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General Info

Vax'ildan logo
Job TitleRogue, Druid
Birth PlaceSyngorn
Knows aboutThieves' Cant, Druidic, Thievery, Trap disarming
Alternate NameVax
Character NameVax'ildan
Member of OrganizationVox Machina
Often referred to as "Vax", Vax'ildan is a main character in the Critical Role universe. Half-elven villain and later champion of the Raven Queen, Vax has a multi-faceted personality characterized by unwavering loyalty, deep-seated insecurities, and an unwavering dedication to doing good for those close to him. As Vex'ahlia's twin brother, his relationship with her is integral to his character development throughout the series. Despite grappling with existential issues relentlessly, Vax acts as Vox Machina's moral anchor, often springing to life in moments of dire crisis. His unexpected romance with Keyleth, the intended leader of the Air Ashari, adds another layer of complexity to his character. His death and eventual transformation into a vow of vengeance plays a major role in holding the team back after defeating Vecna. Vax'ildan's tragic yet selfless journey represents the essence of heroism in Critical Role.


Vax'ildan, often affectionately referred to as Vax, is one of the most influential characters in the Critical Role universe. As an evil half-elf and half of the twins in the fantastical adventure company Vox Machina, Vax'ildan is a central figure in many of the beloved series' storylines and emotional moments.
His background is as complicated as his personality: shaped in large part by a troubled childhood where he and his twin sister Vex'ahlia were forced to rely on their cunning and skill to survive the harsh realities of their lives. As a result, Vaks developed a strong sense of justice and protection, especially towards those close to him.
Her journey through the role is the subject of complex relationships, inner turmoil and personal growth. Vax is known not only for his stealth and offensive power, but also for his moments of introspection. Vax's development reflects the series' inherent emotional depth and versatility.
Enter the world of Vax'ildan and experience a character arc filled with heart-wrenching sacrifice, self-discovery, and enchanting love. His story is sure to touch your heart and remind you of the power of connections and the power of perseverance. From skilled villain to champion of the Raven Queen, Vax'ildan's story is one of unflinching courage, selfless love, and unforgettable heroism.


Vax'ildan, often referred to as Vaks, is a complex character from the rich fantasy world of Critical Role, played by actor Liam O'Brien. Born a half-elf with his twin sister Vex'ahlia, Vax grew up in the morally bleak city of Singorn. Their father's contempt for them due to their half-blood status and the loss of their mother at a young age resulted in the siblings forming a much stronger bond than is usually seen, even between twins.
Vox, a veteran villain and member of a group of adventurers known as Vox Machina, is a study in opposites. Although he is adept at deception and capable of deadly concealment, his heart is filled with kindness, compassion, and a deep sense of justice. Vax's character is further complicated by his multiple classifications as a paladin of the Raven Queen, challenging his former addiction to secrecy and deception with a newfound sense of duty and self-sacrifice.
Vaxo's character alignment in D&D can best be described as Chaotic Goodness. He is a free spirit, refusing to be bound by concepts such as laws or social norms, always preferring the right thing regardless of the possible consequences. His natural agility and refined skills make him a formidable opponent in battle.
Her relationships are a big part of her story, especially her unique bond with her twin sister, her complicated romance with the druid Keyleth, and her deep platonic friendship with the dwarf-like bard Scanlan. As a key figure in the defeat of Chroma's conclave and Vecna, Vax left a deep and lasting impact not only on his fellow adventurer Vox Machina, but also on the wider world of Exandria. Regardless of his eventual fate, Vax's legacy is unmistakable, and his story is a testament to the complexities, challenges, and rewards that life can offer in the world of role-playing.

Creation and Development

Vax'ildan, also known as Vax, is a deep and complex character who has undergone significant development and development in the Critical Role universe. Liam O'Brien, the voice actor of Vax'ildan, intricately designed and created it for the show.
Initially, Vax was portrayed as a villain full of skepticism and showing limited trust in those around him. He constantly protected his twin brother Vex'ahlia. From his troubled family past to his relationship with the Raven Queen, the depth of Vax's resilience and ability to sacrifice has been explored time and time again. Wax's relationship with the mysterious being, the Raven Queen, greatly influenced her development. After making a promise to her, he went from being a simple villain to a thief/paladin. This duality of roles reflected his personality, and he struggled with new commitments and the resulting conflict. Despite the struggle, O'Brien's portrayal of Vax showed that it is possible to embrace change and redefine identities over time.
Additionally, Vax's romantic relationships, particularly with the druid Keyleth, added another dimension to his development. Through their interaction, Vax found a source of joy and love, and their romance proved to be a symbol of hope in the face of great adversity.
A pivotal moment in Vax's development was his death and subsequent resurrection as the reanimated. This dramatic stage in her journey symbolized not only a physical transformation, but also a change in her worldview.
Ultimately, Vax's development is a testament to how thoroughly a character can evolve, dealing with loss, love, faith, and ultimately acceptance. This intimate depiction of the character's journey made Vax'ildan not just a character in the game, but an experience that left a lasting impression on viewers.

