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Cookie Run: OvenBreak

General Info

Cookie Run: OvenBreak logo
GenresEndless running
Game NameCookie Run: OvenBreak
LanguagesEnglish, Korean
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multiplayer
Release Date2016-10-27
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/CookieRunOvenBreak/
Game PlatformsiOS, Android
Publisher NameDevsisters
Country of OriginSouth Korea
Publishers Websiteshttps://devsisters.com/
Cookie Run: OvenBreak brings a world of fun adventures right to your mobile device. The game takes place in a fascinating creative universe where cookies come to life and propel you towards exciting experiences. Run, jump, slide and complete various missions with the brave cookie heroes. Together, you will overcome many obstacles, avoid terrifying enemies and get powerful goodies by collecting delicious jellies. Each cookie hero has unique abilities and personalities that make the game even more engaging. Strategize by mixing and matching different cookies and pets for each challenge you face. Cookie Run: OvenBreak offers several different difficulty levels and promises a unique and challenging gaming experience for both novice and experienced players. Play alone or join a guild and cooperate with other players around the world. With vibrant graphics, an energetic soundtrack and smooth controls, this game is more than just an escape; it's a journey full of exciting fun and rewards!


'Cookie Run: OvenBreak' game screenshots
'Cookie Run: OvenBreak' game screenshots
'Cookie Run: OvenBreak' game screenshots
'Cookie Run: OvenBreak' game screenshots
'Cookie Run: OvenBreak' game screenshots
'Cookie Run: OvenBreak' game screenshots


Cookie Run: OvenBreak is a unique and exciting endless running game that puts you in the middle of a sweet adventure. Satisfy your sweet tooth as you escape the giant oven and run for your life through amazing dessert-themed tracks, each more exciting and delicious than the last. Choose from vibrant gingerbread characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities.
In this amazing and energetic game, you will not only traverse complex and changing landscapes, but also dive headfirst into creative and immersive stories. Each character has a compelling story that develops over the course of the game. Give your runners exciting powers that allow your cookie characters to slide under obstacles, jump dangerous chasms and collect more valuable jellies as they race to the finish line. Challenge your friends and other players in multiplayer game modes and climb the global leaderboard.
Master each character's abilities and fight your way to victory. Cookie Run: OvenBreak is a game that not only tests your speed and reflexes, but also turns survival running into a fun, cute and exciting adventure!



Cookie Run: OvenBreak is an action-packed endless runner video game that puts players in the role of brave cookies on adventurous missions. In this game, your main mission is to help your character, a gingerbread cookie, escape from the witch's oven and traverse various vividly detailed landscapes.
Cookie Run: OvenBreak gameplay is quite addictive. Players will have to run, jump, slide and slide their way through many imaginative levels, collecting coins and jellies while avoiding various obstacles. Traps like holes, spikes, and holes in the platform will try to hinder your progress, but quick reaction and smart strategies can help you successfully overcome these challenges. One of the unique features of the game is the Relay Run, which allows you to use more than one cookie in the game. Also, there are several game modes like Trophy Race, Friendly Run and Breakout that add variety and fun to the game.
Your character can be upgraded and customized with Pets and Treasures. In addition to extra options for your cookie, these companions can also help you collect more jelly and coins during your run. Strategic upgrading and collecting different types of cookies, pets and treasures will give you an edge in the race. The game's sweet charm also comes from a well-designed progression path that provides a sense of progress and achievement. Whether it's collecting cookies and exotic pets, unlocking new episodes and modes, or competing against other players on global leaderboards, every achievement feels like a reward and motivates players to keep running. Cookie Run: OvenBreak offers hours of fun, making every play session as exciting as the first.

Gameplay video


Adventure takes a delicious turn in the exciting universe of Cookie Run: OvenBreak. As the game progresses, players are introduced to GingerBrave and his band of brave cookie friends as they bravely escape from the Witch's Furnace in search of freedom and fulfillment of their destiny.
Their journey is no walk in the park. Colossal obstacles and treacherous paths greet our hero and his minions at every corner of the endless winding road. With each jump, slide and run, they get closer to the freedom they desire, while discovering hidden truths about their past lives. But the real challenge isn't overcoming the rocky terrain or completing the side quests, but surviving the furious witch hunt. He would stop at nothing to control the cookies he baked for unsuspecting people. Unbeknownst to many, these cookies are her prized possessions with their own secret magical ingredients.
Each character in Cookie Run: OvenBreak displays a unique set of abilities that allow players to avoid obstacles and keep the witch at a safe distance. From the ruthless bravery of GingerBrave to the elemental magic of Wizard Cookie, each cookie's untapped potential can turn any difficulty into a treacherous yet comical escape. Players collect powerful jelly beads of various types as they work their way through the game. These shiny gems not only give the cookies energy, but also transform them into their strongest forms, allowing them to reclaim their home from the witch's clutches.
In the energetic world of Cookie Run: OvenBreak, freedom and adventure bake together. The all-encompassing togetherness of these unique cookies represents the ultimate essence of friendship, courage, and determination. Their actions inspire players to brave every challenge and remind them that even the most mundane cookie can become delicious when seasoned with a little courage and determination.


