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General Info

Griffith logo
Job TitleLeader of the Band of the Hawk (formerly), God Hand
Birth PlaceMidland
Knows aboutEclipse, Band of the Hawk
Alternate NameFemto
Character NameGriffith
Member of OrganizationGod Hand, Band of the Hawk (formerly)
Griffith, also known as The White Hawk, is a bright character set in the dark fantasy world of BERSERK. He was initially introduced as the charismatic and skilled leader of the Hawks, a group of mercenaries known for their military prowess. Griffith is an ambitious character who dreams of his own kingdom. He wears his trusty red behelite, a mystical item necessary for him to transform into a powerful femto being. His leadership exudes nobility, elegance and intense magnetism and has won him a large following. Despite her angelic appearance, beneath her veneer lies an unrelenting drive that will stop at nothing but brutality to make her dream come true. His complex personality and actions contribute greatly to the dark and confusing plot of BERSERK.


Griffith, the relentless leader of the mercenary group known as the Hawks, is a prominent figure in the BERSERK universe. A man of unerring charisma, intelligence and tactical brilliance, his extraordinary leadership and strategic acumen led the Hawk Flock to many incredible battlefield victories. Despite his humble beginnings, his indomitable will allowed him to rise through the ranks of royalty while demonstrating an exceptional ability to manipulate politics.
Griffith is a complex character with big ambitions. But these dreams of hers are not free. His relentless pursuit of power ultimately leads to his downfall and the despair of those around him. Despite his seemingly cold and calculating personality, Griffith also shows a softer side to his closest friends, which shows the depth of his character.
What sets Griffith apart from others is his willingness to sacrifice everything for his dreams. He is the epitome of tragic heroes: an inspiring but fatally flawed character. As the story unfolds, we see his transformation from charming leader to enigmatic adversary, giving us a complex portrait of the human capacity to fight, dream, love, betray and suffer. This dynamic development of Griffith's character makes us question the nature of ambition and the price that must be paid for it.


Griffith is the main character in the extended story of Berserk, a Japanese manga series. Born into the lowest socio-economic circumstances, Griffith had an individuality far beyond that of his peers. He dreamed of a kingdom of his own that would rise above the filth of the gutters. This relentless pursuit fueled an insatiable lust for power, which later led him to form the Hawk Pack, a group of mercenaries with their charismatic leader.
The epitome of ethereal beauty, Griffith exudes an almost divine aura that captivates everyone. His tactical brilliance, combined with his charming charisma, led to many victories, raising the Hawk's banner to great influence and importance. Griffith's relationship with his subordinates, especially the main character Guts, is complex and develops over the course of the series, interweaving themes of camaraderie, rivalry, and inherent longing.
But Griffith's path to his dream was full of obstacles and enemies. His quest led him to a cataclysmic event known as the Eclipse, where he embraced and transcended his inner beast into Femto, a demonic member of the Hand of God. This transformation resulted in a massacre that marked the end of the Hawkeye streak and a dark turning point in the series' history. Griffith, as Femto, projects a dark presence in the series, a reflection of the darkness inherent in humanity. His quest for power and subsequent downfall lead to thoughts about ambition, human nature, and the fine line between dreams and obsessions. As such, Griffith's character is a fascinating study of the complex nuances of human desire, cementing his importance in the Berserk universe.

Creation and Development

Griffith plays the anti-hero, part noble knight and part dark lord, in Kentaro Miura's manga-turned-anime series Berserk. The graphic novelist wanted to delve into the morality of good and evil, and so Griffith was born, a character whose elements are closely intertwined.
Miura created Griffith as a complex character; his ethereal beauty is designed to distract from his inner monstrous nature, giving him an almost angelic facade. The illustrations portray him accurately as an archetypal idol: charming, handsome and charismatic, which is a disguise for a sinister, crooked, ambitious personality.
In development, the author allowed Griffith's character arc to evolve from a charismatic leader to a being possessed by demonic desires. Griffith starts out as the leader of the Hawk group, respected and adored by many, including the main character, Guts. His ambitious dream of ruling his own kingdom seems honorable at first.
But as Miura takes the reader on Griffith's dark journey, we see her transform into a member of Femto, the Hand of God. This transformation becomes the focus of her character's growth, revealing the depths of persecution, darkness, and corruption. It's a role that transforms Griffith from a polarizing figure into a true adversary. His development is intensified when he turns on his comrades and sacrifices them to transform into his demon form. This drastic change underscores the principle that ambition, if left unchecked, can lead to dehumanization and moral depravity. This development of Griffith's character cements him as a fitting symbol of the destructive power of unchecked ambition, making him one of the most memorable characters in the dark fiction genre.

