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General Info

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AuthorKentaro Miura
GenresDark fantasy, Horror, Epic
IllustratorKentaro Miura
Issue Number40
Release Date1989-08-25
Number of Pages200-240 per volume
Original TitleBerserk
Comics Issue NameBerserk
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLwww.hakusensha.co.jp
Berserk is a dark and brooding masterpiece of graphic fiction that delves into the worst and best aspects of humanity. Set in a medieval-inspired fantasy world, it follows the journey of Guts, a lone mercenary with an indomitable will and extraordinary fighting skills. In a life of carnage and horror, he takes ruthless revenge on his former best friend, Griffith. Brought to life by Kentaro Miura, Berserk combines beautiful artwork with deep and complex characters, rich world-building, and an intense plot. Delving into themes of fate, friendship and the human capacity for good and evil, the series is an exploration of humanity through a dark and terrifying lens. The visceral battle scenes are meant not only to shock, but also to reflect on the nature of violence, power and survival. Warning, the pages are not for the faint of heart! Over 40 parts, Berserk is a truly epic saga that fascinates with its raw power and ruthless outlook.


Berserk is a dark and disturbing fantasy epic that occupies a unique place in the world of manga. Set in a medieval-inspired world, Berserk tells the story of Guts, a lone mercenary with a tragic past and his only goal is revenge. Using a unique combination of incredibly detailed and extremely violent artwork by Kentaro Miura, Berserk pushes the boundaries of the fantasy genre and flirts with elements of horror and the supernatural.
In the world of Berserk, alliances are short-lived, treachery thrives, and no one is immune to the brutal realities of war. Guts begins his journey full of anger and resentment, but as the complexity of the series unfolds, he also evolves. As she travels, she encounters demons, corrupted knights, and fanatical religious leaders who either seek her death or offer a tempting alliance. Each encounter tests his understanding of friend and foe, good and evil, pushing him beyond mere revenge.
Berserk doesn't shy away from the psychological or the philosophical, exploring the nature of humanity, the cycle of violence, and whether free will can really exist in a predestined world. Complicated characters, an intricate storyline, and breathtaking artwork have made Berserk a cult phenomenon. Guts' dark and often harrowing journey is a fascinating exploration of perseverance in the face of overwhelming despair that draws readers in. Ultimately, Berserk is a chilling saga that delves into the darkest recesses of human nature and how far a person can be pushed before they break or transform. It's an epic tale of survival, revenge and the quest for redemption. This is not a series for the faint of heart; is a pure epic that leaves a deep impression on anyone brave enough to delve into its pages.


Set in a bleak medieval world, Berserk follows the path of a lone survivor of murderous mercenaries known as Guts. Known as the "Black Swordsman" because of his massive sword, he is fueled by intense rage and a desire to avenge his former best friend, Griffith. After Griffith transforms into a demonic and godlike figure named Femto and violates Guts' love for Casca, Guts vows to hunt him down and his world turns into one of deadly danger and terrifying monsters. His dark journey is punctuated by brutal battles with humans possessed by demonic evil and grotesque apostles, beings who have sold their humanity for power and immortality. The manga depicts Guts' struggle against these forces and his efforts to protect those he holds dear, while also charting the horrific effects of his abusive life on his thinking and relationships. The story is dominated by themes of isolation, companionship, the value of life and the damaging effects of unchecked ambition. With dark, detailed artwork and a multi-layered narrative, Berserk offers a compelling exploration of the human condition.


The creation of the Berserk comics, or manga as they are more commonly known in their native Japan, is an artistic struggle story much like its tragic hero. These richly detailed and graphically intense series are written by Kentaro Miura, who started creating content at a young age. Berserk 1989 in Young Animal magazine, originally published by Hakusensha and still running with 40 volumes. An important aspect of the Berserk manga is the artwork, full of emotion and fluidity that has been refined over time. Using techniques like shading, Kentaro Miura adds depth to his characters and landscapes, transcending the flat pages of a book. In the production process, several departments are working simultaneously to keep up with the bi-monthly schedule. Miura's dedication is palpable - she spends six to eight hours a day perfecting each panel. Despite his sudden death in 2021, the legacy of Kentaro Miura, the Berserk manga still resonates with viewers today, with a long-lasting story intricately etched into the hearts of his followers.


