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Tales from the Borderlands

General Info

Tales from the Borderlands logo
AwardsAdventure Game of the Year
GenresGraphic adventure, Interactive movie
ArtistsDerek Sakai
WritersPierre Shorette
Game NameTales from the Borderlands
ComposersJared Emerson-Johnson
DevelopersTelltale Games, Gearbox Software, 2K Games
Directed ByMartin Montgomery
Game EngineTelltale Tool
Produced ByAdam Sarasohn
Release Date2014-01-01
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/talesfromtheborderlands
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, iOS
Publisher NameTelltale Games
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.telltale.com/
Tales from the Borderlands is a challenging narrative adventure game developed by Telltale Games. Set in the chaotic and rich universe of Borderlands, this episodic series takes place mainly on Pandora after the events of Borderlands 2, introducing two new characters, Rhys and Fiona. Players experience a roller coaster story that is both exciting and thrilling. Filled with classic Borderlands humor, this story-adventure introduces new characters and brings back fan favorites like Zer0 and Claptrap. Every decision you make shapes the story and leads to unintended consequences. Offering a fresh look at the Borderlands universe, Tales gives players a deeper look at life on Pandora than just playing as a Vault Hunter.


'Tales from the Borderlands' game screenshots
'Tales from the Borderlands' game screenshots
'Tales from the Borderlands' game screenshots
'Tales from the Borderlands' game screenshots
'Tales from the Borderlands' game screenshots
'Tales from the Borderlands' game screenshots


Tales from the Borderlands takes you to the unpredictable and exciting universe of Pandora, a sun-scorched, dystopian planet laced with unpredictable chaos, fantasy and dark humor, where the landscapes are as wild as the people who inhabit them. The story revolves around two characters, the con artist Fiona and Hyperion's employee Rhys, whose paths intertwine in an adventure full of greed, betrayal and dark alliances.
It's an adventure game that combines Borderlands' shooter gameplay with Telltale's story-driven style. Gameplay forces players to make important decisions that change the course of the story, and choices leave ripples across the narrative landscape. Despite the crumbling environment of vaults, bandit camps, and barren wastelands, the game is full of comedic undertones that light up the story. This game puts a lot of emphasis on narrative interpretation, making it a great mix of shooting, looting and decision-making. In Pandora, you don't just survive; Influence the plot, develop characters and leave your mark on the whimsical and unpredictable world of the Borderlands. Tales from the Borderlands is a dazzling, dramatic and comedic adventure that captures everything that makes the Borderlands franchise unforgettable.



Tales from the Borderlands offers a point-and-click adventure game that offers interactive storytelling through gameplay and cinematic visuals. The game features a richly detailed story where your choices and actions have a significant impact on the game's progress and ending. The main feature of Tales from the Frontier is an intertwining story that follows the adventures of two opposing characters in search of fortune and redemption.
Innovative dialogue interactions play an important role in building relationships and navigating the game's expansive storyline. The choices you make as Hyperion's companion Rhys and Pandora's rogue Fiona shape the fates of both characters and their companions. Decisive moments are sprinkled throughout the game where you are forced to make a decision within a limited amount of time, creating a ripple effect in the game's plot and relationships.
Combat in Tales from the Borderlands combines exciting action sequences with fast-paced events. While combat isn't an integral part of the game, it offers exciting moments of high conflict that make for a dynamic experience. Tales from the Borderlands also has impressive puzzle-solving segments that add depth to the game's core story.
Based on Borderlands' unique humor and character design, the game offers a fresh take on the classic adventure genre. The nuances of the narrative are presented incredibly and the dialogue is sharp, engaging and entertaining, making it a standout aspect of the game.
At its core, Tales from the Borderlands focuses on telling an interesting story through compelling perspectives, filled with great voice acting, fascinating puzzles, and fast-paced exciting events. Whether you're a fan of point-and-click adventures or the Borderlands series, you won't want to miss out on the genres Tales from the Borderlands has to offer.

Gameplay video


Set in the world of Pandora, Tales from the Borderlands begins after Borderlands 2. The story revolves around two main characters, Rhys and Fiona. Hyperion employee Rhys is determined to climb the corporate ladder, but after a fateful meeting with his boss, he embarks on a mission to earn a big payday. This mission is a search for Pandora's vaults with the help of his friend Vaughn. At the same time, Fiona, a cheater, is engaged in similar activities with her sister Sasha. Their paths cross when both sides try to acquire a fake vault key from the same source. But things take a turn for the worse when they accidentally release the contents of the box they open, an artificial intelligence containing Handsome Jack's personality. From this point on, the story takes an exciting cinematic path as players take on an intense rollercoaster of adventurous chases and hilarious events.
Spanning five episodic parts, the story truly combines Borderlands' captivating plot with expertly infused humor, portraying the fierce Pandora through a new lens of unpredictability. As Rhys and Fiona face a series of challenges, players encounter familiar faces from the Borderlands franchise and make decisions that significantly shape the course of their journey together. From close encounters with wild animals on Pandora, menacing thugs, corporate politics, an encounter with an unexpected "guest" inside Rhys's head, and intense rivalry, Tales from the Frontier offers a dizzying mix of danger and comedy. Building up to an unexpected and exciting climax, this spin-off offers a memorable and fun experience infused with the classic chaotic charm of the Borderlands series.
Remember that every story told about Pandora is not without its lies, and this exciting tale of adventure, risk, betrayal, fun and maybe even friendship is no exception. Pandora's survival isn't just about guns; it requires humor, courage and a good sense of humor.


