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Frost Sugar Pirates

General Info

Frost Sugar Pirates logo
Faction NameFrost Sugar Pirates
The Frost Sugar Pirates in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe are a ruthless but charismatic group of cookie characters known for their fearless hearts and icy exteriors. Led by Frost Queen Cookie, this faction thrives in the bitter cold of the Frost and navigates the treacherously frozen landscapes with ease. Their star ship is the legendary Icing Mariner, sailing the icy seas with a crew of hearty cookies that thrive in the coldest of winters. Having learned the art of frost magic, they cast chilling spells to stun their enemies and become formidable opponents in battle. Despite their tough exteriors, they share a deep friendship that proves that even the coldest hearts can form the warmest bonds. From the monstrous Snow Sugar Cookie to the wise Frost Crystal Cookie, each member has unique abilities to form a team that is as diverse as it is powerful. Whether you're sailing the icy seas or battling your enemies, the Frostlands are in good hands with these brave cookies.


The Frost Sugar Pirates are a unique faction in the enchanting universe of Cookie Run: Kingdom. Disciplined and full of adventure, these ice-covered figures cross frozen plains and treacherous seas in search of precious artifacts from the past.
Their leader, Captain Ice Cookie, is a vision of steadfast strength and unwavering devotion. With his trusty sidekick Snow Sugar Cookie by his side, they lead their crew on exciting missions and battles. Raised in the harsh environment of frozen lands, these pirates are survival experts and have acquired a unique ability to manipulate the cold and snow. What sets the Frost Sugar Pirates apart is their code of honor. Members of this group are honest, loyal and brave. They protect each other in times of danger and, despite their piratical tendencies, believe in honesty. These are not only pirates, but also treasure hunters, explorers and keepers of ancient secrets.
Their emblem, the majestic Frostwing, symbolizes their tenacity and indomitable spirit. Icy blue feathers reflect the color of their rim, confirming their regal and intimidating presence. Swift and silent like the Frostwing, the pirates follow hostile paths, completing their tasks with nimble precision, which is a sight to behold.
Frost Sugar pirates have crossed uncharted waters and snowy mountains to create their own legend in the vast and exciting Cookie Run: Kingdom universe. Their nerve-wracking adventures and compelling story appeal to any thrill seekers and strategists who play the game.


The Frost Sugar Pirates are a powerful faction in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe. The faction began their journey in the cold expanse of winter sugar. Brave Captain Frost Pirate Cookie was at the helm. Sculpted from frozen gems, it was tough, merciless and unyielding, giving it the ability to navigate the treacherous Arctic waters with ease and determination. Armed with his enchanted ice sword, he delivered justice and fear in equal measure. The journey was not easy. Their ship, The Frosted Sugar, once a stunning display of powerful prowess, bore the brunt of the relentless ice assault. But the ship and its remarkable ability to repair itself became a symbol of their resilience, shining in the white space, a testament to their indomitable spirit.
Led by Frost Pirate Cookie, they challenged the mighty Frostbite Sharks and merciless Ice Storms. They dug up chests filled with sweet ice crystals that enhanced their powers. The magic woven by their wise oracle Snow Sugar Cookie kept their spirits warm and guided the ship through the dark icebergs with prophetic visions. Together they completed trials and celebrated victories, making the crew a family unit.
Over time, they built their magnificent ice sugar fortress on the frozen plain. Glowing under the northern lights, this oasis has surpassed its grandeur, a hidden paradise in the frozen desert. The fortress is said to have housed the world's most important supply of powdered sugar, a testament to their daring marches and thirst for adventure. In the end, the Frost Sugar Pirates not only proved themselves as skilled fighters or treasure hunters, but also embodied a unique combination of ruthless courage, camaraderie, and unity. Their legacy, whispered by the icy north winds, inspires fear and awe, boldly stating, "Frost may be hard, but sugar pirates are tougher."

Notable Members

Member #
Soda Cookie
Grapefruit Cookie
Plum Cookie
Lime Cookie
Liquorice Cookie


The Frostbite Icing Pirates live in the breathtaking but treacherous Frostbite Icing region of the Cookie Run Kingdom. The remnants of sweet ice crystal formations, glistening like stalactites and stalagmites, adorn the landscape as the distinctive architectural elements of this icy place.
Raging cotton candy storms carve vast glacial plateaus into beautiful jagged ice cliffs and vast fields of granulated sugar. However, these storms can also bring massive blizzards, making sailing dangerous for any boater unfamiliar with the terrain.
Surprisingly, it is home to a rare exotic flora known as Icetuber tulips, which add an unexpected frost of color to the white expanses. In addition to being spectacular, these plants are also the main ingredients in some frozen sugar pirate recipes.
The water in this area is completely frozen. Numerous streams of semi-frozen sugar syrup flow through the region and merge into the Great Cold Sugar Sea. In this beautiful and terrible sea lives the legendary ice crumb Leviathan.
In this frozen winter wonderland, the Frost Sugar Pirates have built a fortress of candy-hardened ice and steel. It is an impressive structure that has withstood the hostile climate unceasingly and reflects the unwavering spirit of the pirates themselves.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the Frost Sugar Pirates in the enigmatic universe of Cookie Run: Kingdom is quite significant. Cold and sweet origins aside, the warm-hearted crew has constantly affected the factional dynamics of the kingdom with their indomitable spirit. As the epitome of free will and rebellion, they set a bold example for other cookie groups to deviate from the established order, unleashing a wave of revolutionary sentiment. Their central role in several story arcs, most notably the Sea Fairy Cookie Odyssey, further reinforces their importance. Because of their bold actions, which often lead to unexpected changes, they have a lasting impact on the gameplay. Despite the pirates' lawless reputation, their charismatically unconventional ethos appeals irresistibly to cookies and punters alike. Frost Sugar Pirates dispels the dreaded pirate trope, effective in its nuanced appeal, while adding depth to the universe's narrative. Ultimately, they add to the game's rich cultural ensemble, celebrating diversity and illustrating the merits of daring to be different.