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Operation to retake Wall Maria

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Event NameOperation to retake Wall Maria
The Siena Maria recovery operation marks a turning point in the epic Attack On Titan series. This daring adventure to overthrow the Titans and reclaim Wall Maria, a once-prosperous human territory, is full of big games and thrills. It unfolds through sophisticated strategies, unexpected revelations and fierce fights that push the main characters to the limit as they test their courage, bravery and determination. Titan Shifters: Eren Yeager and his companions harness their powers and demonstrate their unrelenting will to wrest control from the Titans. This operation reveals a path of victory and loss, resilience and sacrifice, as humanity seeks its freedom. As the core plot unfolds, it leaves an indelible mark on the color of history, changing the trajectory of Attack On Titan and setting the stage for epic battles and dramatic revelations.


The Attack on Titan universe, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin, is a thrilling and thrilling survival story. This post-apocalyptic world features Titans, giant humanoid creatures that seem to exist for the sole purpose of consuming humans. Humanity, on the brink of extinction, has retreated behind huge walls to protect it from these merciless titans.

Our protagonist is Eren Yeager, a young man who dreams of joining an elite survey corps and exploring the world beyond its borders. After seeing the terrible personal loss when the Titan broke through the walls, he decides to fight back. Besides Eren, his childhood friends include Mikasa Ackerman, a skilled fighter, and Armin Arlert, a tactical genius. Together they step forward to complete the great task of destroying the titans.

Compelling themes such as determination, sacrifice and human resilience weave through history in this dystopian journey. This universe also explores what it really means to be human, making Attack on Titan more than just an action-packed anime series.