Since its release in 2016, the development of Cookie Run: OvenBreak has been impressive. Developers Devsisters put their heart and soul into this endless runner game, creating an immersive user experience that is engaging and challenging.
The key to this game's success is its simplicity. It's a classic run and jump, but the cute characters and cool graphics make it stand out. The developers made sure to include several interesting worlds, each with its own unique set of challenges and environments. From a dangerous desert to a haunted pumpkin patch, each level reveals a new side of the story, drawing players in.
Devsisters also added a multiplayer mode, bringing a new dimension to the game: players can now compete with other players around the world, raising the stakes and excitement.
Regular updates to the game kept it fresh and interesting. New characters, pets, treasures and episodes have been introduced, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics. These additions not only enriched the story, but also simplified the strategy of the game. The developers have added social elements to the game structure. Friends can be added through the game's social networking system, treasure can be traded, and their performance can be tracked on a leaderboard. It also helps create a sense of community in the game, inspiring players to continue their cookie journey.
Overall, Cookie Run: OvenBreak has been continuously improved to provide an enjoyable and dynamic gaming experience, which proves that the team behind it is as passionate about the game as the fans who play it.


in 2016 Cookie Run: OvenBreak, launched globally in October, has captivated mobile gaming enthusiasts. It all started with a daring cookie escape from a witch's oven. This interesting assumption immediately attracted the attention of the whole world.
The game gave players a new perspective by seamlessly combining the endless runner genre with an engaging storyline. Innovative game elements and various cookie characters further enriched the user experience. Players can enjoy an addictive cookie-cutter journey through dangerous platforms and obstacles.
Since its first launch, the game has been constantly evolving, adding new cookies, pets and exciting features. Festive updates including Christmas, Halloween and New Year add a touch of glamor that makes the game even more immersive.
The massive success of Cookie Run: OvenBreak led to other popular iterations, such as Cookie Run: Kingdom, which expanded the cookie universe to new heights. Despite the number of new mobile games being released every day, Cookie Run: OvenBreak continues to maintain its unique appeal among gamers and cement its position in the mobile gaming world.


Since its release, Cookie Run: OvenBreak has been met with great enthusiasm by players around the world. Its unique charm, addictive gameplay and lovable characters have contributed greatly to its popularity. Players praise the addictive nature of the game, often citing the smooth platforming aspects and unique cookie collection as one of its best features.
Difficult levels are also praised for having the right balance of difficulty and fun, encouraging players to improve their skills without causing frustration. Cookie Run: OvenBreak also won over fans with its captivating story; players are especially interested in the intriguing lore of the cookie universe and the individual stories of the cookie characters. Reviews also noted the game's exceptional production values. Visually appealing 2D graphics combined with vibrant music and sound effects provide a great gaming experience, making it aesthetically pleasing for any age group to play and enjoy. It's also constantly updated with new game modes, cookies and pets, keeping the gaming experience fresh and exciting, which shows the developer's ongoing commitment to its player community. Overall, Cookie Run: OvenBreak's warm reception is a testament to the game's ability to provide a fun and engaging gaming experience.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Cookie Run: OvenBreak extends beyond gaming communities, influencing popular culture, art, and social discourse. As a popular mobile game developed by Devsisters, it connects millions of players around the world and creates a strong community of shared experiences and stories.
Cookie Run: OvenBreak has fueled creative endeavors, inspiring fan art, cosplay, and fan-driven communities. As digital collectibles with unique personalities and designs, in-game cookies have sparked interest in the art and design communities, encouraging many aspiring artists to interpret these characters in their own style.
In addition, the game's stories often include subtle social issues that encourage players to discuss important topics. For example, story threads about sustainability and environmental conservation have helped raise consumer awareness of these issues and subtly educate younger player demographics.
Its popularity permeated mainstream culture, with merchandise and promotional collaborations popping up everywhere. Limited-edition toys, clothing, and even food products have spawned from the success of the game.
Cookie Run: OvenBreak's influence on popular culture goes beyond the game. He is an ambassador for conversations about art, society and the environment, highlighting the power of play in shaping our modern culture. It's proof that video games can be a thoughtful and engaging medium that simultaneously entertains and educates.