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Valentine's Day Event

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Event NameValentine's Day Event
Indulge in the sweet treats of love at Cookie Run Kingdom Universe's Valentine's Day event, where the smell of baked goodies fills the air. Every corner of the kingdom is decorated with heart-shaped candies, chocolate fountains and pink roses, creating an atmosphere full of love and sweetness. Cookies are all set to spread the love through uniquely designed missions like Valentine's Day delivery and baking heart-shaped cookies while chasing fluttering confetti of romance and friendship. In addition, participating cookies can earn love points that can be exchanged for attractive prizes. The Valentine's Day event not only brings emotions, but also leaves the kingdom under the spell of love and teaches every resident a magical love charm. We are looking forward to this event and looking forward to a wonderful journey of love and friendship.


Cookie Run: Kingdom is a wonderful universe that exists in a relentlessly cute mobile game. This RPG adventure game invites you to take part in an epic quest set in the wonderful world of cookies, where cute gingerbread characters oppose the rule of an evil tyrant.

The world is a combination of fun candy and a treacherous terrain, where the cookies are brave warriors dressed in colorful and imaginative costumes. Each character has unique abilities that allow them to overcome different challenges and missions in the game's levels. Throughout the kingdom, players will encounter different locations, from a witch's furnace to dessert-themed islands.

As players progress, they can expand and customize their kingdom, creating a thriving cookie community. From building a massive castle to decorating your neighborhood with sweet landscapes, the possibilities are endless.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom universe is a sweet escape full of compelling stories and challenging gameplay, creating the perfect mix of fun, excitement and adventure for players around the world.