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General Info

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Job TitleHeadmaster of the Air Ashari
Birth PlaceZephrah
Knows aboutDruidcraft and Elemental magic
Alternate NameKeyleth of the Air Ashari
Character NameKeyleth
Member of OrganizationVox Machina
Keyleth is a fascinating character from the Critical Role universe. He is a member of the Air Ashari tribe, with a unique combination of elven and human traits, and a heart full of kindness and courage. As a druid, he has a deep connection with nature and can harness its power through his spells. Her shape-shifting and healing abilities make her a vital member of the Vox Machina team. Despite her immense power, Keyleth struggles with doubts about her destiny as the future leader of the tribe, making her character more vulnerable and deeper. Her growth and development throughout the series is as fascinating as her magical abilities, making Keyleth a character worth remembering.


A beloved character from the Critical Role universe, Keyleth is a chameleon of emotion, strength, and wisdom. Hailing from the Nation of Tears, he embarks on a challenging journey to Aramenté to prove his worth as the next Headmaster. Keyleth is not only a druid of the Air Ashari tribe, but also a charismatic leader with the knowledge of his ancestors and the wisdom of the natural world.
Although not physically impressive, her relationship with the tangible and intangible elements makes her powerful in battle. Her unique abilities allow her to shapeshift and control nature, as well as magical and divine powers, serving as a resilient sorceress against her opponents. Interestingly, there is more to Keyleth than just her powerful druid abilities. She embodies the mind of a vulnerable, selfless and often naive young woman. His emotional journey is as compelling as his physical exploits: dealing with heartache, responsibility, and a complex moral circle.
However, it's worth noting that Keyleth isn't without its flaws. Her naivety often leads her into dilemmas that endanger her and her fellow Vox Machina. However, she does show her growth from an innocent young druid to a compassionate leader.
As she continues her journey, she learns the bitter pill of survival, leadership and sacrifice, and grows into a confident and independent woman. Keyleth's experience captures the fascinating reality of life, making her one of the most recognizable characters in critical roles in the universe.


Keyleth of the Air Ashari is a charming hero with a humble soul and powerful druidic powers, making her an integral part of Vox Machina's Critical Role universe. He carries the legacy of his tribe's leader, and his journey is as much about personal growth as it is about leadership.
Born to Korrin, leader of the Air Ashari, Keyleth inherited power, greatness, and destiny from a tribe she did not choose. Fierce in her duties, she embarked on the challenging journey of Arament, traveling through the various elemental realms to prove herself worthy of the new leader.
Keyleth is not your typical heroine; she is pleasantly awkward, prone to anxiety attacks and self-doubt. His political inexperience was evident, often speaking with emotion and honesty rather than a trained facade. But her great empathy and sincere heart set her apart, turning enemies into allies, proving that her greatest strength lies in her character, not just her magical abilities.
Beneath the clumsy social skills is a skilled druid. Trained by the elders of her tribe, she gained the ability to control the elements, shapeshift, and summon mystical entities. In particular, he turned the tide of many battles by casting spells that healed allies, hindered enemies, and sometimes completely destroyed them. Keyleth's development from a naive girl to a fascinating leader shows her resilience, courage and compassion. His journey is a testament to his strength and proves that a person can be powerful and still retain their goodness and use it to inspire others.
Keyleth will forever remain a symbol of hope and renewal in the universe of important roles, a beacon of strength for good and strength of heart.

Creation and Development

One of the key figures in the Critical Role universe, Keyleth was created and developed by actress and voice actress Marisha Ray. Best known for her work with the camera, Ray brings an extraordinary depth to Keyleth that resonates deeply with fans of the Dungeons & Dragons web series. Ray blurred the lines between himself and Keyleth's personality, imprinting a powerful and recognizable personality on the Druids of Air Ashari.
The embodiment of a fresh, carefree nature spirit, Keyleth was conceived as the main beacon on the group's journey. With her great strength and complex personality, Keyleth symbolizes the deep duality of nature: its peace and violence. Ray talked about how he wanted to portray Keyleth's struggle with her overwhelming responsibilities, showing a character who is often insecure and overwhelmed by the magnitude of her power.
When creating the character of Keyleth, Marisha Ray actively incorporated her own experiences and emotions. Stories of self-doubt and personal growth are deeply rooted in Ray's personal experiences, giving Keyleth a layer of authenticity that resonates with her audience. This depth of character is often reflected in the story as Keyleth struggles with things like leadership and communication parallel to Ray's journey.
Part of Keyleth's appeal lies in her development over the course of the series. As a character, Keyleth goes from a naive girl uncomfortable with her power to a confident leader who can use her gifts to protect her friends and people. This impressive growth curve is a testament to Marisha Ray's tireless efforts to create a dynamic, multi-dimensional character. Keyleth's evolution shows Ray's growth as an actress and clearly reflects how her experiences have shaped both the character and her performances.
When creating Keyleth, Ray's main goal was to create a character that the audience could identify with. With her insecurities, strength and compassion, Keyleth invites the audience to put herself in her shoes, understand her dilemmas and fight for victories. In doing so, Ray was able to create a character that was not only an extension of herself, but also a shared experience with her viewers, ultimately leading to Keyleth becoming an iconic figure in the Critical Role universe.

