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Critical Role

General Info

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GenresSci-Fi & Fantasy
TaglineIs It Thursday Yet?
StarringMatthew Mercer, Laura Bailey, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Sam Riegel, Ashley Johnson, Liam O'Brien, Travis Willingham
Release Date2015-03-12
Running Time180
TV Series NameCritical Role
Content Rating8.1
Distributed ByYouTube, Twitch
Original TitleCritical Role
Country of OriginUS
Number of Seasons3
Number of Episodes322
World Premiere Date2015-03-12
Production Company NameGeek & Sundry, Critical Role Productions
Production Company Website URLhttps://critrole.com
Critical Role is a fascinating phenomenon that has turned the once niche tabletop RPG pastime into a popular cultural mainstay. Fueled by rich stories and compelling characters voiced by a team of acclaimed voice actors including Matthew Mercer, Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham, the series showcases the dynamic energy of the cast as they immerse themselves in their roles. Each episode is an immersive journey into a fantasy world full of emotion, action and heart. The series unfolds organically, with storylines and storylines shaped by the roll of the dice. From high-profile fights to heartwarming character moments, Critical Role keeps the audience hooked episode after episode. Rather than your typical TV show, it's more of a shared storytelling experience, bringing the art of Dungeons & Dragons to life and bringing it into the digital age with style and substance.



"Critical Role" is a fascinating phenomenon that creatively combines storytelling, voice acting and traditional role-playing in a vibrant and passionate performance watched by millions. This fascinating universe comes to life when a group of talented voice actors gather around the table to create their own game of Dungeons & Dragons.
Hosted by renowned dungeon master Matthew Mercer, each episode invites viewers to take part in a brilliant display of imagination and humor as he leads the other seven voice actors on immersive adventures filled with danger, drama and plenty of dice.
Set in the enchanting world of Exandria, the series is character-driven, with unique personalities such as the tough barbarian Grog Strongjaw, the mysteriously powerful sorceress Keyleth, and the cunning gunslinger Percival Frederickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III. Each character's story is expertly woven into the overall story, making the audience more than just a spectator, but a part of this breathtaking journey. Critical Role's immersive experience is undeniably transformative, capturing the essence of what makes RPGs so beloved: the freedom to create, fantasize, and explore limitless possibilities. This TV series really takes the art of storytelling to a whole new level.


Critical Role is a unique blend of fantasy theater and improvisation, revolving around a group of professional voice actors who dive headlong into the immersive Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The story takes place in the land of Exandria, a world full of magic, mystery, and an abundance of lovable characters.
In the first campaign, the story follows a group called Vox Machina, made up of various races and generous families, who thrive in the midst of danger and power. The story explores their joint efforts as they try to thwart the rebirth of the Chroma Conclave, a horrifying dragon chaos, as well as their struggle to rebuild their reputation and the world after the devastating devastation caused by the dragons.
When viewers move on to the second campaign, they are introduced to The Mighty Nein. With different personalities and stories, The Mighty Nein travels across the continent of Wildemount. Their adventures involve political strife, personal vendettas, and divine encounters, all while dealing with the growing tension of a possible war between the Dvendalian Empire and the Kryni Dynasty.
In each episode of Critical Role, the group faces a series of moral dilemmas, engages in thrilling battles with mythical creatures, and forms unlikely alliances to achieve their goals. Seasoned and shaped by the actions of the characters, both campaigns offer an enticing and unpredictable story. Dungeon Master masterfully reinvents a world with a rich history, fascinating NPCs, and complex storylines inspired by well-known fantasy tropes and ideologies. From humble beginnings to epic confrontations, every detail and decision in Critical Role contributes to the unfolding story. With ups and downs, laughter and tears, the story features a complex mix of RPG, strategy, luck and camaraderie. The TV series has an enigmatic plot, reigning friendship, and boundless adventures that provide an immersive appeal to viewers and players alike.


