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General Info

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Faction NameHell
In the dark realm of the Diablo universe, Hell is a grim and terrifying faction that oozes horror and evil. It is dominated by the First Evil and is inhabited by demonic beings who thirst for chaos and destruction. The labyrinthine architecture is a twisted mirror of chaos and suffering, filled with creatures consumed by a bitter lust for power and constant conflict. In the realm of Hell, the air is thick with desolation and fear, promising only disaster to those who fall into its clutches. Its essence is completely opposed to the essence of sanctuary and paradise. Although Hell is teeming with factions, they share a common goal: to dominate all existence. Engaged in endless power struggles, they are determined to turn the tide of the eternal conflict in their favor.


The Inferno faction in the Diablo universe is the personification of evil energies. This faction is made up of all the bad guys who are constantly engaged in chaotic battles for dominance in their domain. Hell is home to a hierarchy of demons, from minor minions to arch-evils: Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal. Their ultimate goal is complete dominion over the High Heavens and the mortal world, the Temple.
Hell's essence is shrouded in malice and bound by unpredictable chaos. The land is marked by jagged rocks, burning pits of lava, and the sky is ablaze with sulphur. Grotesque creatures roam uncontrollably, and unspeakable horrors lurk in the depths of the dark abyss.
Hell works through deception, manipulation, and brute force, constantly seeking to corrupt the minds of the mortal world and fueling angelic strife. A faction thrives in the absence of harmony, sowing discord and using conflict to advance its cause. While the angels of High Heaven maintain law and order, Hell uses disorder as the ultimate strategy for war, while binding its minions through ruthless authority. Innocence, Peace and Order: The Inferno faction is the antithesis of all that is fair and orderly, establishing itself as the main enemy in the Diablo universe. Evil characters and an unrelenting quest for dominance give the game an undeniably terrifying and thrilling appeal, colorfully painting a world filled with endless battles, ancient grievances, and boundless evil.


The Infernal Faction in the Diablo universe is a bleak world full of danger and raging in an eternal conflict between the forces of light and darkness. This cloaked dominion represents all that is evil and wicked in a universe inhabited by demons of the highest order, eternally hungry for power and chaos.
Hell basically deals with the story of the main evils Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal, who were exiled to this realm after rebelling against the High Heavens. Each of these villains has strategically carved out their own areas, making Hell terrifyingly diverse.
With their insidious tactics, the primordial evils manipulated the denizens of Hell into elaborate civil wars, pitting lesser demons against each other to satisfy their lust for power. After the terrible chaos, the first evils became more powerful and their rule in Hell became even stronger.
Furthermore, the destructive path of the First Evils also extended into the mortal realm. Using a masterfully crafted artifact known as the Soul Stone, they were able to transcend worlds. These stones essentially served as anchors, binding major evils to the mortal realm and allowing them to sow destruction and discord.
Their invasion had far-reaching consequences on all fronts of existence. Whether it was hell, heaven, or the mortal world, there was no escaping the influence of these major evils. But in this chaotic mix, the potential for victory lay only in the battle of the heroes who dared to face these formidable foes.
Over time, Hell became synonymous with fear, despair and suffering for all who dared to cross its path. The realm always seemed to have a life of its own, always ready to consume all that was pure and good within its monstrous depths.
Today, hell is a monument to the eternal struggle between good and evil. Amidst the anguished cries and the fiery abyss, whispers of wars and promises of battles yet to come could almost be heard. Chaos and turmoil reign, but also the potential for triumph, making Hell a truly important group in the fascinating universe of Diablo.

Notable Members

Member #
Blood Raven
The Smith
The Summoner
Zoltun Kulle


Hell in the Diablo universe is a warped realm with no sun, moon, or earth. Far from the heat and light of life, it is a kingdom where rivers flow with fire and the very air is filled with the stench of brimstone and sulphur.
The melted landscape lay beneath a broken and shattered sky from which embers rained down like hellfire. The ground is mostly rough, jagged rock, slimed with the blood of countless invaders who seek to challenge the unholy ground. Mountains of bleached and crumbled bones fill the horizon, echoing the cries of the unsaved. Hellish fortresses loom in the distance, perched precariously on the edge of swirling lakes of fire. These are the residences of the demon lords of Hell, each unique and terrifying, reflecting the twisted essence of their masters. Their rapidly rising spiers and ramparts show the ingenuity of the tormented damned souls in creating these grotesque monuments of evil.
It is the geography of hell, a realm defying nature and logic, a landscape of unimaginable suffering and decay. This is a testament to the enduring perversion of the Prime Evils, whose touch forever finds and warps everything it touches.

Legacy and Impact

The Infernal Faction's indelible imprint on the Diablo universe is demonstrated by the enduring folklore and sheer fear it instills in players. As an enemy, Hell proved useful in paving the way for the game's extraordinary storylines and engaging challenges. The main inhabitants, the main evils, form a trifecta of enemies unmatched in power and viciousness. The deadly sins they depict make us understand our worst impulses. Episodes like Dark Exile and Siege of Pandemonium Fortress deeply cemented Hell's legacy in lore. Engaging fight scenes and memorable storylines have played a huge role in shaping the success of the franchise. As such, Infernal Faction's evocative design and epic story have added depth to the Diablo universe, creating an immersive and visceral experience that keeps players coming back.