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Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting

General Info

Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting logo
AuthorMatthew Mercer, James Haeck
GenresFantasy, Role-playing games
Book NameTal'Dorei Campaign Setting
PublisherGreen Ronin Publishing
Release Date2017-07-01
Number of Pages144
Original TitleTal'Dorei Campaign Setting
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://greenronin.com/
Embark on an exciting journey through Exandria with the Tal'Dorei Campaign Settings Book. This guide provides an in-depth overview of the diverse locations, engaging characters, and intense challenges spread across the continent. Immerse yourself in the stories and mysteries of this universe, travel through vibrant cities, terrifying dungeons and the desert. From the bustling metropolis of Emon to the treacherous mountain landscapes of Cliffkeep, prepare for unknown challenges and fascinating discoveries. The book offers more than just a setting, but a world full of cultures, tangled histories, and complex politics. Intriguing scenarios and detailed Dungeon Master information are invaluable assets for your D and I campaigns. Discover the essence of adventure with the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Book!


Tal'Dorei, a continent of grandeur and mystery, lies at the heart of the vast land of Exandria. The setting of this campaign delves into a land teeming with magic, political intrigue, legendary heroes and evil villains. The story of Chroma's conclave's destructive disaster, the rebellious city of Whitestone, and the trail of mystical differences echoes throughout this guide, inviting players into the fascinating epic of Critical Role.
Players have the opportunity to walk the streets of Emon, the prosperous capital of the continent, haunted by the ghost of dragons. In the west, tears watch over treacherous portals, guarding the unsuspecting many races that inhabit the Tal'Dorei. From the Labyrinths of Kraghamer to the eerie Marshes of Stillben, adventures beyond imagination await.
This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Tal'Dorei's confusing politics, vibrant cultures, and the history that has shaped its world. From humble villages to bustling metropolises, each city is beautifully laid out, allowing players to seamlessly conjure up their own worlds.
Experience the tide of fate with every decision you make, shaping Tal'Dorei's future and uncovering its many secrets. Adventure, your journey to Exandria begins on these pages. Welcome to the world of Critical Role; Welcome to Tal'Dorei!


The Tal'Dorei campaign setting revolves around the continent of Tal'Dorei, full of thriving civilizations, ancient ruins, and terrifying secrets. Set on the world of Exandria, the events of the past have left the Tal'Dorei devastated and changed. The Chroma Conclave, a collection of five dangerous dragons, ravaged these lands. However, Tal'Dorei was saved by the efforts of a group of adventurers known as Vox Machina.
In this stunning setting, a world ravaged by far-reaching wars, elemental upheavals and horrific destruction is revealed. Amidst the ruins, the communities that survive cross boundaries, form alliances, and blaze paths to reclaim their lost glory. Different factions compete for supremacy and try to shape the future of the country according to their individual ideologies.
Your guide offers an in-depth exploration of the Tal'Dorei regions, each with its own unique culture, political alliances, and ecosystem. The zenithal city of Emon, the Draconian-dominated region of Draconia, and the port city of Whitestone; all offer compelling storytelling opportunities.
This setting offers plenty of opportunities for epic quests, and powerful artifacts are scattered throughout the area. These remnants of a bygone era, known as Relics of Difference, have immense power to shift the balance of power.
Providing a broad historical context, the book inspires Dungeon Masters and experienced players to further customize their campaigns. It helps you dream up adventures, figure out the motives of villains, create politically complex plots, or describe the stories of computer ancestors.
Despite the scars of history, Tal'Dorei's future is bursting with excitement and opportunity. What will affect the flow of power through this area? The answer lies in the mists of uncertainty, presenting a thrilling adventure that awaits in the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting.


In the Tal'Dorei campaign setting book's "Evolution" chapter, it's important to note the influences that played into the formation of this vast universe full of diverse species, complex politics, and multiple cultures. Creator Matt Mercer borrowed elements from established fantasy tropes and settings, infusing them with ingenuity and an appreciation for narrative depth and character growth.
The world building of Tal'Dorei features a rich tapestry that combines magic and mythology with politics and personal history. Each city, from Emon to Whitestone, was designed with a clear focus on its history, culture and social dynamics. Species and factions like the Ashari and Clasp are created with complex hierarchies and customs, enriching player interaction and immersion. In addition, the development of the campaign was heavily influenced by the stories, decisions and growth of the player characters. The actions of the characters shape the political, social and even environmental landscape, contributing to the evolution and complexity of the overall narrative. This level of player involvement encourages an intimate connection with the world and the characters that inhabit it.
Overall, Tal'Dorei's campaign setting offers a nuanced appreciation of narrative complexity, player choice, and intricate world-building. It skillfully weaves established fantasy elements into an innovative tapestry, making for a dynamic and immersive RPG experience.