The production process of Critical Role is a perfect combination of creativity, technical skill and a deep passion for storytelling. When the series first began, it was a humble enterprise with hand-built sets and minimal equipment. Since then, the quality of the production has greatly improved with luxurious stage sets, state-of-the-art sound and lighting technologies that provide an immersive viewing experience.
The actors, all professional voice actors, bring their characters to life using effective improvisational techniques and thoughtful character development. Because it's filmed live, the cast has to think quickly, making each episode a unique display of talent and spontaneity. At the heart of the show remains a commitment to authentic Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, creating an enchanting experience for both fans of the game and newcomers to the genre.
The series is also supported by a comprehensive production team, with innovative directors and producers working behind the scenes to bring the amazing world of Exandria to the small screen. The team is responsible for the high-quality editing, sound effects and music that have made Critical Role such a successful brand. Each episode is expertly edited to maintain the pace and tension of the game, while incorporating fascinating story arcs and character moments.
In the ever-changing landscape of digital content, Critical Role continues to push the boundaries of quality and innovation in production. By honoring the beloved game Dungeons & Dragons and harnessing the potential of a LIVE RPG story, Critical Role successfully serves the game's passionate fans and introduces a new audience to the genre.


Launch is an important element in the journey of the Critical Role series. It started as just a weekly show on Twitch and has become a must-watch with a huge fan base around the world. Critical Role started its epic journey in 2015. battle with a group of voice actors who shared their love of RPGs.
in 2019 February. the producers launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a special animated film based on the plot of their first campaign. The overwhelming support quickly turned it into a season-long production called The Legend of Vox Machina. Who knew that what started on the digital platform Twitch would turn into an animated series based on Amazon Prime Video? The first two episodes aired in 2022. in January, which is an important milestone. Now with their second campaign, The Mighty Nein, the creators are looking to expand further into the world of visual storytelling. Critical Role is an example of how passionate storytelling and community support can fuel a respected transition from board games to mainstream media.


Critical Role received overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The fusion of humor, strategy, and palpable camaraderie shared by the cast elevates the show beyond just the Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The depth and intertwining stories of each character is a testament to their long-standing friendship, as is their innate storytelling skills. Audience praise often centers on the incredible character development, story depth, and team chemistry seen in each episode.
Fans of the series often attract and encourage newcomers to dive into the world of Exandria because of the creative vision and authenticity the series portrays. But it's not just the fans who appreciate the show. The media also praised the show's mastery of storytelling, immersive world-building, as well as the memorable characterizations brought to life by each member of the cast. Critics have often noted the vivid embodiment of participatory subculture, while noting the often misunderstood world of role-playing games aimed at mainstream audiences.
Additionally, Critical Role's success has spawned spin-off companies, merchandise, a Kickstarter-funded animated series, and a devoted global fan base known as the Critters. This reception further increased the show's reach and cemented its role as a force that showcases the depth, emotion, and sheer fun of RPGs.

Cultural impact

"Critical Role" has had a transformative impact on the landscape of popular culture today, especially in the field of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). His influence extends beyond the gaming community to a wider audience through his infusion of storytelling, friendship and creativity.
The show highlighted the potential of TTRPGs, primarily Dungeons & Dragons, not only as a game, but also as a vehicle for narrative exploration and character development. This led to a rise in the popularity of such games, removing them from the fringes of the geek subculture and introducing them to a wider audience. This influence effect has been demonstrated by the growth in sales of TTRPG merchandise and the growth in the number of Dungeons and Dragons players worldwide. In addition, "Critical Role" fostered a unique sense of community among viewers. It has created a communal experience that transcends geographic boundaries, allowing people from different parts of the world to come together for their shared love of shows and TTRPGs.
The success of "Critical Role" has led to a proliferation of similar shows that combine role-playing with acting. It fundamentally shaped a new genre of entertainment, changing the perception of the possibilities and potential of such games. In addition, the show's philanthropic efforts demonstrated the influence of popular culture in addressing social issues.
Overall, Critical Role's cultural impact has been multifaceted, influencing both the TTRPG atmosphere and the wider canvas of popular culture.