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General Info

Grog logo
Job TitleBarbarian
Birth PlaceWestruun
Knows aboutStrength, Intimidation, Ale Drinking, Axe Wielding
Alternate NameGrog
Character NameGrog Strongjaw
Member of OrganizationVox Machina
Originally a member of the brutal Goliath tribe, Grog Strongjaw is known for his incredible strength and prowess in combat. Tough and unrelenting, this Berserker-class figure from the Path of the Barbarians embodies brute force, with a strength rating of an almost unbeatable 24 points. But Grog is also known for his low-key intelligence, balancing heartwarming wit and childlike innocence at a party. Grog's loyalty to his fellow Vox Machina runs deep and unwavering, and he thrives on the camaraderie of battle. Fortunately, his seemingly invincible forces are often guided by the wiser members of the group, as he himself is not naturally tactically astute. But intimidatingly large and deceptively fast for his size, Grog is often underestimated by opponents and a big threat. Grog Strongjaw, marked by his iconic catchphrase "I'd like to be angry," remains the universe's favorite for a critical role.


Grog Strongjaw is a compelling character in the role-playing world. Known as a fierce barbarian goliath, he grew up amidst his tribe's brutality and fiercely competitive culture. His great strength and courage are unquestionable, but Grog's lack of intelligence often leads to comical and often dangerous situations.
Born in the harsh environment of Emberhold, Grog learned the art of survival from an early age. His natural physical prowess played a vital role in his survival and ultimately elevated his status within the tribe. However, his simplistic nature and lack of strategic thinking often made him the butt of cruel jokes.
Her life takes a dramatic turn when she forms an unlikely friendship with Pike, a rogue cleric. This friendship led him to question his tribe's violent ways, which led to his exile. Despite the difficulties, it turned out to be a blessing, as it helped Grog meet Vox Machina and become a part of something more important and extraordinary.
Despite his sophisticated exterior, Grog has a heart of gold. He is kind by nature and very loyal to his friends at Vox Machina. He will do anything, no matter how reckless, to protect and support them. His brave heart, boundless courage, and unparalleled strength make Grog a character that fans can definitely look to for a critical role in the universe.


Grog Strongjaw is a hero of unbreakable strength and an insatiable appetite for all areas of life, whether it be the heat of battle, the thrill of victory, or the camaraderie of friendship. Born into nomadic herds in the rugged, frozen terrain of the Cliffkeep Mountains, Grog learned resilience and survival as his first lessons.
His life took an unexpected turn when, on a routine hunting trip, he exposed his flock to danger by openly opposing a dramatically superior enemy, a fate that almost cost him his life had not the benevolent cleric Pike intervened. . carved foot. Unconscious and exiled from his tribe, Grog formed an unlikely alliance with Pike, and the two made their way to civilization.
The streets of Emon introduced Grog to Vox Machina, a group whose fierce loyalty and undying camaraderie were a stark contrast to the dog-eat-dog philosophy of its own people. From them, Grog discovered extraordinary courage, unwavering loyalty, and most importantly, the incredible benefits of lifting heavy objects. With unmatched strength and determined bravado in combat, Grog is unrivaled when it comes to dealing damage and hitting, a true front line in any battle.
He doesn't shy away from help, with the god-enchanted Titanstone Knuckles and the infamous Dwarf Thrower tearing apart their foes with an incredibly pleasurable ecstasy with a brutal intensity that's as terrifying as it is admirable. With a yearning for anarchy, a beating heart for friendship, and a fighting style that's anything but subtle, Grog gives Vox Machina a unique flavor that embodies the pure essence of doing anything with complete fearlessness and spectacular tension.

Creation and Development

Grog Strongjaw, an indomitable colossal barbarian, was created as a character by Travis Willingham for an epic critical role campaign. Grog's origins stemmed from Travis' desire to play a fiercely combat-oriented and decidedly naïve character, providing a fresh contrast to the typically complex, strategy-driven characters found in the D&D world.
Travis loosely based Grog on a reimagined version of The Incredible Hulk, using the Barbarian's Fury mechanic to create the Hulk Smash! to imitate concept. This creates a character with a fun cerebral mix that further enhances the Vox Machina group dynamic.
In the early stages of Grog's creation, Travis chose the Berserker path for Grog, leaving him hungry for a raging, visceral fight. This decision, combined with a minimal IQ score, often put Grog - and by extension Vox Machina - in ridiculously precarious situations, much to the amusement of the players and the audience.
In creating Grog, it was very important to Travis not only to have fun and laughs, but also to show depth and substantial character growth. Over time, Grog has had many opportunities to improve, whether it was for a friend, controlling his actions, or dealing with the consequences of his past.
Overall, Grog's creation story lies in his evolution from a simple mechanical construct to a dynamic, lovable and much-loved character. It's a testament to the magic of D&D and the sheer skill of the players in creating characters. Through Grog, Travis demonstrated that even the simplest character can reach unprecedented depths, embodying a wide range of morals, emotions and experiences.

