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Item NameDragonslayers
Dragonslayer is a symbol of brute strength and resilience in the BERSERK universe. This massive crude weapon is made of thick iron plates, more like an oversized iron plate than a traditional sword. Created by the blacksmith Godo to forge a weapon capable of slaying a dragon, the dragon slayer proved his mettle in the hands of his protagonist Guts. Weighing around 400 pounds, it requires extreme strength and agility to wield, making it perfect for Guts' fighting style. Faced with supernatural beings and demons alike, the Dragon Slayer is a beacon of unrelenting will capable of inflicting great damage on even the most formidable foes.


The Dragonslayer is one of the most iconic weapons in the BERSERK universe. The gigantic weapon created by the blacksmith God was initially seen as a stupid creation, too big and heavy for a normal human. It's a monstrous creation that defies conventional weapon design, towering over most men and boasting a sharpness that can easily cut through armor, bone, and even some of the world's most fearsome beasts.
Consisting of a single solid sheet of iron, the design is fairly simple and unadorned, reflecting its sole purpose of killing. The weapon found its way into the series' character Guts, who was considered one of the few individuals strong enough to use it effectively in combat. Dragonslayer lives up to its name and is constantly used against powerful enemies, including Apostles and members of the Divine Hand.
Dragon Slayer is a testament to Guts' strength and resilience, highlighting his determination and never giving up in the face of overwhelming odds. Part of the merciless world of BERSERK, this legendary weapon also represents the indomitable will and ruthless power of its wielder. It's not just a weapon, it's a symbol of struggle and survival against impossible odds.

Creation and Development

Dragon Slayer, the behemoth that symbolizes the sword in the BERSERK universe, was not created overnight. The raw and unusual design of this iconic weapon reflects the unconventional journey of its creation and development. The process began when the blacksmith Godo, full of his wisdom and experience, felt compelled to forge a sword so enormous and unwieldy that it defied normal warrior standards.
This initiative was born out of a rebellious blacksmith's desire to destroy deeply held beliefs about military equipment. Godo created the Dragon Slayer, a weapon so terrifying and complex that most warriors would cringe at the sight of it. Upon completion, the weight of the Dragonslayer seemed impossible to many, and the sheer height unimaginable in practice. But in the hands of the Black Swordsman Guts, he became a piece of destruction without equal.
Over the years, as Guts the Dragon Slayer used his incredible raw power, he absorbed the astral essences of the creatures he killed. This gave him a terrifying ability to damage ethereal beings that are normally invulnerable to physical damage. This stage in the Dragon Slayer's development was a major turning point in his transformation from giant blade to astral slayer. A journey of relentless challenges and dogged battles continually strengthened Guts and his bond with the Dragon Slayer. A mystical synergy was created that allowed them to grow and evolve together. Guts' tenacity made the seemingly useless weapon a legitimate threat to even his most formidable opponents.
The evolution of the dragon slayer reflects the iron will of its bearer and the creator's constant struggle against the ordinary. She supports the important plot of the BERSERK universe by showing how willpower and resilience can turn the greatest challenges into great triumphs. His existence further emphasizes the show's prevailing theme of combat.

Cultural Impact

A very large sword from the BERSERK universe, the Dragonslayer made a big splash in popular culture by pushing the boundaries of its origins. Known for its brutal aesthetic and depiction as a tool of brute force, it embodies the dark fantasy world from which it was born. The unconventional logic behind the weapon's design, a sword too large for a normal human to wield, permeated many other forms of media. Popular video games such as Final Fantasy VII and Dark Souls feature massive swords as a tribute to their predecessor, BERSERK.
From a broader perspective, Dragonslayer is the epitome of the anti-hero trope, as is his bearer, Guts. It presents the idea that heroes can rise from the worst of circumstances and carry the weight of their past on their shoulders, literally and figuratively. In addition, Dragonslayer has also made an impact on the anime fan community. Her unique design has been loved by cosplay enthusiasts who go to great lengths to recreate her massive size and rustic appearance, justifying the cultural icon she has become. It is more than a weapon; it is a symbol of resilience, unwavering determination and resistance to insurmountable odds.