In the visually stunning and dark world of Berserk, readers delve into themes of isolation, inevitable doom, and the fine line between sanity and madness. Since 1989 A unique blend of fantasy and horror since its debut, Berserk remains an iconic cornerstone of manga. Focusing on the scarred mercenary Guts, the story explores a relentless struggle against cruel fate and the burden of revenge in a world ravaged by demonic forces. Award-winning creator Kentaro Miura immerses us in a war-torn universe filled with exceptional character development, highly detailed artwork, and violent action sequences. With over 40 volumes, Berserk has inspired numerous media adaptations, including popular anime series and games, making it a must-read for all manga fans. Explore Guts' harrowing journey as he battles inner and outer demons and paints a story of resilience and the raw human spirit in the face of overwhelming despair.


The release of Berserk comics is a historic moment in the manga world. This dark and mature series from 1989. August 25 First published in Japan by Hakusensha's Monthly Animal House. It immediately attracted fans for its highly complex characters and uncompromising exploration of the human condition. After its initial success, the series was picked up by Young Animal Comics and has since become one of the most popular and longest-running titles in its repertoire.
Year after year, with the release of each installment, fans around the world eagerly await the continuation of the graphic yet compelling story that effortlessly blends horror and fantasy. Internationally, the series is published by Dark Horse Comics in North America and Planet Manga in Italy, reflecting the universal appeal of this unforgettable comic.
The last part of the series was the 40th part, released in 2018. in September. This latest installment of Berserk continues to thrill and shock fans, staying true to its iconic blend of horror, fantasy and character-driven storylines. This is a testament to the continued popularity of the series and the millions of fans who eagerly await each new release. Despite the passing of years and the changing tastes of comic book fans, Berserk continues to have a loyal following and cement its place in manga history.


The Berserk manga series is often praised by critics and fans alike for its narrative depth, complex characters, and intricate artwork. Visceral stories take the reader on a fascinating journey through a dark fantasy world filled with beautiful realism and deep philosophical undertones. Kentaro Miura's tireless attention to detail in his artwork also stood out as a standout feature of the series.
Guts, the main character, was praised for his compelling story arc. From lone mercenary to protective figure, his development has been widely acclaimed. In addition, the mysterious antagonist Griffith drew attention to his own transformation throughout the series, embodying various aspects of heroism, friendship, betrayal, and darkness.
The series doesn't shy away from tackling mature themes and brutal depictions of war and violence, which have attracted a dedicated adult following. Additionally, the use of supernatural and horror elements along with philosophical themes interwoven with human struggle gave Berserk a unique touch that set it apart from traditional fantasy works.
However, it is important to note that the series' graphic content and explicit themes have also been the subject of controversy. The gritty depiction of violence and darkness can be intense and unsettling, drawing conflicting opinions among readers. In summary, Berserk's reception is a testament to its compelling storytelling, artistry, and willingness to explore the depths of human nature. While the graphic content may not be to everyone's taste, there's no denying that it transcends the usual boundaries of manga.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Berserk comics has been significant and far-reaching. These acclaimed Japanese manga series have crossed cultural boundaries and captivated audiences around the world with their dark themes and compelling characters.
In Japan, Berserk has greatly influenced the manga and anime industry. The unique combination of dark fantasy, horror and action inspired a new generation of creators, spawning many imitators and successors. The character of Guts, with his tragic backstory and relentless quest for revenge, has become an archetype in manga and anime. Internationally, the Berserk comics have also gained quite a following. The exploration of mature themes and complex characters resonated with many readers, and manga and anime are increasingly recognized as high art forms.
In addition, Berserk has had a significant impact on popular culture and has influenced various forms of media, including video games, films, and TV series. The show's gritty tone, gothic aesthetic, and epic storylines found their way into many other stories.
In conclusion, the cultural impact of Berserk comics is widespread, shaping the modern fantasy landscape and leaving a lasting legacy in the manga and anime industry.