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Rainbow Cubes

General Info

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Item NameRainbow Cubes
Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run: Kingdom are basically the premium in-game currency. This energetic magical item is not normally found in quests, but can be obtained by participating in events or by purchasing from the store. Rainbow cubes can be used to buy costumes or special items to give your cookies an extra edge in the game. They can also be used to paint cookies and pets on gacha. Each cube is covered in iridescent layers, creating a stunning visual treat that adds a whimsical element to the game. Saving this currency can be a real game changer and regularly provides opportunities to improve the performance of cookie characters. While Rainbow Cubes are a great sign of success, it's important to carefully strategize when using them, as they are limited in number.


In the whimsical world of Cookie Run: Kingdom, rainbow cubes have a meaning as vivid as their multi-colored surface. Flashing in myriad colors, these precious resources are vital to improving your game and fueling the growth of your kingdom.
Rainbow cubes are not just aesthetic; they serve as a universal in-game currency used for many purposes. They can be used to get unique cookies from the Gotcha Shop, buy special items or costumes, and even add a magic layer to your cookies to level them up. This not only increases the strength of your cookies, but also reveals their unique capabilities, giving you a competitive advantage. Considering their great importance in the game, earning Rainbow Cubes is not an easy task. You can get them as a reward for completing missions, participating in events or getting high positions in trophy races. But true gamers know that the thrill of the game lies in overcoming the challenges. So it's no surprise that despite the difficulty, chasing rainbow cubes is a central part of the Cookie Run: Kingdom experience.
So Rainbow Cubes embody the spirit of Cookie Run: Kingdom: colorful, exciting and rewarding. Their indispensable role in the development of characters and the excitement of acquiring them allow players to immerse themselves in the enchanting universe of the game.

Creation and Development

The Rainbow Cubes appear in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe completely randomly; it was during the period of inventing new game mechanics that one of the developers extravagantly drew a multi-colored cube on a notepad. This little doodle was spotted by another team member who fell in love with the fun and energetic design and suggested adding it to the game.
While the team considered possible ways Rainbow Cubes could improve the gaming experience, it was agreed that the item should have a significant but balanced effect. Therefore, improving cookie skills became the main function of Rainbow Cubes. They also agreed that with the unique aspect, getting Rainbow Cubes should be a challenging and exciting gaming experience. The development phase was marked by rigorous testing and tweaking. The addition of Rainbow Cubes fundamentally changed the dynamics of each level, making them more engaging and strategic. The team needed to improve the “reward versus effort” to maintain parity and increase player engagement.
This made Rainbow Cubes a highly anticipated item, with players collecting them using their best strategies. This not only added depth to the game, but also a bright aesthetic addition to the already interesting gameplay.
In designing and developing Rainbow Cubes, the Cookie Run: Kingdom team has once again demonstrated their desire to keep the game fresh, challenging and fun. The transition from a simple doodle to a full-length game feature highlights the imaginative spirit and commitment to player-centric design within the development team.

Cultural Impact

Rainbow cubes from the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe have attracted huge attention from fans due to their bright colors. These crystalline objects are a visual marvel and act not only as in-game currency, but also created a large, brightly colored art movement inspired by their appearances in the Cookie Run community.
Fans around the world have interpreted the Rainbow Cubes pattern in their artwork, cosplay, fantasy, and other forms of creative expression, making it a symbol of shared creativity in addition to the gameplay function of continuing an exciting storyline.
In addition, the generational appeal of Rainbow Cubes has drawn younger players into the game as they see these bright cubes as an attractive element to fuel their curiosity to explore more of the area. These viable commodities subverted the norms of conventional utilitarian currencies within game companies, causing a massive shift in the aesthetic paradigms of game currencies, thus increasing the overall cultural impact of the universe. Cookie Run: Kingdom.