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General Info

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Job TitleDemigod, Leader of Camp Half-Blood
Birth PlaceFictional Character - Exact Birthplace is unavailable
Knows aboutGreek Mythology, Quests, Monster Fighting
Alternate NamePerseus
Character NamePercy
Member of OrganizationCamp Half-Blood
Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rollo III, known to his friends as Percy, is Whitestone's troubled heir from the popular Critical Role series. In addition to being a high-ranking member of Vox Machina, an elite group of adventurers, Percy is also a master gunsmith who created the series' first firearms. His complex personality is rooted in an inner conflict compounded by the haunting memory of his family's betrayal and murder. These dark truths make him more than an aristocratic inventor, but a compelling character with depth and passion. Vengeful but driven by duty, Percy engages in an eternal struggle to reconcile his past with his responsibility to his people.


Percival "Percy" Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, better known as "Percy", is a lovable character from the popular web series Critical Role. He comes from the legendary line of the de Rolle family, the beloved rulers of the city of Whitestone. Gifted with high intelligence and an innate aristocratic nature, Percy reveals himself to be a sophisticated Vox Machina engineer, a condescending inventor capable of creating a variety of ingenious mechanisms.
Haunted by the ghost of his past, Percy projects a complex personality full of grief, revenge and intelligence. A past full of loss and destruction, in which his entire family was brutally murdered, fuels his desire for revenge and leads him down the path of justice. Affected by the spirit of Ortax, he becomes a sorcerer who goes about his business by obscuring his character. But with the inner struggle and disgust of the shadow demon, he emerges victorious and evolves to embody the true essence of the hero. His battles, both external and internal, make him not only a formidable fighter, but also a profound philosopher, cutting into the hearts of friends and foes alike.
He creates the powerful weapon of Bad News, a testament to his engineering prowess and a metaphor for its destructive potential. Percy is a symbol of resilience who, despite personal suffering, remains determined, fighting bravely and weathering the darkest storms. Gentleman at arms, enchanted wizard, ingenious inventor: Percy from the Critical Role universe is truly a character to be admired and remembered.


Percival "Percy" Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, better known as Percy, is a human gunslinger and member of the adventure group Vox Machina. Born into a royal family of the Dwendalian Empire, Percy's life is changed forever when his family is brutally taken from him by a deceitful and vengeful woman known as Anna Ripley.
Percy is best known for his incredibly sharp mind and resourceful nature. He created his first weapon after a mysterious being known as Orthax gave him knowledge in exchange for revenge. Percy's quest for revenge on those who wronged him led to his darkest moments, including a deal with Ortax. Despite this troubled history, Percy proves that he can be noble and altruistic, revealing a complex character who struggles with his inner demons.
As the last surviving member of his family, Percy carries their memory with him as a constant reminder of why he fights and the legacy he wants to create. Over time, he has grown into a charismatic leader and trusted ally, though his past still forms a large part of his motivation, often driving him through feelings of guilt and regret.
Devastated by the death of his family and fueled by a thirst for revenge, Percy has stepped into the role of vigilante and protector of the innocent. His struggles with darkness and redemption, combined with his brilliant scientific mind, make him a compelling character whose journey reflects his constant struggle to maintain humanity despite the suffering he experiences.

Creation and Development

Percival "Percy" Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, also known as Percy, is a wonderfully innovative character in the Critical Role universe, his development and creation encompassing complex layers of narrative and emotional complexity.
The character of Percy was born out of a tragic story. He is the sole survivor of the de Rollo family after the horrific events perpetrated by a gang called the Briarwoods. This plot point became the main foundation heralding his elevated journey from troubled nobleman to hero. This formed an ingrained desire for revenge and was the driving force behind his erudite journey as a craftsman. Perseverance is a key aspect of Percy's personality, along with his innate ability to turn his suffering into a catalyst for ingenious invention. This was demonstrated by the creation of his signature weapon, the Bad News, an invention driven by necessity and the fight against adversity. With each invention, he created a compelling narrative, providing the foundation for his character and storyline growth.
Balancing the tragedy and sophistication is Percy's whimsical humor and love of tea, both intrepidly British, traits that Taliesin Jaffe deliberately infused into the character. Jaffe honed these qualities and added elegance and a distinctive voice quality to bring Percy to life. Unlike other characters with magical abilities, Percy's reliance on magical intelligence enhanced his role as a testament to human resilience. Its creation represents a classic duel between science and magic.
As the story of Critical Role unfolds, Percy has evolved, illustrating the power of second chances and the path to redemption. The developers intricately weaved his progression, suggesting that it's never too late to change course and become a better version of yourself. It was this transformation that captivated the audience and made Percy an enduring character in Critical Role.

