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General Info

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Job TitleField Reporter
Knows aboutAnchorman
Character NameBrick
Member of OrganizationChannel 4 News Team
Brick is a force of pure physical strength and destruction in the Borderlands universe, a new level of brute force. The formidable Berzerker, no stranger to close-quarters combat, roams the lawless wilderness of Pandora. Brick's primary ability allows him to control his frenzied rage, which causes him to forgo all firearms in favor of his fists. However, this is not Brick's weakness; with its incredible power, every strike comes with seismic force. The power of the brick strike can be enhanced by his skill tree. When not relying on his fists, Brick can wield rocket launchers and explosive weapons with dangerous precision. At first he may seem one-dimensional in terms of violence, but the strategic use of his abilities reveals a character of surprising depth and power. He's Not a Gentle Giant: Brick's penchant for action and sheer strength make him a one-man wrecking crew. Enjoy smashing your enemies with Brick.


Brick, known as the Berserker, has a legendary reputation in the Borderlands universe. Born and raised in the desolate and merciless world of Pandora, this hardened fighter has an insatiable thirst for violence. Embracing his primal instincts and brute strength, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Crimson Raiders and established himself as an indispensable ally in the fight against the oppressive Hyperion Corporation.
In the heat of battle, Brick is a formidable force that is nearly impossible to defeat. His insane fury allows him to tear through enemy ranks with his bare fists, causing chaos and striking fear into the hearts of his opponents. Naturally, Brick's love of fighting is second only to his love for his dead dog, Priscilla, who embodies the intriguing combination of brutal brutality and genuine vulnerability that makes him such a compelling figure.
Despite his seemingly fierce nature, Brick's loyalty to his friends and dedication to the cause of justice is unwavering. He serves as a guardian, a ruthless defender who would gladly risk his life for his team. During the Borderlands series, this burly, muscular warrior quickly became a fan favorite, portraying the quintessential Pandora survivor: tough, tenacious, and always ready for a good fight.


Born on the harsh and unforgiving planet of Pandora, Brick is a renowned Berserker and a member of the four original Vault Hunters. Known for his physical strength and unwavering loyalty, Brick's unconventional fighting style, which favors powerful fists over conventional firearms, strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies.
Before joining the Vault Hunters, Brick lived in isolation and struggled to survive in the unforgiving wasteland of Pandora. It was during this time that he developed his immense physical abilities and learned to use his strength and agility to defeat the deadly creatures that roamed his world.
The loss of his beloved dog, Priscilla, shaped Brick's view of loyalty and friendship and brought him closer to his fellow Vault Hunters. Brick values ​​loyalty above all else, a quality that makes him determined to defend Pandora in the face of endless turmoil.
In battle, Brick is a powerful force to be reckoned with. His favorite tactic is to charge headlong into battle, fists first, gathering enemy fire and deflecting it with devastating blows from his hardened fingers. He enjoys the chaos of close combat and the brutal and bloody aspects of combat that test his great strength and resilience.
But off the battlefield, Brick is a surprisingly sensitive and thoughtful person. A dog lover, after Priscilla's death he formed a pack of dogs known as the King Slab Dog Army. The move reveals a lot about his nurturing portfolio. But don't mistake Brick's soft side for vulnerability. When it comes to defending his friends and home, there is no force in the universe that can stand in his way.
Brick's journey reveals a man shaped by loss, hard endurance, and the struggle to survive against incomprehensible odds. It is this determination, combined with his unwavering loyalty and extraordinary physical prowess, that makes him a permanent figure in the Borderlands universe.

Creation and Development

The creation and development of Brick, a character from the Borderlands universe, was born out of the desire to create a character as tough as the name suggests. Brick, the Berserker, is everything you'd expect from his awesome power persona. He was first introduced in the original Borderlands game as a playable character and became an instant fan favorite.
The development team aimed to mix the traditional RPG tank, brawler and melee class with a unique Borderlands twist by adding a lot of weapons. Revolving around his Berserk action abilities, which allow him to drop firearms to deliver powerful blows known as bare fists, Brick has become a great choice for players who like melee combat, which is a stark contrast to the focus of other characters. about ranged and strategic battles. Another challenge for the developers was to update the character's model and storyline so that he would appear in later games. In Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3, it was not only updated visually, but also expanded in terms of story. The former quiet tank has grown into a dynamic character with a deep backstory, strong personal motivations, and a pack of "Pandora Puppies" that she lovingly cares for. Brick's story also delves into his mental toughness, exploring his unwavering loyalty, resilience and even a softer side through his pet Skag, who any pet owner can relate to.
Despite his tough exterior, the creators made sure to make Brick's character development a symbol of how even the strongest can suffer, grow, and ultimately find peace. It also provided some heartwarming moments where the player got to experience Brick's compassionate and heartwarming side, providing a nice contrast to the otherwise brutal thug bashing game. Watching his character transform from a regular fighter into a multi-dimensional figure really reflects the developers' efforts to make Brick not just a giant beast, but also a valuable companion in the vast Borderlands universe.
Thus, the understanding and appreciation of Brick becomes deeper and more nuanced. Because in the world of Borderlands, it's not all about action skills and weapons; it's about bringing characters to life, and Brick certainly has that to offer.

