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Cherry Blossom Cookie's Cherry Blossom Festival

General Info

Cherry Blossom Cookie's Cherry Blossom Festival logo
Event NameCherry Blossom Cookie's Cherry Blossom Festival
Celebrate the grace and beauty of spring with the Cherry Blossom Cookie in the Cherry Blossom Festival event Cookie Run: Kingdom! As the shimmering petals of the cherry blossoms gently fall over the kingdom, participate in this exclusive event for breathtaking rewards and special quests. Take part in dynamic missions with our beloved cherry blossom cookie, earn valuable currency and celebrate the arrival of spring. Enjoy the bright aspect of the festival and help Cherry Blossom Cookie spread joy throughout the kingdom. This event reminds all cookies, and you, of the fragile and fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms and embodies the charm and elegance of spring. Don't miss this chance to experience the magic of cherry blossoms and create beautiful memories in Cookie Run: Kingdom.


Cookie Run: Kingdom is an exciting and colorful gaming universe that invites players into a world full of cute and edible characters. It's a game where players control a living and vibrant Cookie who tries to reclaim their domains from an evil witch.

A game with mesmerizing graphics and simple mechanics ensures that each player's journey is simply an amazing adventure. The RPG aspect of the game introduces a unique twist to the device where players can fight epic battles, build dream kingdoms and explore treacherous dungeons.

The cookie universe is filled with endless challenges that not only keep players busy, but also captivate them with a rich storyline and intriguing quests. The game truly explores the inherent charm of the world revolving around brave cookies and creates an enchanting experience for all players.