Character Profile

Percival "Percy" Frederickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III - or Percy as he is affectionately known - is a human gunslinger, the mastermind of Vox Machina. From his smoky gray hair to his steely exterior, Percy is a beacon of nobility on the surface, but inside he carries a heavy burden. Born into a noble de Rollo family, he was the only survivor when his family was brutally murdered. This tragedy was the driving force behind the creation of his first and deadliest weapon: The List, a six-chambered firearm ingeniously designed to inflict not only physical pain, but also emotional pain on his enemies.
Years after the tragedy, Percy's brilliance and refined manners masked intense pain and a constant battle with dark impulses. His propensity for violence, impersonal, contrasts with his politeness at court and shows the constant duality of his character. He revealed a penchant for tinkering and invention, resulting in Bad News, a terrifying and complex rifle that showcases his artistry with lethal technique.
As a member of Vox Machina, Percy's sharp intelligence and even sharper marksmanship helped defeat the many threats to Exandria. But his greatest struggle is an internal struggle: revenge against conscience, the duty of a nobleman against the guilt of a murderer. Percy is not just a hero. It is an exploration of the human condition, a testimony to the destructive and creative forces within us.

Story Arc

In the story of Percival "Percy" by Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolle III, or Percy, we explore a story that elegantly intertwines tragedy, revenge, and redemption.
Percy is from Whitestone, the last surviving member of the de Rolle family who was targeted and killed by the Briarwoods. A brutal and powerful couple seized power after nearly murdering his entire family and reducing the once-prosperous city to a grim shadow of its former glory. This tragedy fueled Percy's quest for revenge and turned him into a tortured inventor of destructive weapons.
Percy's story took a poignant turn as he confronted his past and led the group Vox Machina to free Whitestone from the Briarwoods. During these dramatic events, Percy was marked by Ortax, a shadowy demon who fueled Percy's vengeful desires and wanted to claim his soul. Percy's ongoing struggle between choosing revenge and justice, enhanced by ghostly influence, paints a morally complex and compelling plot.
But Percy's storyline involves more than confusion, it also involves growth. His relationship with Vox Machina evolves from a utilitarian arrangement to a true family bond. She becomes romantically involved with the gnome-like bard Scanlan and later marries the half-elven druid Vex'ahlia, highlighting her character traits that go beyond revenge and rage. In Percy's journey, he also struggles with his demons, literally and figuratively. His harrowing experience with Orthax ends in near-death when Percy manages to free himself from the shadow's grip. This was a turning point in Percy's character development; from a man driven solely by revenge to a man who has come to terms with his guilt and trauma.
Percy returned as the rightful ruler of Whitestone and dedicated himself to rebuilding, healing, and managing his home. While Percy's evolution throughout the story is still flawed and haunting, it reveals a compelling story of resilience, loyalty, mastery, leadership, and love. Percival de Rolle's storyline is a seminal study of a persecuted nobleman's descent into darkness and subsequent ascent to redemption.
This deep and multi-layered story, exploring a character affected and overcoming past traumas, captivates the audience from the start. In Percy's story, we see the character's journey of transformation and the power of friendship, love and resilience.

Cultural Impact

Percy's influence in the Critical Role universe transcends his individual storyline. As the troubled scion of the once-great de Rolle family, he embodies elements of both aristocratic sophistication and tortured genius. His invention of the firearm in the traditional medieval world symbolizes the seismic shift in technology and power that reverberates in the countryside behind Vox Machina.
Percy also has a direct influence on the Critical Role fanbase, living proof that owning your flaws and dealing with them can be the epitome of a reluctant hero. His battles of guilt and redemption resonate with those who struggle with similar struggles, and his ultimate choice to abandon the adventure reflects a maturity and self-sacrifice rarely seen in many RPGs.
The evolution of the character in the storyline is a testament to Taliesin Jaffe's talent in roles, making Percy a figure that represents the synergistic chemistry that makes Critical Role so endearing. His ability to embrace the unpredictability of a narrative that leads to compelling character development significantly increases the show's cultural footprint.


Percy, full name Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, is the driving force behind some of Whitestone's most influential advances. His work, with a mind for invention, ushered in a prosperous era in Whitestone. But Percy carries with him a legacy of pain and revenge. The Briarwoods' horrific actions resulted in the slaughter of his family, tarnishing his proud lineage. His quest for revenge almost led him down a dark path. But Percy's legacy is not all revenge and pain. It is also a story of redemption and growth. The support of his friends helped him realize that there is a way to deal with evil without getting lost. His resilience against any challenge reminds the people of Whitestone that it is possible to rise from the ashes. Above all, Percy's legacy is a testament to the power of friendship and the willingness to follow your own path in the face of adversity.