultural impact

Apex Legends: Bloodhound Comics has made a significant impact on gaming culture by combining various elements of storytelling and graphics to enhance the gaming experience. Filled with the exciting adventures of Bloodhound, a tech-savvy hunter, the comics gave fans a deep insight into the backstory of their favorite character, encouraging a richer engagement with the game. Comics encourage appreciation of Norse mythology, educate readers about this aspect of ancient culture, and contribute to its revival in popular culture. In addition, Bloodhound's determination and resilience have inspired many fans and fostered a culture of perseverance and perseverance in the face of adversity in the gaming community. The realistic portrayal of diversity and inclusion in comics, especially with the non-binary representation of Bloodhound, has led to a gradual shift in gaming narratives. Thus, Bloodhound comics not only entertained, but also educated and enlightened, leaving an indelible mark on gaming culture.