Character Profile

Grog Strongjaw, the Goliath Barbarian, is truly the epitome of strength and brutality in the Critical Role universe. Born into a flock of stormtroopers, Grog quickly learned the harsh realities of life. After standing up to the cruel commander for his humble patron, he was brutally beaten and exiled, an event that has since defined his life.
Despite his incredible physique and impassive appearance, Grog adores his friends and will do anything to protect them. His commendable loyalty stems from his philosophy and he never backs down from a fight. This often put him in danger, showing his courage and willingness to take risks for those he loves.
Grog's presence on the battlefield is huge. With the ability to rage, he can unleash devastating attacks, channeling pain and injury. His intelligence may not be his strength, but that doesn't diminish the sharpness of his instincts or tactical choices.
Grog admires the acquisition of magical items, regardless of their personal use. This has resulted in a coin with an insatiable appetite for powerful items, a feature that adds an interesting twist to its otherwise simple nature.
His roar of "I'm angry" echoes through each of his fights, capturing the essence of this unparalleled warrior. Grog Strongjaw may be tough, but his unwavering determination, phenomenal strength and unwavering loyalty make him an unforgettable part of the Critical Role ensemble.

Story Arc

The gigantic barbarian Grog Strongjaw is a beloved member of the group known as Vox Machina in the Critical Role universe. His storyline is extraordinary and engrossing, reflecting his brave spirit, unbreakable camaraderie and relentless fighting skills.
Grog grew up in the Storm Herd, a community that valued brute strength and survival. However, after rebelling against his uncle Kevdak for killing his father, Grog was almost beaten to death and banished from the pack. Grog was left to die in the wild and was found by another outcast: Pike, a cocky cleric who nursed the battered barbarian and formed a friendship that would last a lifetime. The adventurous Grog's strength and resilience have consistently been crucial to Vox Machina's survival. Grog's bravery knew no bounds, from fighting the Watchers in the Dark to facing the brutal dragons of the Chroma Conclave. His ability to adapt to changing circumstances, as evidenced by his successful combination of the magic-infused Titanstone Knuckles and Kas's infamous sword, added strategic depth to his raw power.
More than once, Grog's indomitable spirit was essential in Vox Machina's darkest moments. When Vax'ildan sacrificed himself to the Raven Queen, it was Grog who took it upon himself to break the silence and unite the group to continue their quest despite their heartbreak. But Grog's journey was not all battles and defeats. It had moments of warmth and comic relief that contrasted with its violent nature. His constant fascination with beer, his misguided but entertaining attempts at reading, and his loyal love for Pike all helped create a rich, multi-faceted character.
In conclusion, Grog's plot illustrates the true essence of the barbarian hero: unwavering strength, a desire to protect those close to him, and, despite his usual lack of intelligence, an uncanny knack for rallying his countrymen when they need it most. . It captures the essence of Critical Role's themes: unity in diversity, unbreakable friendship, and courage in the face of insurmountable odds.

Cultural Impact

As a Critical Role character, Grog made a significant cultural impact, resonating with audiences for his deep, loyal and extraordinary personality. His deep connection with other characters in the show, like Pike and Scanlan, and his unwavering devotion to Vox Machina, despite his gruff exterior, is endearing and memorable. His self-sacrifice and love for his comrades are symbols of his depth, emphasizing how strength is not limited to the physical.
Drawn from the depths of Mercer's imagination, Grog captures the spirit of the D&D barbarian archetype: raw, unstoppable force. But he imbues this archetype with a charm and charisma that amazes the public, making him more recognizable. Additionally, Grog's catchphrases such as "I wish I was furious" have become synonymous with the role, gaining traction within the community and beyond. His antics and unique approach to challenges have added humor and unpredictability to the show, creating fan-generated content such as art, memes and cosplay.
Grog's cultural influence also extends beyond the Critical Role community. His character has been referenced in other forms of media and popular culture, highlighting his impact and critical role in mainstream RPG culture. At its core, Grog epitomizes the enhanced storytelling and character development that a tabletop RPG can achieve.


Grog, the towering Barbarian Goliath, is best known for his strength and unwavering loyalty to his fellow Vox Machina adventurers. Hailing from a tribe that valued brute strength over intelligence, Grog's legacy is not reasoning or sophisticated technique, but rather an almost primal instinct to survive and dominate.
Grog's legacy can be seen in his thunderous entrance into each encounter, his thunderous battle cries as he destroys his opponents with his mighty Warhammer. His physical prowess won him great fame, and despite his limited intellectual abilities, his heroic deeds and unwavering loyalty made him a glorious hero.
But Grog's legacy goes beyond battle. His simple curiosity inspires a unique form of wisdom, showing an innocent understanding of the world that is often hidden in the subtleties of strategic battles and political intrigue. His camaraderie with Vox Machina and his undying respect for Pike, a cocky cleric, show an incredibly kind and thoughtful side to this formidable warrior. Ultimately, Grog's legacy is a combination of fearless strength, loyal friendship, and a heart far greater than his intellect suggests.