Character Profile

Vax'ildan, also known as "Vax", is one of the fascinating characters in the fascinating universe of Critical Role. Hailing from the mysterious city of Singorn, Vax is a vile half-elf and druid known for his stealth and agility. He begins his story as a villain, but after meeting the Raven Queen, he is drawn to his destiny as a champion of death, taking on the mantle of paladin.
Vax shares a deep bond with his twin sister, Vex'ahlia. Both embody the spirit of adventure, yet balance each other well. While Vax'ildan is thoughtful and observant, Vex is bold and impulsive. Their shared history is an essential part of their identity, and the essence of their connection transcends their individual experiences.
Vax's relationship with Keyleth, an air tear druid, is also a crucial aspect of her character arc. He is fiercely protective of her, and their bond strengthens her character. Vax'ildan's humility and loyalty to his comrades make him a beloved member of Vox Machina. Despite his mischievous appearance, Vax'ildan's transformation in the series highlights his struggle with valor and purpose. This inner conflict is epitomized by an unexpected divine connection with the Raven Queen, making him a beacon of change and sacrifice.
His weapons of choice are throwing knives and a short sharp sword. His iconic Displacement Cloak helps him carry out stealth missions, making him an indispensable asset to Vox Machina missions. Vax'ildan's journey is a testament to the unpredictability of fate and the strength to embrace change, no matter how daunting the path may seem.

Story Arc

In the turbulent kingdom of Exandria, the story of Vax'ildan plays a major role in the amazing story of the brave adventurers known as Vox Machina. Vax, as he is commonly known, plays a vital role in various stages of the group's missions.
In the early stages of their chronicle, Vax's twin bond with his sister Vex'ahlia manifests as a protective but complex relationship that partially shapes his motivations. This compelling but sometimes conflicted sibling bond provides much of the emotional context for Vax's initial adventurous decisions.
Vax'ildan's character arc gets even deeper after she becomes the champion of the Raven Queen. A complex web of fate and sacrifice, this arc highlights Vax's confusion with his new assignment and its grim consequences. Looking at mortality on a much more personal level, her struggle to accept it marks some truly poignant moments in the plot.
Her romantic relationship with the druid Keyleth adds another layer of complexity to her character. Wax's love for Keyleth, their subsequent relationship, and whatever trials they face infuse the story with moments of passion, heartbreak, and redemption.
The tragic climax of Vax'ildan's plot leaves an unforgettable impression and sets further events in motion. Vax sacrificed his life to protect those he loved and in the purest example of heroism. This pivotal moment not only underscores the seriousness of their research, but also highlights the deep bonds that unite the members of Vox Machina.
Comprehensive stories of love, fate, sacrifice, and sibling bonds shape Vax'ildan's dynamic character development and provide the most compelling narratives in the world of the pivotal role.

Cultural Impact

Vax'ildan's cultural impact can be seen far beyond the Critical Role universe. As a bisexual character in a fantasy series, she is a step forward in the genre's representation of diversity. His complicated experiences and relationships define the complexities of his identity and set a precedent for nuanced portrayals of LGBTQ+ characters.
Vax's compelling story captured the hearts of a large audience; her journey from rogue thief to champion raven queen has resonated with fans, generated much discussion and fan art. His character transcends typical fantasy clichés and delves into questions of faith, destiny, and sacrifice. Vax'ildan's influence is not only his personality, but also his relationships with others. The dynamic between Vax, his sister Vex'ahlia, and his love interest, Gilmore, was a highlight of the themed conversations. This allows for a deep and honest exploration of different relationships, adding a strong layer of immersion to these fantastical stories.
Vax'ildan's cultural impact is therefore multifaceted. It enhanced the portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships, brought a powerful story to their development, and created the connection of the most real relationships. Vax'ildan is a symbol of the progressive and inclusive spirit embodied in the Critical Role universe.


Farewell to Vax'ildan ensured his legacy as a symbol of sacrifice and love, and left an indelible impression on the members of Vox Machina. After being chosen as the champion of the Raven Queen, Vax embraced his new destiny and used it as another weapon in his arsenal. His courage and acceptance of fate inspired and shocked his friends. The love he had for his sister Vex'ahlia and his romantic interest in Keyleth were equally deep, forming a bond that transcended even death. Her influence remains with them: her sister continues to carry her memory, and Keyleth uses the lessons of their relationship to guide the Air Ashari. The echoes of his laughter, the flashes of his daggers, and the whispered words of a silent prayer remain poignant reminders of an evil half-elf who gave his all for those he cared about. It remains as a testament to Vax'ildan's legacy, forever etched in the hearts of those he touched.