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General Info

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Job TitleMercenary
Knows aboutSwordsmanship, Combat, Survival skills
Alternate NameThe Black Swordsman
Character NameGuts
Member of OrganizationBand of the Hawk (Formerly)
Also known as Black Swordsman, Guts is a character in the dark fantasy series BERSERK. Born from a hanged corpse, he faced adversity and survival from an early age in a cruel and uncaring world. Armed with a massive weapon known as the Dragon Slayer, Guts takes on the burden of his unquenchable desire for revenge against the Divine Hand, the occult group responsible for his suffering. With a no-nonsense personality and unparalleled fighting prowess, he is a force to be reckoned with. Despite his tough exterior, Guts has a softer side that he shows his friends and reveals the true depth of his character. As she fights a series of desperate battles against monstrous creatures, her story showcases indomitable will and human resilience.


Guts, the protagonist of the BERSERK universe, is an incredibly deep and complex character. Born from a corpse hanging from a tree and haunted by misfortunes and tragedies, Guts' life is a constant battle with darkness both within and without. His journey is not only physical, but also psychological: a constant battle with his own demons, in the grip of the infamous victim's fire.
Guts is not your typical hero; he is an individual defined by trauma, afflicted by fate, often lonely, whose anger is both feared and admired. He possesses exceptional strength and skill in combat and wields a massive blade known as the Dragon Slayer, which he uses to slice through his enemies, both human and non-human. But beneath his hardened exterior lies a man deeply scarred by loss, a part of him transformed by his painful experiences into an entity known as the Beast of Darkness. His struggle to maintain humanity in the midst of constant conflict and bloodshed is perhaps his most important struggle.
Of the many compelling characters in the BERSERK universe, Guts is strong. His courage, determination and indomitable will to survive offer a compelling exploration of the human spirit. His torments and triumphs resonate deeply, making him a compelling protagonist in a dark and compelling story.


Also known as Black Swordsman, Guts is the main character in the dark fantasy manga Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Born from the corpse of his hanged mother, Guts' life has been torn by strife from his earliest days. His impressive physical prowess and supreme swordsmanship were honed in bloody combat.
Raised on the battlefield by his adoptive father, the mercenary Gambino, Guts learned the harsh realities of life through violence. After a tragic turn of events that resulted in Gambino's death, Guts became a wandering mercenary. Her life changed dramatically when she met the enigmatic Griffith and his Hawk group.
After joining the group and fighting Griffith, Guts experienced camaraderie and a sense of purpose he had never known. However, their bond would be severed by a series of horrific events that would lead Guts to a world of darkness filled with demonic beings known as Apostles. Griffith's transformation into one of the Hands of God, the five demonic rulers of this monstrous kingdom, fuels Guts' relentless quest for revenge.
Now known as the Black Swordsman, Guts wields the mighty Dragon Slayer blade and fights fiercely against overwhelming odds. His ongoing battle against the Divine Hand, the Apostles, and his past trauma is not only a quest for revenge, but also a fight for his humanity.
Guts embodies the themes of perseverance, anger, and defying fate that permeate Berserk's story. He is not only a survivor; is a fighter who defies his tragic past and terrible fate. His complexity and the intense trials he goes through make him a compelling and relatable character that is dear to readers.

Creation and Development

Guts was born from the vivid imagination of mangaka Kentaro Miura. A marked departure from conventional Manga heroes, Guts was perceived as a deeply flawed and psychologically scarred character, in contrast to the genre's archetypal invincible and unflappable heroes. The Berserk universe paid off with Guts as a compelling protagonist, a clear offshoot of Miura's fascination with creating complex, multifaceted characters.
Questioning the original creative process, Guts was not originally portrayed as the muscular warrior he knows today. However, the consistent development of the plot required the presence of an alluring physical character. Guts thus became a formidable warrior with an impressive physique that becomes an important aspect of his representation. This was necessary to show Guts' character traits: his resilience, tenacity and unyielding fighting spirit.
Miura also decided to give Guts an oversized sword because he was inspired by his previous work in the anime brochure Vifam, where he had to draw a giant robot with an equally massive sword. He believed that the addition of the large cannon greatly increased the ferocity of Guts and reinforced the series' dark theme.
Over time, Miura focused on carefully developing Guts' complex personality. Despite his fierce aggression, Guts tends to hide a past marked by tragedy, intense suffering, loss and betrayal. This psychological depth gave readers an element of relatability and empathy for Guts, while maintaining an air of intrigue surrounding the character.
Finally, Kentaro Miura's genius shines through in his creation Guts. The details of the character design, the intensity and depth of the portrayal of personality, and the transformation from a conventional hero figure to a complex humanoid figure are testaments to Miura's exemplary creativity and unparalleled skills as a manga artist.