Tales from the Borderlands mainly follows the story of two characters, Rhys and Fiona. Game development brought out the unique aspects that brought these characters to life and made the story compelling. The first challenge was to keep the humor and action inherent in Borderlands and transfer it to an interactive, story-driven game. To solve this problem, the personalities of the characters were given special attention and were infused with quirks and less defined cultural connections, such as the planet of Pandora, creating a different and interesting gameplay experience.
Also, the transformation from Borderlands' tense shooting style to decision-making detracts from the player's narrative. The developers had to combine the aesthetic of Borderlands with the choice-based narrative gameplay of Telltale. The combination of these aspects defined the gameplay experience, giving players the reins of the story, allowing them to decide whether to act heroically, diabolically, or somewhere in between.
The development process also focused on making the storyline compelling using multiple perspectives. The story adopted the "unreliable narrator" style, retelling the experiences of Rhys and Fiona differently, allowing players to experience the same scenario but with different perceptual filters. Such intricate details during development increased immersion and connection with the characters. Not to mention, it involved integrating iconic Borderlands elements like the loot system or vault keys into the more narrative structure of Telltale's gameplay. The development team has done a fantastic job of combining the fun world of Borderlands into a Telltale style adventure game. The essence of the co-op mode has been preserved thanks to memorable secondary characters and unique interactions with them.
While the gameplay of Tales from the Borderlands may be very different from a traditional Borderlands game, its development has done a fantastic job of preserving the spirit, style, and charm of the source material.


Tales from the Borderlands was first released in 2014. November 25 Developed by Telltale Games and published by 2K Games, the game was an interesting departure from traditional Borderlands games. Unlike its predecessors, which were first-person shooter games, Tales from the Borderlands is an episodic graphic adventure comedy in the form of an interactive movie with RPG elements.
The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS and Android platforms. In order to provide an episodic experience, the game has been divided into five episodes, each with its own release date. The first episode, Zer0 Sum, was released on its original launch date. The rest of the series ie Atlas Mugged, Catch a Ride, Escape Plan Bravo, The Vault of the Traveler were released consecutively in 2015.
Tales from the Borderlands received critical acclaim upon release, receiving acclaim for its story, character development, humor and shot selection. It has been hailed as one of the best games Telltale has made and has become an instant favorite among Borderlands fans and new players alike. The game took the rich story and character base of Borderlands and infused it with a uniquely immersive narrative and emotional depth. As a result, Tales from the Borderlands remains a beloved game for many, with its unique blend of exciting gameplay, clever writing, and unforgettable moments.


Upon its release, Tales from the Borderlands was unanimously admired by gamers and critics alike. Combining Telltale's quirky storytelling style with the strange universe of Borderlands proved to be an impressive feat.
Critics praised the game for its flawless storyline, unique characters, and immersive gameplay. The humor, often compared to the spirit of the main Borderlands series, was singled out in places like IGN and GameSpot, where they praised the fresh comedy and engaging storyline.
Players especially liked the episodic format, which allowed for a constantly changing and unpredictable plot. This mechanism allowed players to experience the fun of unexpected twists with their favorite characters.
In addition, the choice-based story has been praised for engaging players in the story's progression, allowing players to shape the plot around every decision they make. This unique element added great replay value to the game, ensuring that no two games were identical.
But Tales from the Borderlands was not without its critics. Some players pointed to the sometimes slow pace of the story and minor technical flaws as areas for improvement. Despite these minor setbacks, the game's memorable story, comedic undertones, and complex character development helped it become a staple of the Borderlands franchise.
In short, Tales from the Borderlands has been acclaimed for its captivating, player-driven story, retaining the unique charm of the Borderlands series and introducing an innovative approach to storytelling. It's a great example of successfully combining two different game elements into one unforgettable experience.

Cultural impact

Part of the highly successful Borderlands series, Tales from the Borderlands left a significant cultural impact on the gaming community. The unconventional storytelling method and memorable characters created a unique combination of engaging narrative gameplay and humor.
The fun yet captivating storyline of the game has changed the perception of narrative games. It proved that a game doesn't need intense, high-stakes action or adversity to captivate audiences. Instead, well-developed characters and clever dialogue can effectively propel the story along. The game further strengthened the Borderlands universe by providing rich backstories for recurring characters.
The influence of "Tales from the Borderlands" has also spread to popular culture. References to the game can sometimes be found in media and other video games. Quotes from the game's dialogue have become a popular colloquialism among gamers. The special mix of sci-fi elements, comedic undertones and dark moments has created an experience that resonates with a variety of audiences. The cultural impact of this game can be seen in the further development of other narrative games. The developers learned from the successful combination of unique characters, immersive storytelling and choice-based gameplay. Many subsequent games have emulated this formula to varying degrees, recognizing its potential to captivate and engage audiences. This demonstrates the enduring cultural significance of Tales from the Borderlands within the gaming industry and beyond.
In short, Tales from the Borderlands has had a significant impact on both the gaming community and popular culture. Borderlands' unique approach to storytelling, memorable characters, and expansive universe have contributed to its lasting cultural impact.