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GenresAction, Adventure, Thriller, Western
Music ByTim Williams
TaglineA hero will rise from the ashes
Edited ByKyle Tekiela
Film NameDiablo
StarringScott Eastwood, Walton Goggins, Camilla Belle
Directed ByLawrence Roeck
Produced ByShoshana Edwards
Release Date2016-01-08
Running Time83 minutes
Screenplay ByCarlos De Los Rios
Content RatingR
Distributed ByOrion Pictures, Momentum Pictures
Original TitleDiablo
CinematographyDean Cundey
Country of OriginUSA, Canada
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2-N_vwzZ1I
Production Company NameSpaceboard Films, Diablo Movie
Diablo, the iconic masterpiece of the video game world, brings its universe to the big screen. The film presents an epic journey of brave heroes that delves into the history of Sanctuary, a world steeped in mystery and violence. With the best cinematography, captivating visuals and powerful storytelling, the audience is transported to a realm ruled by demons and angels. The story tells about the heroes' difficult quest against the main evils Diablo, Mephisto and Baal, who threaten to engulf the world in an eternal conflict. With each challenge, the heroes discover fragments of Sanctuary's tragic history, linked by the urgent need to defeat the forces of Hell. This fusion of heady horror, high adventure and dark fantasy is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to challenge the shadows and face evil?


In the fascinating world of Sanctuary, humanity is locked in an eternal struggle between High Heaven and Burning Hell. This Diablo film dives into the heart of the conflict. Meet our brave hero, a bored wanderer with a dark past. In search of redemption, he finds himself in the city of Tristram, where terrible events have taken place.
The Beacon of Darkness, a massive stone known as Diablo's Soulstone, fell from the sky and is located in the labyrinthine hollows beneath Tristram's Cathedral. This impending disaster has unleashed hordes of demonic creatures that thrive on chaos and destruction. Accompanied by an unlikely group of adventurers, the drifter will encounter chilling horrors, battle terrifying bosses and endless demonic hordes, and come close to the evil Diablo himself.
Unravel gruesome secrets as you descend further into the depths of the cathedral. The film offers exciting battle scenes, insights into the hero's psyche, eerie soundscapes and a thrilling story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This offering to the Diablo franchise pays tribute to the beloved video game, expanding its lore while maintaining its brutal aesthetic and epic storyline. Prepare to be immersed in the visceral, dark and creepy world of Diablo. Remember that even death cannot save you.



'Diablo' "film" screenshots
'Diablo' "film" screenshots
'Diablo' "film" screenshots
'Diablo' "film" screenshots
'Diablo' "film" screenshots
'Diablo' "film" screenshots


The film begins in the kingdom of Chandur, the world of Sanctuary, a kingdom sandwiched between heaven and hell, where humanity struggles to resist the celestial conflict. A simple blacksmith, Farnham, becomes a beacon of hope when the seven lords of hell begin to torment humanity.
After the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, Farnham's grief awakens hidden powers within him, transforming him into a Nephilim, a hybrid of angels and demons with incredible supernatural abilities. This transformation begins its journey against the abyss.
The Lords of Hell, led by Diablo the Lord of Terror, launch a series of brutal attacks, first against the nearby city of Tristan and then Khanduras. Torn between a plea to protect humanity and the haunting memories of his lost family, Farnham is hesitant to join this space war.
After the destruction of Tristan, Farnham meets Deckard Cain, a wise Horadrim explorer well versed in the secrets of High Heaven and Burning Hell. He prophesies that Farnham's destiny is to fight and balance the great darkness.
Haunted by his personal demons, Farnham embarks on a mission with a motley crew of soldiers, each with their own reasons for fighting. They navigate dangerous dungeons, encounter terrifying monsters, and face far greater threats than they ever imagined. In the cataclysmic finale, Farnham faces off against Diablo in a true hell scenario. This final battle between humanity's last hope and humanity's greatest fear will determine the ultimate fate of the Sanctuary; a battle that tests not only Farnham's strength and courage, but also the strength of the human spirit against an impenetrable darkness. The plot of Diablo reveals the fragility and resilience of the human spirit in the midst of a catastrophic space war, a haunted past, and unwavering hope.


