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General Info

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Job TitleVault Hunter, Former Dahl Commando
Birth PlaceHieronymous, Pandora
Knows aboutMilitary tactics, Weaponry
Alternate NameCommando
Character NameAxton
Member of OrganizationCrimson Raiders
Axton, Dahl's former officer, is both a strategic fighter and an extraordinary survivor in the frontier universe. Axton thrives in the heat of battle, using his diverse arsenal and utilizing his trusty Sword Turret, a rifle that damages all enemies in his sights. Equipped with a variety of upgrades, from strikes to nuclear blasts, the tower is a force to be reckoned with and ensures that no enemy can easily outrun it. Axton has a strong survival instinct and excels in field crises, giving him all-important combat durability. His diverse skill tree boosts his stamina, cannon damage, and turret abilities, making him a versatile choice for any player. Choose Axton and take away not only the battlefield, but also the respect of Pandora's soldiers.


One of the most well-known playable characters in the Borderlands universe, Axton is known for his unique combination of survival skills and tactical prowess. Hailing from the planet Heironymus, this wily Vault Hunter was once a prized soldier in Dahl's private force. His determination and bold personality make him a formidable opponent in Pandora.
The Axton's main advantage in combat is its deployable saber turret, a versatile piece of high-tech artillery that can be dynamically adapted to different combat situations. Filled with missiles for optimal area damage, reinforced with a shield for increased defense, or upgraded with a nuclear blast capability, the turret greatly increases Axton's lethality. But the Axton isn't all about raw power. His strategic acumen is reflected in his skill tree abilities, including weapon damage, health, and shield upgrades that allow him to adapt to any situation. This versatile team is also known for its reload speed and grenade damage, which is especially useful in heavy firefights.
Axton's charismatic wit combined with military discipline make him an engaging and engaging character to play. Whether you're a fan of tactical gameplay, pulling your artillery cue, or simply enjoying Axton's bold charm, Borderlands offers a vibrant and rewarding gameplay experience.


Axton, one of the playable characters in Borderlands 2, is the charming embodiment of bravery and tactical brilliance. Born on the high-gravity planet Hieronymus, Axton spent his early years pursuing a career in the Dahl Corporation's private fighting force. With exemplary strength and marksmanship, he quickly rose through the ranks, eventually reaching the rank of sergeant.
His life took a drastic turn when he disobeyed a direct order to save his team's life during a mission. Although his team was saved, he faced a court marshal for insubordination and misuse of military resources. However, his wife and commanding officer Sarah gave him a chance to escape, which he did just before his execution.
Driven by his rebellious spirit, he became a mercenary and traveled the universe in search of greater battles. His skills as a commandant made him famous and turned his head. While at the Bar of Dionysus, Axton received a message about the enormous wealth hidden on Pandora. Seeing that a new opportunity awaited him, he set out again, regarding the announcement of his impending death as another interesting aspect of his journey. Axton's signature fighting style involves the use of his sword turret, a turret made by Dahl. The turret, which has been refined over time, can launch missiles, create a nuclear detonation and even reproduce itself. This, combined with his various abilities, adds to his dynamism in the field, making him a versatile character in the frontier world. In addition to combat, Axton often engages players with his humorous dialogue and charismatic personality, making games an unforgettable experience.

Creation and Development

Featured in the Borderlands series of games, Axton is a versatile and charming figure who exemplifies the spirit of survival and adventure. How this character came to be and his subsequent development provides a fascinating insight into the gaming world.
The developers at Gearbox Software wanted to create a character that represented a certain toughness and skill. Axton was originally a soldier-class character with a background in military training. This foundation allowed him to incorporate various tactical maneuvers and strategies into his game, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. In terms of development, the Axton has come a long way since its original creation. Moving away from the soldier archetype, Gearbox gave his character a distinctly vibrant personality. Axton now comes across as an enthusiastic and somewhat reckless individual, providing comic relief in intense game situations.
The decision to make Axton a playable character in Borderlands 2 also added depth to his story and character arc. His storyline and personal quests in the game as he pursues fame and fortune and grows as a mercenary provide an engaging storyline for players. Along with his drone companion Saber Turret, Axton adds strategic variety to the game with his ability to heal, deal damage, and act as a shield.
Gearbox is constantly improving Axton's abilities, improving his abilities and adding levels to his personal story with each DLC release. His tactical skills and character traits such as survival instinct and determination were explored more, allowing players to understand and relate to Axton on a deeper level.
As such, Axton's creation and development in the Borderlands universe is a great example of how a character can evolve and engage players over the course of a game series. His journey from the initial conception of a warrior to becoming one of Borderlands' most beloved characters represents the efforts of the development and creative teams.

