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Character NameIsidro
Isidro is a well-known character in the BERSERK universe, known for his fiery spirit and determination. Once a young pickpocket, trying to survive, crossed paths with Guts and his companions. Inspired by Guts' immense strength and intensity, Isidro dreams of becoming a powerful swordsman. His impulsive nature often gets him into trouble, but his hidden insight and quick thinking usually get him out. Despite his gruff exterior, Isidro is fiercely loyal to his new "family". He constantly risks life and limb to try to protect them, displaying extraordinary bravery. Although he lacks the physical strength of Guts or the magical prowess of Schierke, Isidro is often a valuable ally and integral part of their group. His journey is a testament to the fact that strength is not just brute force, but also the courage to withstand great odds.


Isidro is an important character in the dark and immersive universe of BERSERK. Raised as an orphan, he is a brilliant, witty and ambitious boy who dreams of becoming the world's greatest swordsman, a true swordsman. His personality is multifaceted and complex. Although on the surface he appears belligerent and easily frustrated, in reality he is fiercely loyal to his allies and unyielding in the face of danger.
His loyalty can be seen in his unwavering support for the main character, Guts, whom he admires and sees as a mentor. Stubborn and rebellious, Isidro prefers to learn from his own experiences rather than play by the rules imposed by others. He's also a quick learner: street thievery has given him nimble agility and speed that come in handy when playing with swords.
Isidro's character reminds us of human resilience and fortitude. Despite the adversities in her life, she is unwavering in her pursuit of her dream, never letting adversity deter her. As the seemingly undying character of Isidro, the creator of BERSERK, Kentaro Miura brilliantly embodies unyielding determination and steadfast hope.


Isidro is a brave and carefree young teenager who becomes a key member of the group led by Guts in the world of Berserk. Its origin is unclear, its history revealed only in fragments; ran away from home in search of adventure and heroism, inspired by legendary warrior stories. Her journey takes a turn when she meets Guts, the black swordsman.
Isidro's character is defined by his indomitable spirit and perseverance. Despite his small stature and relative lack of experience, his audacity knows no bounds. As a result, he is always at the forefront of the battle, always ready to charge forward, even in the face of dire adversities. His weapon of choice is a short sword, but his true strength lies in his innovative use of tactics, often offering unorthodox solutions when conventional methods fail.
But Isidro is more than just a brave fighter. It's comically naive, but develops a lot over the course of the series. His connection with the other characters, especially Schierke, adds depth to his personality. They share a camaraderie that balances out their stark individual differences and brings warmth and gentle hilarity to the otherwise hard and gritty world of Berserk.
Isidro's admiration for Gutsu is unequivocal. She aspires to be as fearless and powerful as he is, seeing him as the embodiment of the heroic characters from the stories he grew up hearing. But he is not just a blind follower. During their journey, seeing Guts struggle and suffer, he learns the harsh reality of life not only as a fighter, but also as a human. In the complex world of Berserk, Isidro shines as a beacon of hope and audacity. His presence adds an essential layer of tenderness to a rough and tumble story. Isidro's story explores themes of ingenuity, growth, friendship, and ambition. His character makes the Berserk journey not only bearable, but addictive and fun.

Creation and Development

Isidro has always loved swordsmanship, aiming to become the strongest swordsman in the world. But his path was not traditional. His journey began as a petty thief, and from a cunning street urchin to a potential swordsman is a force to be reckoned with.
Isidro's work was greatly influenced by the creators' fascination with showing growth prospects, so this brave and united character tried to rise above his beginnings. His feisty attitude and unflinching courage add a lightness to his otherwise dark surroundings. His skills have evolved dramatically over time. At first, he relied on his slingshot technique and dealt damage from afar. Constantly facing Guts, Isidro's swordsmanship flourished, making him a skilled fighter. His growth shows the prevailing essence of perseverance and hard work throughout the series.
Adapting Guts' fighting style is an important aspect of his development. Such an influence testifies to the boy's admiration for this powerful warrior and further encourages his quest for strength. But his journey isn't all about power. His interactions with different characters taught him the importance of camaraderie, which made him realize that there is strength in unity.
Also, unlike many of the characters in the story who are weighed down by a tragic past, Isidro is a breath of fresh air. This was a deliberate move by the creators to balance the dramatic tension of the series. His wit, mischief, and youthful exuberance are a counterpoint to the otherwise bleak environment of BERSERK.
Notably, Isidro's character has yet to be fully explored, suggesting that his journey is far from over. Its creation and apparent development promises greater evolution and sets the stage for an intriguing future. So Isidro is not just a character, but a symbol of indomitable spirit and passion in the world of BERSERK.

