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General Info

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Faction NameTemplars
The Templars, officially known as the Knights Templar, are a secret society that plays a central role in the Assassin's Creed universe. Their goal is to create a perfect world, albeit one completely controlled by them. Templars believe in peace through control and influence and desire order above all else. Their vision is completely different from their sworn enemies: murderers who fight for peace of their own free will. The Templars are deeply intertwined with the religious and political hierarchy of society, often operating from the shadows, allowing them to manipulate events and direct the course of history toward desired outcomes. Although reviled by many, the Templars see their actions as a necessary evil in their pursuit of a utopian world. Their relentless pursuit of the Celestial Pieces—powerful artifacts of an advanced prehuman civilization—underscores their determination to control humanity's destiny. Ultimately, they represent a faction driven by certainty, determination, and ruthlessness.


The Knights Templar, also known as the Knights Templar, is a monastic military order that has grown into a corporate giant that has flourished for millennia. The Templars strive for a unified world, which they vigilantly protect, promoting enlightenment through control and stability. They believe that this is the only path to a utopian existence, rejecting the horrors and atrocities they have committed in their search.
The Order is made up of a variety of members from different walks of life, each sharing common ideals and each contributing to the Templar cause in a unique way. Knights, nobles, scholars and businessmen are part of their grand tapestry, a testament to their impressive reach and influence. Historically, the Templars are known for their deep rivalry with the Assassin Brotherhood, stemming from the opposing philosophies they passionately espouse. They regularly wage a secret war, the outcome of which determines the course of human history.
Their faith may seem despotic, but the Templars see themselves as society's unsung heroes, willing to make tough decisions for the greater good. In their perfect world, peace would not be the absence of conflict, but the presence of justice and harmony in their careful management.
Despite much debate about their methods and philosophy, the resolve of the Templar Order remains unwavering. They continue their unrelenting quest for world domination as the years go by in pursuit of their unified vision: a world that operates according to the "New World Order". The motto behind their actions continues to remind us of their determination: "Let the father of understanding guide us."


The Knights Templar Order, also known as the Knights Templar, was originally founded as a way to ensure the safety of Christians on pilgrimages to the Holy Land after the First Crusade. However, in the Assassin's Creed universe, they are depicted as a thousand-year-old secret society that constantly fights the Assassins. They seek to create a perfect world, albeit one of domination and control.
Templars believe that order, purpose, and direction are essential to human progress. They argue that freedom and chaos are directly proportional, and that such chaos leads to unnecessary conflict and suffering. For centuries, the Templars sought the tools of the First Will—the Pieces of Eden—to achieve their goals. Coming from the ancient and advanced Isu civilization, these creations hold great power.
The Templars operated on various fronts, including Abstergo Industries in modern times, and covertly influenced the course of humanity. Despite their dubious methodology, the Templars' intentions stem from a desire for peace, albeit on their own terms.
But the Assassin Brotherhood, who believe in absolute freedom, have always opposed their idea of ​​a "new world order". This ideological clash creates an eternal struggle that balances the fate of humanity. Despite setbacks, the Templars' resilience is unbreakable, their faith unyielding, and their goal unwavering: a world of peace through controlled order.

Notable Members

Member #
Jacques de Molay
Madeleine de l'Isle
Haytham Kenway
Reginald Birch
Cesare Borgia
Rodrigo Borgia
Shay Cormac
Francois-Thomas Germain
Daniel Cross
Warren Vidic
Lucy Stillman
David Brewster
Isabelle Ardant
Alan Rikkin


The Templars of the Assassin's Creed universe have a large geographical influence that spans almost every continent. This secret organization established strongholds in the world's major cities, including Rome, Paris, London, and even New World cities such as Boston and New York. They have strategically placed these bases in places of political, economic and social power to maintain control and manipulate events to serve their interests.
In Europe, the Templars exercised considerable control during the Renaissance, using Italy and other strategic locations as a base of operations. Similarly, in the East, they operated from parts of the Ottoman Empire, constantly engaging in power struggles with assassins. America also saw the influence of the Knights Templar, especially during the Revolutionary War. The Templars sought to take advantage of the chaos of war to gain control and achieve their old goals.
In general, the geographic location of the Templars often corresponds to areas of great power and conflict, demonstrating their desire for control and influence on a global scale. And where they take root, they always leave an indelible mark on the history and destiny of these regions.

Legacy and Impact

The influence of the Templars in the Assassin's Creed universe is deep and lasting. Famous for their relentless pursuit of power, the Knights Templar left an indelible mark on many civilizations over the centuries. They have been the driving force behind important historical events, from organizing political coups to supporting industrial revolutions and wars. Their influence is seen not only in their relentless efforts to establish a totalitarian world order, but also in shaping the character and missions of the killers themselves. In their pursuit of peace through control, the Templars inadvertently encouraged their assassin enemies to fight for freedom through chaos. As such, the legacy of the Templars is woven into the fabric of the Assassin's Creed universe, acting not only as an antithesis to the Assassins, but also as an essential element that defines the complex polarity of the game's story.