Character Profile

One of the most prominent figures in the Borderlands universe, Axton is a battle-hardened commando who loves action and combat. His skill with explosives and firearms is second to none, making him a formidable opponent for anyone foolish enough to oppose him. Formerly Dahl's officer, Axton was dishonorably discharged for incorporating reckless guerilla tactics into his missions. He later became a Vault Hunter after a near-death experience that paved the way for a new beginning.
Axton's unique ability is his Scorpion Turret, a deployable weapon of pure destruction that can fire itself. He can upgrade it by adding missile blocks and a shield to develop a defensive stance or perform offensive strikes on the battlefield. His character's skill tree includes a great mix of survivability, weapon damage, and weapon upgrades that elevate his combat prowess to devastating levels.
Axton is a charming villain with a devil-may-care attitude who doesn't hesitate to dive headfirst into danger. His determination and fighting prowess make him an indispensable character in the Borderlands universe. Playing as Axton gives you a challenging experience full of excitement, danger and high stakes. Despite his stubborn and volatile nature, Axton's unwavering self-confidence and charismatic personality endear him to those around him and make him an unforgettable character.

Story Arc

One of the greatest vault hunters on the planet Pandora, Axton features a unique storyline that moves from the core of conflict to adventure. Starting out as a soldier in Dahl's private military force, his skills, charisma and skill quickly rose through the ranks. He was promoted to sergeant, given a personal Digi-Struct device, and married to his commander, Sarah.
Despite his successful military career, Axton's reckless behavior and penchant for friendly fire forced him to take responsibility. His love of the spotlight and disdain for authority eventually led to his dishonorable discharge from Dahl's army and, tragically, a falling out with his wife Sara. After being court-martialed, Axton went rogue and focused his skills on bounty hunting.
Armed with mox and an all-purpose arsenal, Axton arrived on Pandora, lured by promises of riches and vault hunting. He quickly became an integral member of the team, fighting through the wild wilderness against numerous criminals and even corporate armies.
In the world of Pandora, she discovered more than she bargained for, encountering alien technology that enhanced her already proficient turret-launching skills, and friends who became her new family. Axton thrived on chaos and used it to make himself a stronger and more experienced fighter. Throughout the Borderlands saga, from the icy landscapes of Frostburn Canyon to the hyper-futuristic space station Helios to the beautiful dimensions of Jackpot, Axton has fought, survived and evolved, ultimately leaving one of the most iconic vaults behind. . His story details his transformation from rule-breaking soldier to legendary Vault Hunter, adding to the chaotic fun of the Borderlands universe.

Cultural Impact

Few characters in video games have had as much cultural impact as Axton from the Borderlands series. Holistically regarded as a symbol of courage and wit, Axton has changed the way gamers perceive and interact with the gaming world.
As for the narrative character, Axton is a fan favorite for his compelling dichotomy of a strong sense of justice mixed with a cheeky sense of humor. His dialogue and jokes are ingrained in the game's lexicon and are often quoted by fans on social media and forums.
In terms of engagement, Axton's unique abilities, especially his deployable turret, greatly influenced game strategies. Players are often inspired by a more tactical approach to the game that reflects Axton's ingenuity.
In addition, his open acceptance of his bisexuality contributed greatly to the portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters in video games, an atmosphere that has remained largely unknown to this day.
Finally, Axton's fleeting presence in cosplay, fan art, and merchandise speaks to the character's ubiquitous influence on popular culture. Basically, Axton's character has transcended the game itself and represents the brave and courageous heart of Borderlands.


In Unforgotten Fables of the Borderlands, Axton is a central figure known and remembered for his immense military prowess and versatility. Before becoming a formidable Vault Hunter, he excelled in Dahl's private army, quickly rising through the ranks thanks to his strategic mind and fearless courage. His defiance cost him his military career, but was the beginning of a legend in the unforgiving wasteland.
Axton's legacy is his amazing ability to adapt and survive using his most important asset: his sword turret. The deadly automated turret has been modified several times, each version showcasing Axton's ingenuity and tactical acumen. This lithe comrade of his in battle turned many a battle and wrote tales of his victories in the annals of the Borderlands. An emblem of resilience and tenacity, the Axton will remain synonymous with indomitable courage and unmatched battlefield sharpness.