In this new edition of the Tal'Dorei campaign event, immerse yourself in a world full of political intrigue, fantastical locations, relentless enemies and untold stories. Travel through the land of Tal'Dorei, delve into the intricacies of Emon's political landscape, and meet the legendary heroes of Vox Machina. This release provides players with a detailed stage where they can stage their own adventures, filled with vibrant cultures, ancient rivalries, and diverse settlements.
Explore the unique traits and history of important factions in the country, including Clasp and Chroma Conclave. Every city, town, and bay comes to life through intricate descriptions that provide a sense of real-time immersion. Discover the world's most popular attractions, including the surreal white stone towers and bustling streets of Kymal. Stepping foot into Tal'Dorei feels like home, but every hidden corner reveals something new and exciting.
Expand the maps and story based on the legacy of the Briarwoods, delve into the secrets of the Tear Tribes, or raid the lairs of long-forgotten dragons. With intricate artwork and intricate details, this campaign setting gives players the freedom to create, innovate, and roleplay in this rich environment.
Tal'Dorei is not only a universe to conquer, but also a story to create, and the campaign is designed to embody that spirit. This is not just any world; it's the canvas on which players can make their main shots. Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of Vox Machina or create your own legacy, the Tal'Dorei campaign setting is a huge treasure for any Dungeons & Dragons fan.
Delve into the depths of often untold stories and remember that your heroes represent the brave hearts of Exandria. Every myth, saga and legend of this world has been written into the history books by heroes like yours. Tell your story and play your part in the great Tal'Dorei project. Prepare your weapons, prepare your magic, the Tal'Dorei world awaits.


The Release section opens up a world of endless possibilities for fans of the Critical Role universe. For the first time, the vibrant cities, treacherous dungeons and imaginative creatures inhabiting the Tal'Dorei continent are vivid details. These environments provide game designers and players with a complex insight into the rich cultures, complex political landscapes, important historical events, and diverse regional features that shape this vast land.
The ability to create your own epic story in the realm where Vox Machina's legendary exploits took place makes for an unprecedented Dungeons & Dragons experience. Every page is an open invitation to take part in exciting adventures across the vast and varied terrain of Tal'Dorei, from the rugged mountain meadows of Cliffkeep to the mysterious darkness of Ank'Harel's Silken Terrace. Whether you're a seasoned player looking for an immersive new world, or a newer world looking for an enchanting story interpreted by the stars of Critical Role, the Tal'Dorei campaign setting gives you the tools you need to bring the universe to life for you. table Explore, invent, and create new stories of heroism and roguery in the world of Exandria, where exploration is endless, danger lurks around every corner, and the greatness of the Tal'Dorei reigns supreme.


Since its publication, Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting has received critical acclaim from the passionate Critical Role community and the wider Dungeons & Dragons fan base. It's a chance to delve deeper into Matthew Mercer's exceptional world-building and complex story, bringing fans back to their beloved setting of Exandria, which has drawn much praise. This guide has proven incredibly useful for players and Dungeon Masters alike due to its extensive content, ranging from detailed setting stories to new subclasses.
Critics have praised the book's well-constructed layout, making it appealing to new players and veteran players looking for depth. Particularly popular were the carefully crafted pantheon and the unique resonant brick rules, which allowed users to experience the thrill of interacting directly with familiar elements of the show. However, the reception was not without criticism. While the book does its best not to alienate those unfamiliar with the critical role, some found the level of detail in the series' canon overwhelming.
Either way, the Tal'Dorei campaign setting invites D&D fans into a rich universe and serves as a fascinating reminder of the series and a functional guide to the game. As a manifestation of Mercer's storytelling skills, it remains a go-to resource for Critical Role fans and anyone looking to expand their D&D campaign settings.

Cultural impact

Tal'Dorei's campaign setting resonated well beyond its original audience and influenced several areas of popular culture, with many highlighting its compelling story and excellent world-building as a new foundation in role-playing.
The book has become an essential guide not only for fans of the Critical Role online series, but also for any player or Dungeon Master (DM) who craves depth and intrigue in their games. Its richness has fueled new creative concepts and helped people create campaigns that provide immersive experiences for players.
Through a concise narrative of a critical role, Tal'Dorei exemplified how to spark players' imaginations. With powerful storytelling and multi-dimensional character arcs, it reminded the community of the power of D&D as a storytelling medium. This effect reached a wider audience and led to a renewed interest in tabletop roles. Traditional fantasy stereotypes were persistently subverted, adding another layer of sophistication that made the book a popular cultural phenomenon.
Its appeal was also enhanced by the book's birth from a live streaming campaign. Real-time twists and turns of triumph and tragedy epitomized the unpredictable joys of D&D. Players can imagine themselves in the same painful situations and face real ethical dilemmas. This led to the emergence of fandoms that mirrored the loyalties of sports or television fandoms. Finally, the book was distinguished by its collaborative spirit of critical role, which increased its cultural impact. It allowed players to use their creativity and made it clear that imaginative teamwork can lead to memorable moments; a message that undoubtedly inspired many games around the world. Amidst the fascinating landscapes and complex traditions of the Tal'Dorei, the fervent community discovered the core of their shared passion. And so the influence of the book expands, shaping stories and igniting the imaginations of players now, and indeed for generations to come.