Making a Diablo movie is a huge and painstaking process that showcases the art of world building at its best. With the dedication of the creative team, the mythical universe of Sanctuary, from menacing dungeons to vast landscapes, comes to life in impeccable detail.
Each set is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, reflecting a rich heritage that has captivated fans for decades. Catacomb labyrinths, demonic designs and the raw and terrifying atmosphere of Hell; these settings are also a character in the film and provide the immersive experience that Diablo offers to its viewers.
Visual effects add dynamism to the narrative, highlighting fascinating abilities and majestic encounters between heroes and enemies. These effects heighten the emotional impact of the story and draw the audience into the heart of the action.
The collective and tireless efforts of the crew are also very important to the production. Their shared passion for the franchise translates into every frame of the film, combining compelling visuals with resonant storytelling. Together, these elements realize a vision for Diablo that preserves the essence of the game while expanding the boundaries of cinematic storytelling.


The highly anticipated Diablo film came to life when it hit theaters and streaming platforms worldwide last week. The story has been masterfully reimagined for the big screen, resulting in a dark yet mesmerizing tale that immerses viewers in the abyss of Diablo lore. With a gripping story and visually stunning cinematics, the film honors the atmosphere of fear and despair of the original game.
Director John Doe's bold vision is reflected in breathtaking chase sequences across hellish landscapes and intense battles between humanity and demonic forces. The cast gave an impressively powerful performance, accurately portraying the tormented heroes tasked with saving the world of Sanctuary. Fans and newcomers alike greeted the film with great enthusiasm, giving it a record-breaking opening weekend. There was palpable excitement in every layer of the story as it revealed the vast depths of Diablo's world, brimming with chilling secrets and fascinating characters.
This unique cinematic experience gives us a new way to appreciate the classic battle between good and evil. Overall, The Diablo Movie is not just any movie, but a deep, emotional and haunting journey that you will remember just like the legendary game that spawned it. A truly heartbreaking and unforgettable tour de force that will surely whet your appetite for more thorough Diablo tales.


The adaptation of *Diablo* received mixed reviews from the audience and critics. Fans of the original game series enjoyed the faithful portrayal of the story and characters and praised the intense action sequences and eerie atmosphere that captured the essence of the game.
The film's visual effects and original score were highly praised for their quality and contribution to the overall dark and disturbing tone. Several critics also applauded, especially the performances of the film's hero and demonic villains.
However, some critics felt that the film relied too much on action at the expense of character development and narrative complexity. They said people unfamiliar with the games might find it difficult to understand and relate to the movie.
Despite these criticisms, *Diablo* performed very well at the box office and proved to be a hit with fans. The movie is clearly a promising example of how to successfully turn a video game into a movie. Looking ahead, it shows the potential for future adaptations and leaves the audience looking forward to the sequel.

Cultural impact

The Diablo movie's cultural impact goes beyond its gaming roots. As a monumental beacon of the fantasy genre, it highlighted the potential of digital textures to transcend their original medium. Its influence permeates not only the film, gaming and entertainment industries, but also the realm of social behavior and norms.
The engrossing Diablo captivated its audience with complex characters, a compelling narrative, and a captivating world steeped in history. These elements became so intertwined that they greatly influenced the narrative patterns and character designs of later fantasy films and series. Diablo immortalized the psychological exploration of hero and villain characters and set a new precedent for the depth and complexity of fantasy storytelling.
In addition, Diablo's striking aesthetic, with its dark and complex sense of design, has greatly influenced the visual arts of the fantasy genre. The subsequent wave of interest in gothic and medieval art, fashion and design aesthetics can be attributed to the ubiquitous influence of the Diablo universe.
Ultimately, Diablo created a powerful community of passionate fans that fostered communication, friendship, and fan content in various forms. Not only did it create a vibrant subculture revolving around Diablo, but it also demonstrated the value of a dedicated fanbase in the entertainment industry. The heated debates, fan theories, and viral content that emanated from Diablo fans evolved into a unique cultural phenomenon that further expanded the film's overall cultural footprint.
In conclusion, the cultural impact of the Diablo movie is evident in several areas, uniquely demonstrating the transformative power of game-based story in shaping the landscape of science fiction and fan culture.