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Garrison Regiment

General Info

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Faction NameGarrison Regiment
The Garrison Regiment is the main force protecting human civilization in the Attack on Titan universe. Made up of well-trained soldiers, they guard and man the great walls that protect the last remnants of humanity. Despite having fewer direct encounters with Titans than the Scout Regiment, they play an indispensable role in ensuring that the defenses are intact and ready for any emergency. Garrison members wearing the iconic rose badge can be seen on high-powered patrols, regularly manning the walls or their posts, always ready to deter any threat. This faction, though criticized by some as docile, bravely resists, protects civilians, and forgoes personal glory for the sake of common security. Dedicated to their duties, they are truly the silent guardians of this apocalyptic world. As such, the Garrison Regiment represents the unsung heroes whose resilience drives humanity's survival in this terrifying universe.


The Garrison Regiment, also known as the Stationary Guard, is one of the central military factions in the post-apocalyptic world of Attack on Titan. Tasked with defending human civilization against the rising titans, the regiment forms the first and foremost line of defense, overseeing and guarding the artillery-laden walls that protect the last remnants of humanity.
Garrison members display a wide range of abilities, from hardened veterans who demonstrate exceptional combat prowess to strategic prowess. Their duties go beyond combat; they play an important role in evacuation, disaster relief and maintaining civil order, reinforcing their image as protectors.
The regiment symbolizes the power of the people's resistance, despite their often overlooked role compared to other military groups. It may not withstand the advanced technology of the Military Police Brigade or the brutality of the Reconnaissance Corps, but it exudes an unyielding resilience, a reflection of the fortress they tirelessly defend.
Sure, Garrison life can be considered monotonous compared to other factions, but the peace is often shattered by terrifying Titan invasions. With blood, sweat and tears, the Garrison regiment, deeply intertwined with the everyday life of citizens, quietly weathers the storms, weighed down by responsibility and expectations. Their tasks show unity, courage and, above all, an unwavering will to survive. They are proof that humanity, even if threatened with extinction, will not give up without a fight. It is the Garrison Regiment that embodies this indomitable spirit.


The Garrison Regiment, also known as the Stationary Guard, represents one of the most important military factions in the Attack on Titan universe. His primary duty is to maintain and operate the cannons on the massive walls that protect humanity from the titans. Despite the constant threat of invaders and attacks, they are known for their service and dedication to the survival of humanity.
The history of the Garrison Regiment began with the Monarchy's decision to build massive fortifications to protect humanity from the Titans. This required an experienced military task force specially trained in defensive combat and strategic planning, hence the creation of the Garrison Regiment. Essentially humanity's first line of defense, they take the lead in the initial stage of an invasion of Titan scenario.
Due to the nature of their duties, the Garrison Regiment requires more skills than other Army roles. It was the bravery and strategic acumen of this regiment that led to the successful recapture of the Trost district after it was breached by the Colossal Titan.
Historically, Garrison members were considered lazy because they often had more downtime due to fewer Titan encounters. However, this perception changed dramatically after the Trost incident. They are now highly respected and praised for their courage, resilience and unwavering dedication to protecting the barriers of human civilization.
Notable historical figures in the garrison include Dot Pixis, a commander known for his unorthodox strategies and stoic leadership, and Ian Dietrich, famous for his key role in the defense of the Trost district. Their successes and sacrifices have become an integral part of the Garrison's rich history, creating a legacy that inspires new generations of Guardsmen.
The efforts of the Garrison Regiment, along with the Survey Corps and the Military Police, played an important role in the survival of mankind. Although their role has changed throughout history, the Garrison Regiment remains a powerful symbol of humanity's resilience in the face of the Titan threat. Despite adversity, they remain vigilant, ready to defend and fight for their people.

Notable Members

Member #
Dot Pixis
Ian Dietrich
Rico Brzenska
Mitabi Jarnach
Anka Rheinberger


The Garrison Regiment operates in a unique geographic area defined by massive walls that protect the last humans in the Attack on Titan universe. Its territory covers a large area of ​​land from the lush fields of Wall Rose to the urban settlements of Wall Sina.
Located in the heart of the city, Wall Rose offers a rich soil topography that supports a variety of agricultural activities. The suburbs are located in dense forests, ideal for strategic defense against incoming titans during an invasion.
Wall Sina, on the other hand, boasts a geographical vision of the city with closely spaced stone buildings and cobbled streets. The architecture here reveals a strategic shell style to facilitate rapid mobilization of garrison troops.
This confined geography directly shaped the faction's defense strategies. By placing artillery pieces on the walls that form the first line of defense, you take advantage of the height. In-depth knowledge of the terrain allows the Garrison Regiment to react quickly to threats, deploying cannons and traps to stop or slow the Titan's movement.
As such, the geography of the Garrison Regiment's homeland is not just a background, it plays an integral role in shaping defense strategies against the Titans, planning training exercises, and shaping the general way of life.

Legacy and Impact

The Garrison Regiment, also known as the Stationary Guard, was an integral line of defense for humanity in the Attack on Titan universe. They embodied the perseverance and resilience of humanity in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties. Their impact was multifaceted, serving as soldiers, engineers, and above all, as symbols of hope for a beleaguered society.
From holding the Wall, fending off Titan invasions, to assisting with evacuations during crises, they have demonstrated versatility and resourcefulness. Their experience with unconventional tactics such as the cannon strategy demonstrated their adaptability, innovation and humane ability to survive. Their strength formed the backbone of humanity's defense system and gave the population a sense of security. Their skill, dedication and heroism in the face of the unrelenting threat of the Titans had an indelible effect on public morale and conveyed the sense of fighting spirit that is central to the series.
Garrison's contributions add depth to Attack on Titan's story, focusing on themes of perseverance, sacrifice and the power of the human spirit. Their legacy remains an influential aspect of the series, inspiring the heroes and shaping the course of humanity's fight for survival.