Character Profile

Also known as the Black Swordsman, Guts is a main character in the Berserk universe. Born from his mother's hanged corpse, he lived a brutal and violent life. Raised by the mercenary Gambino, he learned to be a warrior from an early age. Guts overcomes the suffocating despair and rage of his youth and develops great strength, resilience, and a personal vendetta against demons.
Guts is a very skilled warrior. He wields a dragon slayer, a massive sword that is larger and heavier than a normal human can wield. Along with the Mark of Sacrifice around his neck, the Dark Beast within him bares his teeth at anyone who threatens or harms him. Brave to the point of recklessness, Guts never backs down from a fight, regardless of the strength or numbers of his opponent.
However, his life is not only revenge and bloodshed. Beneath his hardened exterior, Guts is fiercely loyal and compassionate. He longs for a peaceful life and loves his companions, willing to risk his life for their safety. His relationship with the witch Schierke added a layer of warmth to his character, showing his ability to form deep connections.
In the Berserk universe, Guts stands as a witness to the indomitable strength of the human spirit, forever fighting against the often bloody but never defeated hand of fate. His character is a complex combination of rage, strength, and deep empathy, making him one of the most iconic figures in dark fantasy.

Story Arc

In the dark and visceral realm of the BERSERK universe, Guts' character is largely shaped by a tumultuous series of dramatic plots. Starting with the Black Swordsman arc, we see Guts on a mission of revenge against the demonic God Hand. This story provides a glimpse into his bitter future.
In the "Golden Age" arc, readers delve into Guts' tragic past, detailing his birth from a hanged corpse to his eventual induction into the Hawk Band, a group of mercenaries led by charismatic leader Griffith. This arc is very important as it creates intense friendships, tragic losses, and the infamous twist in the universe, the eclipse.
The "Conviction" arc introduces Guts as the Black Swordsman who goes to war with demons every night. During this arc, Guts embarks on a mission to save his helpless lover, Cask, from the suffering of the Fallen Apprentices.
The Millennium Falcon story arc depicts the escalation of the conflict in Midland. Guts forms a new group of companions to help him on his journey; a confrontation ensues as the Falcon establishes his own kingdom and claims its power to free the demon kingdom in Kushan.
In the "Fantasy" arc, monsters and mythical creatures permeate the world after the astral and physical realms merge. Guts' group ventures to Skellig, a magical island, to cure Casca's madness. Guts uses his newly acquired Berserker armor to fight massive enemies that add to the danger and intensity of his quest.
Guts' journey is filled with trials that shape his inevitably complex character. His storyline weaves the entire fabric of the BERSERK universe, creating an unbreakable connection between his fate and the ebb and flow of his dark and cruel world.

Cultural Impact

Since his inception, the Guts character from the BERSERK universe has had a major impact on popular culture. As a fiercely independent and unflinching warrior, Guts' outspoken personality resonates with audiences around the world and inspires a generation of storytellers who dare to explore the darkest corners of humanity. His journey of resilience and survival against overwhelming odds paralleled the struggle that every individual experiences, reflecting a universal sentiment.
Guts' complexities, such as his traumatic past and challenges to overcome, create compelling narratives that redefine expectations of the traditional hero. His tenacity, determination and raw power also reflect the resilience and fierce tenacity of the human spirit, making Guts an icon of determination and will. Furthermore, Guts's effectiveness as an anti-hero demonstrates the narrative's shift from black-and-white morality to a more nuanced understanding of heroism and evil. This change led to a great deal of dialogue about moral ambiguity, paving the way for more complex and multidimensional characters in manga and anime.
In addition, Guts' powerful visual design has made an indelible impact on the aesthetics of the fantasy genre. His iconic Dragon Slayer sword and Berserk armor became fantasy staples.
Overall, Guts' cultural impact from the BERSERK universe is immense, appearing in various forms of entertainment and creating a legacy that continues to inspire and influence today.


Guts, the Black Swordsman, left a deep legacy in the world of BERSERK. His tenacity, courage and indomitable will made him a symbol of resistance against seemingly insurmountable odds. Despite the many hardships he faced, from an abusive upbringing to encounters with demonic beings, Guts never let his mind shut down. His journey has been enjoyed by many and has shown that he can rise from the darkest depths.
His prowess in battle also became legendary. With his massive dragon slayer blade, Guts slayed countless enemies, leaving a trail of fear and dread in his wake. But more than his physical strength and fighting skills, Guts' legacy will forever be his steadfast humanity in a world full of terrifying enemies. Never giving in to his inner demons, he serves as a beacon of hope in a world of despair, proving that one can indeed defy fate and control one's own destiny.