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Custard Cookie III

General Info

Custard Cookie III logo
Job TitlePrince, Adventurer
Birth PlaceCookie Kingdom
Knows aboutMagic Carpets, Adventure
NationalityCookie World
Alternate NamePrince Custard
Character NameCustard Cookie III
Member of OrganizationCookie Run Kingdom
In the charming universe of Cookie Run: Kingdom, Custard Cookie III is an extraordinary character fascinated by his strange theories and the mysteries of the universe. A self-proclaimed genius inventor, he is not afraid to explore uncharted territory or experiment with unusual ingredients in his scientific pursuits. Respected for his clever mind and feared for his bold ideas, Custard Cookie III is known for occasionally causing trouble with his explosive experiments and unpredictable inventions. Despite his strange personality, he has a good heart and is always ready to help his friends with his knowledge and experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom and join the adventurous Custard Cookie III on his exciting journey of invention!


Custard Cookie III, an ambitious and adventurous character, reigns from the famous Cookie Run: Kingdom universe. Dressed in ornate regal attire, Custard Cookie III features swirling panaceas and a golden scepter to signify his royal status. But it's not just the look that sets it apart.
Custard Cookie III's cream fleck combined with the square ruby ​​on the cap gives Custard Cookie III extra flair. This power manifests itself in the most interesting way in front of his enemies, presenting him as a charismatic and majestic leader, intensely demonstrating his abilities. Originally the son of a nobleman, his life changed dramatically after he bit into a magical custard pie that transformed him into the adventurer he is today. Since then, his life has been full of excitement and adventure, which constantly pushes him to the edge. His tenacity is legendary and has earned him great respect from even the toughest of cookies.
An avid artifact collector, Custard Cookie III's kingdom is filled with rare treasures from his adventures. These continuous exploits and the core values ​​he espouses make him a beloved figure in the cookie kingdom. While his royalty and reigning glory are evident, Custard Cookie III also has a humble heart. His concern for his subordinates and their well-being is his daily duty, making him a versatile leader who oozes strength, kindness, and quest, embodied by the character of Custard Cookie III.


Custard Cookie III, a respected member of Custard Cookie's noble lineage in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe, embodies the sophistication and boldness of his royal heritage. Born and raised in a luxurious palace, he was accustomed to the royal lifestyle from an early age. But among the luxuries lies a heart eager for excitement and adventure, which seems to contradict his grandiose upbringing.
Known for his majestic personality and surprisingly bright golden crown, Custard Cookie III has an insatiable thirst for adventure. The joker's act of painting his royal portrait changed everything, instilling in him an insatiable desire to break free from the shackles of his title and explore the world outside his gilded cage. After he first sneaked out of the castle, he was enchanted by the outside world. The lush landscapes, bustling markets, and most importantly, the unique cookies he could come across were much more interesting than the everyday real business. His adventures led him to discover his extraordinary swordsmanship skills, a talent untapped within the confines of the palace.
Custard Cookie III has a noble mission at its core: protecting the vulnerable. With each journey, he hones his swordsmanship and mitigates the looming threats. His noble intentions earned him the admiration and respect of many.
Despite his adventurous life, Custard Cookie III hasn't forgotten his roots. He regularly returns to his royal abode to continue his royal duties and share his exploits. This balance of tension and tradition makes him a unique figure, embodying the resolve and determination of a warrior and the elegance and grace of a king. Custard Cookie III is truly a character that perfectly combines aristocratic elegance with a spirit of adventure in the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom. His story continues to inspire others and show that life is not defined by birth, but by human action and unrelenting passion.

Creation and Development

The creation and development of Custard Cookie III within the Cookie Run: Kingdom gaming universe showcases the developers' extraordinary attention to detail and creativity in character creation. This charming character is a royal cookie, imbued with great intelligence and generational wisdom. Even without further description, the elaborate costume, rich colors and solemn appearance of this biscuit clearly indicate a very important and prestigious personality.
The developers have spent countless hours crafting the unique story of Custard Cookie III. He is portrayed as the rightful king who has returned from an unjust exile forced by the infamous Dark Choco cookie. Despite his long absence, he remains strong and determined to take down the evil Dark Choco Cookie and restore the Cookie Kingdom to its former glory.
Custard Cookie III has been carefully crafted with several unique abilities, making him a versatile character in the game. For example, his Golden Wisdom ability allows him to summon a beam of energy from his staff that can be used to both attack enemies and heal other cookies. This multi-tasking ability is rare among characters and gives the game a unique strategic element.
A masterful combination of design elements, character stories, and unique abilities make Custard Cookie III a significant addition to the vast Cookie Run: Kingdom universe. It shows the developers' success in creating compelling characters that transcend the simplicity of their cute origins to capture the imagination and heart of the player.