Character Profile

Griffith is perhaps one of the most compelling characters in the BERSERK universe, challenging readers to think about the nature of morality and how deep it takes to make dreams come true. Born into a poor family, Griffith's unparalleled ambition and shrewd strategies soon propelled him to the position of leader of the mercenary group, the Hawk Flock.
His striking features, deep blue eyes, and long silver locks often make people hesitate, but it's his charisma, tactical genius, and swordplay skills that really set him apart. His incredible ability to lead and inspire his troops earned him the respect and eternal loyalty of the Hawks. But Griffith's ambitions were far more than simple survival in a war-torn world, he dreamed of a kingdom of his own. But Griffith's relentless pursuit of his dream led him down a dark path that required unimaginable sacrifices that not only made him one of God's hands, but earned him an undying hatred for Guts, his former best friend. He is now not just any human, but Femto, the fifth member of God's Hand, with supernatural abilities and a terrifying presence.
Despite his dark transformation, Griffith's strategic brilliance and charisma remain, making him a formidable contender in the BESERK series. His reprehensible actions and unrelenting pursuit of his dreams, combined with his immense complexity, make Griffith a character to be admired and feared.

Story Arc

Griffith's storyline in the BERSERK universe is a fascinating story of ambition, betrayal and destiny. A talented mercenary and driven leader of the Hawk Group, Griffith's charisma and strategic brilliance led the group to numerous victories, earning him the utmost respect and loyalty from his comrades, especially the protagonist Guts.
The turning point came when Griffith overheard Guts' decision to leave the group, resulting in a duel in which the latter emerged victorious, leaving Griffith devastated after his death. His desperate act of sleeping with Charlotte, the king's daughter, led to long tortures and the destruction of his dream kingdom.
A year later, Griffith is rescued by the Hawk's group, but his body is corrupted and his dream is out of reach. This desperation led to the dreaded Eclipse, where Griffith sacrificed his companions to the Divine Hand, becoming a Femto, thus fulfilling his destiny predicted by Behelit. This was a major turning point in his arc where he went from being a beloved leader to being the main antagonist.
After the eclipse in the Millennium Falcon arc, Griffith is reincarnated through the Demon Baby, demonstrating a messianic character and forming a new Hawk Band of Apostles. The fascinating part of this installment is the delicate line Griffith walks between his heroic and demonic persona, as he slowly regains the dream he once lost not as a human but as an almost invincible divine hand.
This constant evolution of Griffith's character from beloved hero to enemy to anti-hero adds complexity and depth to him, making him one of the essences of the BERSERK saga.

Cultural Impact

Griffith's character has had a significant cultural impact in the BESERK universe, influencing both manga and anime creators. As the leader of the Hawk herd, his pursuit of individual strength and ambition became symbolic themes of determination and ruthless determination. But his dark disposition, heavily grounded in human vulnerability, has sparked conversations about morality and the line between ambition and obsession.
This complex character, often lumped in between hero and villain, has sparked debate among fans and critics. Through Griffith, author Kentaro Miura has given us a villain who exists not only for evil, but also as a reflection of human aspirations that questions the cost of dreams and success. In addition, Griffith's charismatic leadership and charisma inspired the development of the character in various forms of media portrayal. His thoughtful coldness and single-minded approach to making dreams come true influenced the creation of contrasting, complex and beautifully flawed anime characters. Outside of the world of BERSERK, Griffith's legacy continues to shape the wider landscape of speculative fiction.


Griffith, the energetic leader of the Band of the Hawk mercenaries, has a deep and complex legacy in the BERSERK universe. Born to a common man, Griffith's charm, indomitable will and strategic brilliance elevated him to the status of a legendary Midland War hero. He dreamed of his kingdom and was ready to sacrifice everything and everyone for it. But his ambitions led him down a dark path. After being tortured and blacked out, his spectacular fall from grace made him a Femto, one of the five members of the Hand of God who serve the dark plan of causality. Despite the atrocities committed as a Femto, Griffith's return to the physical world as Midland's savior further complicates her character. He is still hailed by many as a messianic figure, unaware of the sinister side that lurks beneath his impeccable facade. Griffith's legacy is therefore one of duality: he embodies the paradox of a hero who is also a destroyer, a savior who is also a monster, a character that evokes conflicting emotions of admiration and revulsion.