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Borderlands: Origins Comic series

General Info

Borderlands: Origins Comic series logo
AuthorMikey Neumann
GenresScience fiction, Adventure
PublisherIDW Publishing
IllustratorAugustin Padilla
Issue Number4
Number of Pages104
Original TitleBorderlands: Origins
Comics Issue NameBorderlands: Origins
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.idwpublishing.com

Borderlands is a famous video game universe set in the distant future with a unique aesthetic, bold humor and intense, fast-paced shooter gameplay. It is set on the abandoned post-apocalyptic plant Pandora and its satellite Elpius, where lawless entities fight for power, wealth and survival. The planet Pandora is a wasteland full of wildlife, brutal native human tribes, and various other dangers.

In this universe, players assume the role of "Vault Hunters", unique characters with unique abilities, searching for hidden treasures in the lost vaults of aliens on the planet. Vault Hunters must battle the might of dangerous local warlords and corporate armies as they attempt to survive and thrive in the planet's harsh conditions.

Throughout the series, the Borderlands universe continues to expand and introduce new characters, enemies, and worlds. For all its irreverence, humor and wild storytelling, Borderlands remains not only a ground-breaking game franchise, but also a ground-breaking universe full of endless possibilities. for exploration, challenge and adventure.


Borderlands: Origins #1
2012-11-01 | 28 |
Borderlands: Origins #2
2012-12-01 | 28 |
Borderlands: Origins #3
2013-01-01 | 28 |
Borderlands: Origins #4
2013-02-01 | 28 |


Borderlands is a very popular futuristic video game universe developed by Gearbox Software. It takes place in the distant future on a chaotic planet called Pandora. The core of the Borderlands universe revolves around Vault Hunters, individuals who seek out mysterious alien vaults that are said to contain untold riches and power.

However, these repositories are not easily accessible. They are full of dangerous traps, puzzling obstacles and deadly creatures. The world of Pandora itself is a world of lawlessness and danger, full of monstrous alien wild animals, unscrupulous human thugs, and ruthless corporations vying for control.

Playing as one of the available custom Vault Hunters, players are drawn into this world of madness and excitement as they battle monsters, bandits and corporate soldiers. In this universe, the lines between good and evil are blurring, so every decision can become a turning point.

Rich character development, extensive world-building, and fast-paced gameplay with looters and shooters make the Borderlands universe a unique blend of science fiction, drama, humor, and action.