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White Lotus

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Faction NameWhite Lotus
The Order of the White Lotus is an ancient, worldwide secret society that transcends the political boundaries of the four nations. Promoting philosophical enlightenment and world harmony, the members of the society are some of the finest benders, philosophers, and warriors the Avatar world has ever seen. Despite their influence, they prefer to operate gracefully behind the scenes, exerting their influence subtly but effectively. Their exceptional dedication to balance and wisdom made them an important aid in the liberation of Ba Sing Se under the rule of the Fire Nation. Through the ages and turmoil, the steadfast devotion of the White Lotus continues to play an influential role in shaping the balance of the Avatar universe.


The White Lotus is an ancient, cloaked order in the world of the Avatar, originally comprised only of ancient and wise men from all four corners of the nation. They are known to have transcended the division of the four nations in search of philosophy, beauty and truth. They are also known for their grandmaster strategies and vast knowledge of the art of bending and even non-bending combat.
The Order fights for world unity and enlightenment. They lived as nomads, impartial to world events. But when the world was in danger, they couldn't stand on the sidelines and went to the front lines to maintain peace and balance.
During the Hundred Years' War between the Fire Nation and others, the Order played a vital role in the liberation of Ba Sing Se and the war in general. The White Lotus has an intriguing initiation procedure; the secret phrase is returned with a specific tile location in the Pai Sho game.
Throughout the series, many notable characters such as Uncle Iroh, Jeong Jeong the Defector, and Master Piandao have revealed themselves as members of this secret society. The White Lotus is the embodiment of wisdom, courage and the undying spirit of unity and peace in the Avatar universe.


The Order of the White Lotus has humble beginnings, but has played a pivotal role in many important events in the history of the Avatar universe. At first, it was just a secret society whose purpose was to cross the borders of the four nations. However, the main focus during the Fire Lord Sozin's era and beyond changed dramatically.
The White Lotus rose to prominence during the war with the Fire Nation when they became a force for good and helped organize the Resistance. Of course, it was not without risk, but the members of White Lotus showed unwavering dedication to their cause, displaying great courage and determination in the face of adversity. One of the White Lotus' greatest achievements was his role in training and caring for Avatar Aang after his hibernation on the iceberg. Masters such as King Bumi, Master Pakku, and Master Piandao provided advice and wisdom, ensuring Aang was prepared for the brutal battles ahead.
The aftermath of the war transformed the Order into a global force for justice and balance. Because of this newly established White Lotus position, they take over the education and training of the other Avatar, Korra. With members like Tenzin playing key roles in its creation, Korra's journey reaffirmed the undeniable influence of the White Lotus on the Avatar universe. The story of the White Lotus, from a secret fraternal organization to a major figure in many things, is a story of resilience and evolution. Anchored by an unwavering commitment to balance and harmony, the White Lotus remains a beacon of hope in the world of Avatar, steadfast in the face of turmoil.

Notable Members

Member #
King Bumi
Jeong Jeong


The White Lotus Faction thrives in various locations across the four countries. This diverse geography has resulted in a unique mix of cultures and philosophies that allow members to broaden their understanding of the world and its elements.
Hidden in the hustle and bustle of the city or the quiet of remote corners, faction bases are often camouflaged, reflecting the members' preference for subtlety and discretion. Regardless of the location, the interior is characterized by a harmonious style with the symbolic motifs of the white lotus.
The faction's main base is on an isolated island in the Fire Nation archipelago. Vast and peaceful, the serene environment serves as a haven for members seeking wisdom and enlightenment. The island's unique geography helps isolate it from the rest of the world and preserves its sacred character.
Another important place is the ancient city of Ba Sing Se in the Earth Kingdom. The labyrinthine structure of the city perfectly masks the activities of the faction. Society operates in the belly of this bustling city and can influence its business as well. The faction also has bases in the vibrant Southern Water Tribe and air temples high in the mountains. These different positions embody the essence of the White Lotus Faction, a representation of the unity and harmony of all elements.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of White Lotus spans the entire Avatar universe. This ancient secret society, created to share knowledge between nations and kingdoms, played an important role during and after the Hundred Years War. They demonstrated the power of unity among people of different nations and transcended stereotypical nationalistic boundaries. Members like Iroh, Pakku, and Piandao are examples of the individual skills cultivated under the White Lotus banner. Moreover, their combined efforts ultimately proved crucial in freeing Ba Sing Se. The company's transformation from a philosophy-sharing group to one that was crucial to world politics is testament to their influence. The White Lotus laid the foundation for the idea that an individual should be loyal not only to his nation but also to the entire world. Their legacy is that of a faction that prioritized knowledge, wisdom, unity, and the realization of their ideals, making a lasting impact on the entire world.