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Apex Legends: Wraith

General Info

Apex Legends: Wraith logo
AuthorManny Hagopian
GenresShooter, Battle royale
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorRobert Sammelin
Issue Number1
Release Date2021-04-14
Number of Pages32
Original TitleApex Legends: Wraith
Comics Issue NameApex Legends: Wraith
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
In the exciting universe of Apex Legends, the enigmatic Wraith is at the center of its own groundbreaking story. With a wonderful combination of torture and brilliance, she is an interdimensional fighter who is as elusive as the manipulative shadows. Specter maneuvers through unstable dimensional rifts, fighting and avoiding danger using his Void Leap abilities. Discover the depth of his twisted history as the Wraith comics delve into his murky past, the source of his powers, and the weight of mysterious "interdimensional whispers." Interwoven with history, suspense and relentless action, Wraith Comics is an exciting continuation of the dynamic Apex Legends story. Experience the dark twists of Wraith history with us.


In this latest installment of the popular Apex Legends comic series, we dive into the mysterious history of the Wraith. The Wraith is no ordinary character. She is a maelstrom of mystery, shrouded in riddles, with a haunted past that haunts her relentlessly. Unleashed by Apex Games, Wraith is inexorably drawn to the whispering voices in her head that always push her to the brink, but far from the brink of defeat.
From the gruesome depths of a mental institution to the chaotic battlefields of Apex Games, his journey is a terrifying beast of uncertainty and exploratory survival. This comedy series captures the gripping story behind the eerie whispers that haunt the Wraith, revealing the true power of his unbreakable spirit to confront the past, challenge the present and determine his own destiny.
Every page of the Apex Legends: Wraith comic is infused with pure emotion, drawing viewers into a story of unrelenting determination. As Wraith struggles with her identity amid the sporadic chaos of the game, readers will be enthralled, empathize with her, and cheer her on from the depths of their seats. It doesn't just offer action-packed scenes; delves deep into the human psyche from a new perspective, making Apex Legends: Wraith an essential addition to any comic book lover's collection.


Wraith explores the dimensional rifts of Outland in search of the truth. She longs to uncover her past, her identity, and the origin of her extraordinary abilities. Intriguing, dark figures emerge from her forgotten life and draw her into a web of deception and interdimensional danger. Meanwhile, unsympathetic Syndicate forces lurk around every corner, determined to harness the Wraith's powers for their own dark ambitions. As new alliances form and old ones fall, the Wraith must overcome friend and foe alike. Walking the thin line between reality and illusion, Wraith is determined to reclaim her past and defy the fate the Syndicate has set for her. The stakes have never been higher in this epic journey of self-discovery and paranormal intrigue.


Creating the Apex Legends: Wraith comics was truly a labor of love. Crafted at the heart of Respawn Entertainment's innovative storytelling, each page captures the emotion and complexity of gaming's most mysterious legend, the Wraith. Through art and dialogue, we explore Wraith's fragmented memories, giving readers an unseen glimpse into his mysterious past. A creative team of experienced writers and talented artists has woven the threads of the Wraith's history into a compelling story, expressing their collective vision with stunning visuals, imbued with dark tones and stunning detail. It's a testament to their dedication that the comic has been meticulously crafted, with every frame capturing the frenetic intensity and sharp undertones that dominate Apex Games. The production process was rewarding, and the final product adds depth to the Apex Legends universe and reveals the mystery that interdimensional brawler fans have come to love.


Apex Legends: Wraith takes readers on an exciting journey into the depths of the popular battle royale stories, where the mysterious Wraith takes center stage. Created by top-notch writers and drawn by skilled illustrators, this comic series delves into the world of the Wraith, his enigmatic Void abilities and dark past. As Wraith battles his enemies and his inner demons, he must unravel a shattered memory and search for answers about his origins. In addition to Wraith's adventures, the comics also provide new insight into the Apex Games and the complex dynamics of the different legends. Dramatic story twists and sophisticated character development excite not only Apex Legends fans, but also followers of the action-adventure genre. Grab your copy today, step into the void and explore the elusive journey of the Wraith.


In the Apex Legends: Wraith comics, "Release" fans explore the enigmatic Wraith character. The plot moves to the depths of his existence and atypical abilities. As part of the Apex Games, your participation in the competition is much more than a battle for survival. It is an existential journey into the abyss of his lost memory and the echoes of his multidimensional self.
The plot has a sinister edge, echoing the dark experiments conducted on the Wraith at the IMC penitentiary. The comics contrast the stark truth of her former life as a scientist and the extraordinary turn of events that has made her a feared participant in the Apex Games. Between battles, his interactions with other legends also give readers an intriguing perspective on his uneasy alliances and fights.
As Wraith explores the cracks in the space-time continuum, he stumbles upon a mysterious truth about his void-walking abilities. It's painful to see her mental turmoil and wonderful to see her resilience. He is a warrior lost in time who struggles with his identity as he is the harbinger of death in the arena. Vivid visuals match the fast-paced story of Apex Legends: Wraith in the comics. The unfolding storyline, coupled with the powerful depiction of the ongoing Wraith battle, makes for compelling reading. It successfully expands the Apex Legends universe and invites fans to delve into the characters' lives beyond the battlefield.


Apex Legends: Wraith comics have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans and critics since their release. Wraith's fascination with a mysterious origin story and multi-faceted character came to life in this series, living up to fan expectations and turning them into a new story.
The complex narrative combined with the captivating artwork captures the essence of the video game, offering fans a fascinating standalone experience. Critics praised the comics for their steady pace, maintaining tension while continuing to delve into the emotional exploration of Wraith's character.
Beyond the story, the comics acknowledge and successfully represent the game's diverse roster of characters without overshadowing the Wraith's journey. Readers loved how it ties into the larger Apex Legends universe.
Packed with thrilling action sequences and stunning storytelling, Apex Legends: Wraith Comics proves that video game stories can be seamlessly translated into other media, expanding not only the world of Apex Legends, but also the boundaries of video game storytelling.

Cultural impact

The Apex Legends: Wraith comics have had a huge cultural impact since their release. They deepened the understanding and appreciation of the different characters in the Apex Legends universe, further enriching the game's story. The story of Wraith, one of the most complex and beloved characters, was beautifully illustrated, between a disturbing past and fierce determination. He developed an empathic connection between the Wraith and the public, which is why the character's popularity is growing. In addition, the comic tackles mental health issues, giving players the opportunity to participate in important conversations. The comic's inclusion of such sensitive topics, presented in a powerful narrative motif, helped reduce the stigma of mental health. Wraith comics not only push the boundaries of video game storytelling, but also use the medium to acknowledge and address social issues, cementing an important place in pop culture.