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La mujer del diablo

General Info

La mujer del diablo logo
StarringCarolina Miranda, José Ron, Adriana Louvier, Mónica Dionne, Alejandro Calva, Álex Perea, Sofía Lama, Jonathan Islas, José Pablo Minor, Ariana Saavedra
Release Date2022-07-21
Running Time60
TV Series NameLa mujer del diablo
Content Rating7.599
Distributed ByViX+
Original TitleLa mujer del diablo
Country of OriginMX
Number of Seasons3
Number of Episodes26
World Premiere Date2022-07-21
Production Company NameW Studios, TelevisaUnivision
Production Company Website URLhttps://vix.com/es-es/detail/series-3738
"La mujer del diablo" is a fascinating series that reveals the stormy journey of a woman caught in the clutches of the devil. The show offers an intriguing mix of suspense, drama and supernatural elements that can hook any viewer right from the start. As the story meanders through the alleys of dark secrets, the main character struggles with the dangers that arise, torn between her past and the terrifying specter of the devil. Will she be able to surrender to the menacing forces or prepare for the storm? Watch to find out about his journey. The series promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions, compelling mysteries and a plot that captivates curiosity at every turn. Intense performances and an impressive script add to the charm of the show. Get ready to dive into the creepy world of La mujer del diablo!



The TV series La mujer del Diablo is a fascinating character study and thriller revolving around the enigmatic and dangerous woman known only as Diablo's wife. Her beauty contrasts with her mortal nature, beckoning you before overwhelming you with numbing fear. She doesn't play by the rules in this fascinating web of deception, manipulation and dizzying power; she does them. Diablo's wife has a sophisticated taste for chaos as she weaves her way through high society, leaving a trail of fallen men in her wake.
Each episode draws you into a diabolical plan where the thrill of the chase is as enticing as the consequences. Diablo's wife has a list of victims, none of whom will find redemption or emerge unscathed. It has an allure that both fascinates and terrifies, beguiling in its spell but nightmarish in its consequences.
In this series, those who dance with Diablo's wife walk a tightrope where one small mistake can lead to their downfall or worse, their end. At its core, La mujer del Diablo is a show that perfectly balances tension with a hint of melancholy, promising both an exhilarating and gripping viewing experience. Whether you're a fan of mystery, suspense, or just entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat, La mujer del Diablo is for you.


In the series "La mujer del Diablo", the story revolves around the tumultuous journey of Mariana, an incredibly strong-willed, passionate and financially modest woman. After a deadly confrontation with a wealthier party, he incurs the wrath of the powerful De La Vega family.
Suddenly, Mariana's quiet life is turned upside down when she finds herself responsible for a tragedy she had no intention of causing. The matriarch of the De La Vega family, Valeria De La Vega, vows to take revenge on Mariana, who she believes has only brought trouble to her family.
Juggling the threat of the De La Vega family on the one hand and her personal life on the other, Mariana experiences yet another twist. Unexpectedly, she falls deeply and irrevocably in love with Alejandro De La Vega, the heir to the family who wants to destroy her.
The relationship seems to become chaotic, entangled in a never-ending cycle of love and hate, mercy and revenge, resulting in a complex but compelling story. The story explores the inherent tension between wealth and poverty, love and revenge, and ultimately good and evil. At the heart of it all is a powerful question: Can love really conquer its deepest enemies, or will property and property remain forever divided?
As the title suggests, La mujer del Diablo perfectly captures the trials and tribulations of a woman dubbed "The Devil's Wife" as she struggles to shed the label and prove her innocence. With a plot as intriguing as this, the Diablo TV series promises a powerful tale of class struggle wrapped in a compelling tale of love and revenge.


The production process for the hit TV series La mujer del diablo was a journey of meticulous planning and execution. The series was the talented effort of a team of writers, producers, directors, cinematographers and an excellent cast. Each episode is crafted with the utmost attention to detail to captivate and transport the audience into an intriguing world of the supernatural and occult.
Pre-production involved extensive discussions and brainstorming between the story and creative character development teams. This also involved finding the right locations that suited the creepy and dark theme of the show well. Much of the series was filmed in atmospheric locations to create a sense of foreboding and suspense that was central to the plot.
The production team worked tirelessly to ensure each scene was shot to perfection, often using multiple takes. Cinematography received special attention. The camera work was planned and executed to enhance the suspense and tension that continued throughout the series.
Post-production was essential to bring the footage to life. This involved an extensive editing process, adding sound effects and music, and color correction. Each of these elements has been carefully designed to ensure a seamless viewing experience.
The continuous dedication of the entire production team has contributed to making La mujer del diablo an engaging and engaging series that has left a deep impression on the audience. Their joint efforts resulted in the creation of a show that is considered an achievement in television production.


The suspenseful and emotional TV series La Mujer del Diablo has been released, sending waves of excitement among fans of supernatural stories. With an intriguing plot line, the show is a perfect blend of love, danger and deception interwoven with evil elements that keep the audience on their toes.
A unique and innovative treatment of horror and the supernatural, the series raises the bar with a perfectly directed dose of suspense and drama. The show was released on time and followed the trend of growing fascination with horror love stories.
As the story unfolds, each episode reveals the complex layers of the characters and their tumultuous relationships. Every twist in the plot keeps the audience hooked and wanting more. With a beautiful narrative and commendable performances, La Mujer del Diablo is a feast for horror and supernatural lovers.
The release of La Mujer del Diablo not only thrilled audiences, but also marked another milestone in the creation of the supernatural thriller series. With its fascinating plot and great performances, the series has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of television. Its release marked the beginning of a new era of supernatural storytelling that promises to be as exciting as it is unexpected.


Since the release of La mujer del diablo, she has received a lot of attention and received mixed reviews from the audience. Many praised the intense storyline and outstanding performances by the cast, especially the lead actress who is recognized for her captivating portrayal of the "devil of a woman". Critics also noted the charming twists and commendable acting skills displayed throughout the series.
However, some viewers found the show too dramatic and usually hovers on the border of sensationalism. They rejected the idea that the narrative could have been more subtle, leaving more room for interpretation and audience engagement. Despite the criticism, viewers are largely in agreement about the show's ability to maintain tension. The compelling story along with the beautiful combination of drama and suspense kept the audience in suspense.
According to the ratings, La mujer del diablo received above-average ratings, indicating its relative popularity among drama lovers. Bottom line, while the show has received a lot of criticism, its storytelling prowess and tight storyline ensure it will continue to attract a strong audience.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of the television series La Mujer Del Diablo has been significant, reaching a global audience beyond its Latin American origins. Ironically, the show dealt with the eternal conflict between good and evil, showcasing a strong female character in a male-dominated society, sparking conversations about gender roles in Latin America.
The series became famous for its extraordinary storytelling, unashamedly plunging the plot into the deepest recesses of mythology and spirituality. This innovative storytelling method has resonated with audiences and those who appreciate philosophical underpinnings interwoven with entertaining drama.
La Mujer Del Diablo has also led to a revival of Latin American folklore and legends, presenting them in a modern context and helping to preserve them. This has led to renewed interest in these traditional stories, strengthening cultural heritage and identity.
The series has been translated into several languages ​​and reflects an international appeal that transcends cultural boundaries. Its influence on global television was great, contributing to a universal sense of belonging and common human experience.
Ultimately, the commercial success of La Mujer Del Diablo underscored the financial viability of Latin American productions in the global market, paving the way for other projects in the region. Overall, the series is a testament to the power of television to bring and transmit culture, initiate dialogue, and shape public perspectives.