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General Info

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Alternate NameAva
Character NameAva
A strong-willed young character in the Borderlands universe, Ava is known for her telepathic mermaid powers. Found alone in a convent in Athens as a child, Ava was entrusted to the care of Maya, one of the six mermaids from whom she inherited her incredible powers. Ava is characterized by youthful energy and reckless optimism, contrasted with extreme determination and ferocity. An avid reader and blogger, she has a keen interest in the universe, particularly vaults. Although her reckless behavior can lead to mistakes, she has the ability and resources to preserve the remains of mermaids. His goal is not just to survive, but to thrive in the face of adversity.


One of the newest additions to the Borderlands universe, Ava is a young but talented mermaid known for her bright blue hair and vibrant purple tattoos. She is cared for by Maya, an expert mermaid veteran who escaped isolation and poverty on the abandoned planet of Athena.
Despite her youth, Ava displays remarkable wisdom and courage, using her mermaid skills with the talent and intensity of older, more experienced warriors. Her character has a combination of dry humor, youthful demeanor and fierce determination that makes her a force to be reckoned with. Drawn to the knowledge and thrill of the hunt, Ava searches for valuable alien artifacts with a dedication and strength often unmatched by other Vault Hunters in the Borderlands universe. As a character, Ava represents the fresh, passionate energy of a new generation. She is stubborn, eager to prove her worth, and desperate to establish her place in the often chaotic world of Vault Hunters. Despite her stubbornness and naivety, her heart is always in the right place. Ava is ready for an exciting journey full of discoveries, battles and the inevitable ups and downs that come with the defiant siren.


A fiercely independent and energetic young girl, Ava is one of the newest additions to the intriguing Borderlands universe. Raised in harsh conditions on the dangerous planet of Athens, she survived by scavenging the ruins for food and precious artifacts to trade. Despite her difficult beginnings, Ava's resilience and courage emerged, giving her the strength, enhanced abilities, and great resourcefulness needed to survive in a world filled with violence and chaos.
From a young age, Ava showed great curiosity and potential to use her siren powers, which eventually caught the attention of Borderlands character Maya. Maya took Ava under her wing and became her mentor and guardian. Under Maya's guidance, Ava flourished and learned to use her emerging abilities and face the threats of the universe head-on.
Ava's rebellious drive and passion for the show made her a dynamic and engaging character in the show. Her colorful vocabulary combined with her dynamism and courage made her someone you'd want to have by your side in a fight. Ava was not only a learner, but a source of strength and encouragement herself. His transformation from intelligent scavenger to brave mermaid during training is a story of perseverance and courage. However, Ava's journey was not always smooth sailing. Burdened by the terrifying prospect of becoming a mermaid, she has had her fair share of struggles. However, these difficulties only helped her character grow, creating a deeper connection with the player. Ava's strength and vulnerability make her such an unforgettable frontier character. His story serves as a symbol of survival and resistance to adversity, echoing the ethos of the Borderlands universe.

Creation and Development

Ava made her first public debut in Borderlands 3 and solidified her role as the main character in the game's storyline. Developed by Gearbox Software, it was designed to bring new energy and perspective to the game's story. She was created as a brave, charming, daring and slightly reckless teenage nun with an unyielding wit and a penchant for thievery.
In the early stages of Ava's development, the creative team had a deep discussion about how to build on her background and personality to make her appear young and wild while also showing her potential for growth. It was a balancing act integrating these seemingly contradictory traits. Ava's past as an orphan growing up in Athens under Maya's care was an integral part of her character development. Portraying his past through dialogue and interactions added depth to his character, created a strong foundation for his plot, and motivated his actions. Ava's tenacious nature, desire to show off her strengths and connection, drove her tirelessly to carry out her duties as a Vault Hunter.
In terms of aesthetic development, Ava was given a typical youthful look to differentiate her from the grown-up characters of the Borderlands. She was depicted as short in stature with a blue and white color scheme and monk's robes, symbolizing her background and education. The highlight of Ava's story was her growth journey, which ties directly into the overarching plot of Borderlands 3. Despite his initial immaturity, players have seen his leadership grow throughout the story arc, creating a unique combination of character development and gameplay experience.