Character Profile

Isidro had always admired the idea of ​​being a black swordsman, a desire that stemmed from the stories of the brave "Hundred Man Slayer". His goal is to be strong and reliable, just like Guts. Isidro has a bold and enthusiastic personality and rarely shows fear or hesitation. He rushes into battle with courage and stubbornness, which sometimes puts him in dangerous situations. But behind his often reckless personality lies a great sensitivity, especially when it comes to his companions. It is often observed that any threat or injury to his friends ignites a fire of anger in him. A special feature of his fighting style is his agile physique to deftly dodge enemy attacks and launch quick counterattacks. Although he is short, his determination and will are impressive. Isidro is a reliable ally, always standing up to protect those he loves, to put down with his sword those who threaten his friends and his dreams.
Isidro has grown noticeably throughout the series, not only in his fighting skills, but also in his bond with his comrades. Although he still has a long way to go to become as cool a swordsman as his idol, his unwavering determination and the experiences he's gained along the way make him an increasingly formidable warrior. His journey is a constant learning experience that forces him to confront the intense reality of their world, but it is also the driving force behind his quest for strength.

Story Arc

Isidro is an energetic boy who dreams of becoming the best swordsman. He lived a life of thieving and pickpocketing until fate drew him in with Guts and his crew. He was immediately drawn to Guts' indomitable spirit and unparalleled swordsmanship, eventually staying with the group and becoming an integral part of their journey.
Isidro's storyline brings a refreshing lightness to the otherwise dark and unforgiving world of Berserk. Despite being the youngest member of the group, he bravely stands up to evil and brutally fights to the limit. Schierke gave him a Fire Dagger that uses magical elements, but his swordsmanship remains his foundation.
Starting out as a staunch follower whom Guts saw as more of a nuisance than an ally, Isidro becomes an indispensable member of the team. While her crush on Gutsu remains, she begins to develop a crush on and crush on the other members of the group, especially Schierke, with whom she shares a deep bond.
Even through the many life and death battles he witnesses and participates in, Isidro maintains his innocence and childlike spirit. The journey helps him realize the cruel reality of the world. Basically, Isidro's plot is about coming of age in a world where childhood is a luxury that many cannot afford.
In this harsh world of Berserk, Isidro's hardened resilience and fierce nature have transformed him from a brooding boy to a determined swordsman in training. As he continues his journey with Guts and crew, Isidro's spirit remains intact and his drive unwavering; as he embarks on an adventure to pursue his dream of becoming the greatest swordsman, Isidro holds fast to his ambitions.

Cultural Impact

Isidro is the main character of BERSERK and has had a huge cultural impact, especially among manga and anime fans. His role as comic relief keeps the story from becoming too dark, demonstrating the delicate balance of humor and grit required for a successful story. His relentless drive to become a great swordsman despite his lack of talent is very recognizable and has endeared him to audiences around the world.
Isidro's influence is also felt in the cosplay realm, where fans often dress up as their favorite character, mimicking his unique outfits and quirky personality. He consistently ranks high in character polls, which is a testament to his popularity among fans. Isidro's character also represents the essence of youth, offering a perspective of innocence that is often lost in such serious stories. His character development from cheeky pickpocket to loyal companion highlights themes of friendship and loyalty, resonates with fans and is often cited as one of the best aspects of character development in the show. Despite not being a central figure, Isidro's cultural impact is long-lasting and significant. He shows an inherent humanity in all of us, young and old, and his indomitable spirit is a compelling feature of the intriguing world of BERSERK.


Isidro began his journey into the BERSERK universe with remarkable drive and determination, which is especially important given his young age. Starting out as a pickpocket, Isidro managed to build an impressive legacy as a steadfast warrior and loyal friend. Inspired by the legendary tales of the Hundred Man Slayer, he aspired to be a great swordsman.
Despite his rugged exterior and fierce independence, Isidro is not immune to the harsh realities of his tragic world. He has had several near-death experiences and gruesome monsters. But he remained resilient and was often a source of comic relief in an otherwise bleak universe. Her fighting style evolved from a reckless attack to a more cunning-based approach, especially with the acquisition of Flora's mystical Fire Dagger, which greatly increased her combat prowess.
Far from battle, Isidro's legacy extends to his relationships. He began touring with Guts' band and became a surrogate figure for the elder Schierke brother, showing his softer side. His journey mirrors that of a rough stone that gradually turns into a sharp sword. This progression cements Isidro's place in the BERSERK universe and marks him as a character who defies expectations and continues to evolve, enriching the tapestry of the story.