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Christmas Event

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Event NameChristmas Event
The Christmas event in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe is a festive sight. In this holiday-themed event, players decorate their homes to spread the holiday spirit. Dressed up as Gingerpaws, they travel through an enchanting snowy wonderland, collecting gifts along the way. The journey is accompanied by cheerful Christmas tunes and snowy scenes, creating an enchanting virtual winter wonderland. In addition, the event features exclusive Christmas costumes and decorations that will fill your kingdom with a charming Christmas aesthetic. Players can participate in fun Christmas-themed missions and challenges where they will have a chance to win special cookies, prizes and bonuses. Indeed, the Christmas event remains the highlight of the year, bringing a festive atmosphere and endless fun to the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe! This event is the perfect mix of snowy adventure and sweet rewards that players have been waiting for all year!


Cookie Run: Kingdom is a popular mobile game universe that brings to life a fantastic world full of animated cookies. Baked with magical powers, these cookies allow the player to complete a variety of adventurous tasks in a wonderful environment full of desserts.

In this glorious kingdom, personality cookies are created with powers to help fight the evil that threatens their world. A kingdom to rebuild, epic battles to fight, and mysterious lands to explore all add a unique layer of intrigue to this amazing gaming universe.

There are many challenges in Cookie Kingdom, including baking cookies, fighting monsters, and exploring hidden treasures. Players can also communicate with others, make friends and form alliances to overcome challenges together. Thus, the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe perfectly combines the elements of adventure, strategy and social interaction, making this mobile game incredibly engaging and interesting for players from all over the world.