Character Profile

Ava is one of the newest but definitely influential characters in the Borderlands universe and she hates her appearances in Borderlands 3. Originally an orphan struggling to survive on the harsh streets of Athens, her life took a dramatic turn when her legendary Siren Maya by. his wing the wing
Recognizing Ava's growing potential, Maya took on the monumental task of teaching her. As a result, Ava had to make the sudden transition from searching for relics to studying the ancient texts of Eridian and taming her monstrous powers. It is a testament to Ava's strength and determination that she did well under such difficult circumstances. Under the strict but careful tutelage of Maya, Ava grew into a young woman who was not afraid to speak her mind, driven by a strong sense of justice. Driven by the loss of her mentor, she is determined to honor Maya's legacy and is determined to play a key role in Pandora's defense.
Ava's behavior may suggest a typical sassy teenager who jumps ahead of her looks, but is underestimated, a boiling cauldron of untapped potential and leadership. Leaving Maya's mermaid marks behind, Ava now finds herself one of the few remaining mermaids in the galaxy, with a responsibility she is only beginning to understand.
Throughout her journey from orphan to mermaid, Ava has shown incredible growth. His fiery spirit combined with his undying will form an invincible force. Ava is a testament to the resilience, growth and limitless potential in each of us.

Story Arc

Ava, the young apprentice of the head siren Maya, is a main character in the various Borderlands universes. Accidentally caught in the midst of a vault hunt and all the chaos that ensues, Ava's story follows her transformation from a troubled teenager with a mild obsession with blogging to a full-fledged siren who advocates for cosmic justice just like her master.
As an orphan on the harsh and unforgiving planet of Athens, Ava was just a scavenger hunt until fate led her to the stoic and collected heroine Maya. Under Maya's tutelage, Ava was drawn into the world of mermaids, improving her cleaning skills with a newfound sense of purpose and alertness.
But after the devastating death of her teacher in a brutal encounter with the Windhelm twins, Ava finds herself wearing not only Maya's mermaid heritage, but also the mantle of leadership in Temple III. It was Ava's moment of truth that accelerated her transformation into a reluctant leader.
Participating in many battles, he devises a strategy to destroy the Children of Skliaut, continuing Maya's relentless fight against the Windhelm twins. Despite mounting pressure and frequent bouts of self-doubt, Ava is resilient and dismisses any threat to Pandora.
Ultimately, Ava's journey resonates with the brutal confrontations of a teenager thrust into a life she doesn't understand. Adversity faced and ultimately growing beyond her obstacles, Ava's character evolution from insecure teenager to determined siren leader justifies her place in the Borderlands universe. Ava's character evolution is compelling as she prevents her mentor's sacrifice from going to waste and becomes the karmic leader Pandora needs, securing not only her future but Pandora's future.

Cultural Impact

Introduced in Borderlands 3, the character Ava plays an important role in the story and has had a significant cultural impact. Unlike most characters in the gaming universe, who are often mature and hardened warriors, Ava provides a fresh perspective as a young, impulsive and headstrong, adventurous teenager. His character arc depicts a typical coming-of-age story as he goes from being an immature ruler to being the heir to Sanctuary III.
Ava provided an opportunity to discuss topics such as adolescence, responsibility, ambition and the consequences of reckless actions. While his actions have divided the fanbase, they have sparked interesting conversations about character development and narrative progression within the gaming community. Her character also marks a positive step for female character representation in the gaming industry. Ava has traits traditionally associated with female heroes - empathy, courage, resilience - but also features less commonly associated with female characters, such as stubbornness, impulsiveness and a fiery temper.
Ava's character shows that video game characters, especially female characters, can be multifaceted. She's not just a crazy vault hunter or a young slob learning the ropes; it is an important symbol of growth, development and the difficult journey to adulthood. The cultural impact of Ava's character extends beyond the Borderlands universe, but also contributes to a broader discussion about the portrayal and complexity of the character in video games.


In the Frontier universe, Ava's legacy is based on her journey from orphan thief to siren warrior and captain of Sanctuary III. He aspires to be more than just a face in the crowd, with an unrelenting desire to make his mark in this ever-changing world. Guided by Maya, she inherits her mermaid powers and becomes a beacon of hope in the face of impending doom. Despite her initial reckless and impulsive nature, she becomes an amazing leader, guided by Maya's teachings and her own experiences. Using her inherited powers, Ava becomes a crucial player in the fight against the Calypso Twins. Ava's legacy proves her resilience in the ultimate test of survival and lies in her transformation from a sullen and rebellious teenager to a brave and determined mermaid who etch her name into the history of the Borderlands universe.