Character Profile

Keyleth, a royal line of the Air Ashari people, is a great character and a powerful druid on a mission for his people. He is one of the most compassionate members of Vox Machina, with a deep knowledge of the natural world and an aversion to violence.
Armed with a staff and innate magical abilities, Keyleth is an invaluable asset to any challenge. From elemental abilities that allow her to shapeshift and harness the forces of nature, to divine druid magic that allows her to heal the wounded, she brings a unique combination of versatility and support.
Keyleth's ability to transform into different animals adds another tactical advantage to the team. Whether it's an eagle soaring through the air or a bear tearing up opponents on the ground, shapeshifting is vital in both combat and non-combat situations.
Despite her magical powers, Keyleth's naivety and social awkwardness often lead to hilarious situations. But beneath the surface, his personal journey to leadership is marked by self-doubt and anxieties about the responsibilities that come with his position as the royal heir.
His inner struggle between power and peace, leadership and friendship, reflects the turmoil of the natural world he rules. This tension weaves a deeper layer of complexity around her character, making Keyleth a very near and dear character in the Critical Role universe.

Story Arc

A member of the mighty Air Ashari and Voice of the Storm, Keyleth embarked on her Aramenté, a journey of trials to prove her ability and worth to lead her people. His story begins with joining the band Vox Machina. In the ever-changing dynamics of the group, Keyleth serves as a moral compass.
Naturally reserved and introspective, she struggles with the responsibility of her role. He carries the weight of his people's expectations, compounded by his own insecurities and fear of his immense powers. This conflict between duty and personal fear becomes the main point of his character growth.
Throughout her journey, she wrestles with the moral complexities of their missions, often questioning their actions and their consequences. When faced with great dangers or moral dilemmas, Keyleth often speaks of restraint and compassion. Even in situations where her voice is drowned out by the chaos of battle or the dominant personalities of the group, Keyleth remains steadfast in her convictions.
Key to Keyleth's character arc is the development of her relationship, particularly with Vax'ildan. Their relationship evolves from friendship to love, which acts as a stabilizing factor in Keyleth's life, providing confidence and easing loneliness.
The highlight of his journey is when he completes his Aramenté and overcomes his weaknesses and fear of leadership. After securing the title of Voice of the Storm, she returns to her home, but her journey doesn't end there. Instead, she brings her newfound powers to the front lines, eager to protect and lead her people.
Over the course of the series, Keyleth's character transforms from a socially awkward druid to a compassionate leader. Her storyline beautifully describes the process of personal growth and the painful but necessary journey of stepping into her shoes.

Cultural Impact

Keyleth, played by Marisha Ray, was a monumental figure in Vox Machina and the larger Critical Role universe. His role as the voice of Storm has reached a global audience, his struggles and triumphs have resonated with viewers and sparked much fan art, cosplay and debate.
As a symbol of wisdom and diplomacy, Keyleth influenced the standards of RPG players. His moral compass and conflict resolution efforts offset the typical battle-centric narrative, proving that D and I campaigns can also focus on negotiation and dialogue.
The development of Keyleth's character from a naive and sheltered druid to a strong, open and selfless leader created relatability, admiration and authenticity. She became a symbol of personal growth and mental health issues, which she dealt with extremely realistically and sensitively.
In addition to the gameplay aspects, Keyleth's portrayal as a strong woman respected for her intelligence and wisdom has greatly influenced the dynamics of the D&D roleplaying genre. Her story encourages female contestants to take on powerful roles and break free from the damsel-in-distress stereotype.
Additionally, Keyleth's connection to nature and her commitment to preserving life highlights environmental issues, reminding viewers of the important role they play in real-life ecological stewardship. Overall, the character of Keyleth has had a broad cultural impact, exploring a variety of themes and encouraging a richer experience of the critical role.


Hailing from the Air Ashari tribe, Keyleth created a unique legacy as she traveled through the Critical Role universe. In his Arament, he embarked on a journey through Exandria, revealing his endurance, wisdom, and courage. His amazing elemental abilities combined with his compassionate leadership marked the legacy of a true hero. The young half-elf's journey to Storm's Voice was not without its challenges, but Keyleth met each challenge with determination and humility. His long-term relationships with the other members of Vox Machina, especially his thrilling romance with Vax'ildan, add another poignant layer to his legacy. Keyleth's evolution from a socially awkward druid to a determined and courageous leader continues to inspire many. Her legacy highlights the power of vulnerability and unwavering kindness, offering powerful lessons for those searching for meaning and purpose. Keyleth's legacy of contributing to the defeat of Chroma and Vecna's conclave will always shine in the annals of Exandrian history.