Character Profile

One of the four original Vault Hunters, Brick is best known for his incredible strength and ruthless fighting style. A tall figure with a large build, he is a formidable fighter who can take down enemies twice his size with his powerful bare fists. His talent for hand-to-hand combat is so relentless that it has earned him the nickname "Berserker."
In addition to his physical prowess, Brick has a penchant for explosives, especially rocket launchers. This huge character with a surprisingly kind heart loves his pet cat named Priscilla. He lost the fight, and this became the main reason for his hatred of the bandits.
He has a soft spot for his team and shows loyalty and protection. It may come as a surprise to some, but Brick also has a very sensitive side, which is evident in his attachment to his pet. His raw emotional depth and fleeting power make him a compelling figure in the Borderlands universe. His journey from assassin to leader of the Slab King and finally to a central figure in the Crimson Raiders reflects the depth and complexity of his character. Brick is a force to be reckoned with, a combination of sheer power and emotional depth. His multi-faceted character represents an intriguing combination of brute force, emotional sensitivity, loyalty, and rage in the Borderlands universe.
Despite his fierce demeanor, Brick's love for his friends and his pet reveals a kind quality that really sets him apart. Whether he's going into battle or mourning the loss of his beloved Priscilla, Brick leaves an unforgettable impression on everyone.

Story Arc

In the dangerously unstable and unforgiving world of Borderlands, Brick is a symbol of raw power and devastating brutality. He's not just a muscle maniac, he's a fusion of sadness, anger, and an insatiable thirst for revenge packed into a mountainous physique.
Brick's plot begins with a tragedy that will forever fuel his uncontrollable rage. He was born into a clan of slabs, ruthlessly conditioned warriors hardened by the harsh environment of Pandora. Although violent by nature, Brick found happiness in simple pleasures. One of those pleasures was bonding with his pet, Priscilla, whom he loved like family. But Pandora's tumultuous life took a serious turn for Brick when Priscilla was killed. The sheer brutality of this act shook Brick to his core, unleashing an all-consuming need for revenge.
While traveling the chaotic land of Pandora, Brick found solace in his kinship. Despite his muscles, he loved the challengers. Along with Roland, Lilith, and Mordechai, he became one of the four original Vault Hunters. Not only were they his partners in dangerous missions, but they became his new family. Determined and resilient, Brick formed an impenetrable shield for his team, crushing any monster that posed a threat.
But Brick continued to struggle with his past. His raw anger often blurred the lines between friend and foe as he attacked anyone who threatened his new family. When Roland was banished from New Haven for his actions, Brick was also banished and left to deal with his overwhelming guilt.
Brick then re-emerged as the charismatic leader of Clan Slab, once again directing his anger at a group of "principled warriors" who valued their lives against the senseless violence of the past. Surprisingly, Brick managed to get some rest from the burning wreckage of his excruciating pain.
Brick's story is full of anger and sadness, but it's also a story of resilience and redemption. Her journey means that even in a world full of violence and despair, acceptance, growth and camaraderie can spark change strong enough to overcome even the greatest adversity. It tells us that hope still remains amid the ruins of ashes and dust, with the help of indomitable will and undying courage.

Cultural Impact

Brick, a Berserker-class character from the Borderlands universe, has had a huge cultural impact on both the gaming and cosplay communities. Its classic brawler archetype combined with its heartwarming dedication to its favorite flavor has endeared it to gamers around the world. Not only do they admire his brute strength, but he also has a surprisingly sensitive side that can only be seen when interacting with a pet, making him a relatable and lovable character.
Brick's cultural reach extends beyond the confines of the video game to the cosplay community. His huge build, short haircuts and blue tattoos are an exciting challenge for cosplayers. Many fans have embodied Brick at various gaming conventions, relishing the opportunity to bring such a complex and multi-layered character to life.
Also, Brick's penchant for solving problems with his fists has become a fun meme among Borderlands fans, symbolizing a simple approach to life's obstacles. It shows how Brick's influence has permeated various aspects of pop culture as a symbol of strength, resilience and unlikely tenderness. Overall, Brick's place in the cultural narrative of gaming means he's an unforgettable character in the Borderlands universe.


In the Frontier universe, no one personifies strength and loyalty like Brick. Known as the "Slab King", Brick led the Slabs, an offshoot of the famous Crimson Raiders. He has been at the forefront of countless battles throughout Pandora and beyond. For Brick, any problem could be solved with his fists, especially when Hyperion's forces were involved. His brutal appearance often overshadowed his intelligence. Although he was primarily a man of action, his strategic knowledge was vital to many victories. Despite the loss of Roland, his best friend and leader of the Crimson Raiders, Brick continued his legacy and remained a loyal ally and fighter. His dedication to the Crimson Raiders and their cause remains unwavering, and he continues to inspire many with his resilience and determination to protect Pandora and its people. His legacy in the Borderlands is inextricably linked to his impressive display of brute force and unwavering loyalty.