Character Profile

From the dynamic universe of Cookie Run: Kingdom, Custard Cookie III is a handsome ancient scientist with immense strength and courage hidden beneath his gentle personality. Dressed in a dignified royal robe, he exudes royalty and exquisite taste. This unique biscuit contains the mysterious dragon heart gem, which is believed to have a deep mystical power that pulsates with the heartbeat. The gem also represents the weight of an important mission; sincerity echoed, mixed with the warmth in her eyes.
Contrary to his calm demeanor, Custard Cookie III is an exciting adventurer. Renowned for his unmatched bravery, he helps his buddies cookies with wisdom gleaned from ancient runic writings. Whether he's battling through the thickest forests or sailing stormy seas, he always manages to return home victorious with the sweetest produce for his kin, leaving tales of his galvanic exploits in the gusts of the cookie kingdom.
His famous saying "May sweetness be with you" epitomizes the joy he carries in his heart even in the face of the toughest challenges. Despite being one of the oldest, Custard Cookie III runs at an invigorating sprint speed that is a testament to his lively spirit. Train the smallest cookies and tell about his adventures. He is easily the most revered character in Cookie Run territory, embodying the fusion of strength, wisdom, and love.

Story Arc

Custard Cookie III exists in the cute and exciting universe of Cookie Run: Kingdom, where he perfects his special knowledge of courage and battle. Despite his silky appearance, this bold character is as brave as can be.
Growing up in Custard Castle, located in the heart of the kingdom, Custard Cookie III has never been a stranger to courage. The high-speed tales of the mighty Custard Cookie I, his heroic great-grandfather, echoed through the sugar-coated walls of his ancestral home, igniting a spark in his youthful heart.
After discovering his great-grandfather's rusted goblet in the internet dungeon, the kingdom was surprised by a magical transformation. The seemingly docile Custard Cookie III has turned into a hot warrior. His quest to preserve the legacy of his ancestors made him a luminary who led an army and fought the forces of evil that threatened the kingdom.
It wasn't just the muscles; Custard Cookie III was both brave and cunning, meeting each challenge with unwavering determination. Although she was of royal descent, she led from the front and never shied away from fighting evil monsters. He always wore his signature sincerity and became a beacon of hope for his biscuits. But his journey isn't just full of thrilling battles; he longs for even the gentlest touch of friendship. Torn between his devotion to the kingdom and his desire for companionship, he found solace in his companions, such as Hollyberry Cookie and Sparkling Cookie.
With fierce combat and inspiring camaraderie, Custard Cookie III's story is raw and flavorful, and fans can't wait for the next exciting chapter. What sweet adventures await you around the corner? Only the oven timer will tell.

Cultural Impact

Set in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe, Custard Cookie III helped shape the game's cultural landscape. His regal looks and charismatic leadership have inspired many fans in the world of fan art and cosplay.
His unique abilities and charming personality have also helped diversify the games, making him a favorite among players around the world. The majesty of her regal attire with her majestic crown and scepter sets new trends in playsuits. Many players have expressed admiration for his unique style of fan-made designs and concepts. Also, Custard Cookie III's story connections are deeply intertwined with the kingdom's history. His dogged pursuit of truth and justice resonates with many players, providing not only entertainment but also lessons in courage and resilience.
Custard Cookie III's influence goes beyond gameplay. Players have organized themed parties and reunions to honor the character, further reinforcing his impact on the cultural fabric of the game. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, it's impossible not to notice the cultural imprint of this extraordinary character. From gameplay trends to fan culture, Custard Cookie III's influence on the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe ran deep and wide. His legacy continues to enrich the gaming experience and contribute to the overall appeal of the Cookie Universe that we all love and appreciate.


Despite the setbacks that made him a hopeful rebel, the story of Custard Cookie III reveals a story full of courage and bravery. As a distinguished diplomat, he forged alliances across the various cookie kingdoms, navigating cookie politics with ease and leading unity against common threats. Even on the battlefield, his leadership was admired. Armed with the legendary Custard Cannon Mark III, he went through many skirmishes and earned the respect of his kin and enemies. Despite his many successes, he remains humble and always attributes his success to his fellow cookies. His kindness and determination continue to inspire and leave a legacy that will forever enrich Cookie's story. His commitment to the welfare of the Cookie Kingdom on and off the battlefield makes him the ultimate hero of Cookie Run: Kingdom Universe.