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General Info

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Faction NameHeaven
Heaven in the Diablo universe is an ethereal realm of light and harmony populated by angels who are the antithesis of the chaotic and corrupt denizens of Hell. This spiritual plane is filled with glowing towers, floating islands, and cityscapes that often defy the usual limitations of space and time. Angels, also dictated by a strict hierarchy, are born from the crystal arch that serves as the epicenter of the kingdom. No mortal has ever been allowed to enter this celestial realm due to the decree of expulsion from the Angiris Council. Despite its exquisite tranquility, even in heaven there is no internal turmoil and power struggles that add complexity to the most sacred concepts.


The Celestial Faction in the Diablo universe consists of celestial beings led by the High Heavens who are engaged in a constant struggle against the forces of the Burning Hell. High Heaven is ruled by the Council of Angiris, where the five archangels represent different aspects of Anu. These are Tyrael the Archangel of Justice, Malthael the Archangel of Wisdom who later became the Angel of Death, Imperius the Archangel of Courage, Auriel the Archangel of Hope and Iterael the Archangel of Fate.
Angels emerge from the Crystal Arch, which is believed to be the spine of the dragon-like creature Anu. High Heaven follows a hierarchical structure and promotes law and order. Their goal is to bring absolute harmony, peace, and order to all of creation, and their fight against the Burning Hells, led by the Prime Evils, seeks to protect these principles.
Although angels are seen as champions of all good, their true perspective is much more complex. Their sense of justice and order surpasses the human understanding of goodness. In their pursuit of harmony and order, angels can appear merciless and merciless, repeating that their primary focus is the manifestation of perfect order, even if that means temporary chaos.


The Celestial Faction in the Diablo universe has a rich and complex history filled with epic battles, heroic deeds, and disturbing betrayals. Its origin is inseparable from the eternal conflict with its opposite - the Burning Hells. The heavenly forces act as the main defenders of creation, resolutely opposing the evil devils bent on destroying the universe.
Heaven can trace its timeline back to the first act of Anu, the primordial being who symbolizes all that is good and pure. The powerful angels of the faction were formed from the crystal arch, an elegant manifestation of the spine of Anu. Therefore, the Crystal Arch serves not only as a physical location, but also as a divine symbol of all that is heavenly, resonating with harmonious melodies of hope and wisdom.
The history of the Sky Faction is marked by eras marked by the infamous adversary Diablo. From the Dark Exile, which banished the three major evils to the mortal realm, to the War of Sins, which nearly enslaved humanity, and the recent Eternal Conflict, which culminated in a devastatingly ambiguous climax, the stormy realm of Heaven and its inhabitants experience several catastrophic events.
But despite the relentless onslaught of infernal enemies, Heaven remains determined. The Council of Angiris, a governing body made up of five archangels, each representing a primary virtue of Anu, provides much-needed guidance and dogged efforts to maintain cosmic balance. Even in the midst of internal strife and doubt, these divine beings, from Tirael, Archangel of Justice, to Auriel, Archangel of Hope, continue to inspire their angelic brethren, and their invaluable contributions are destined to reverberate throughout the annals of history.
Also, an important aspect of Heaven's history is its relationship to the Sanctuary, the realm of mortals. Although humanity was initially looked down upon, figures such as Tyrael supported humanity, reflecting the faction's gradual shift to accepting humanity's potential.
In conclusion, Heaven, despite seemingly endless trials and tribulations, stands firm, embodying hope, courage, and justice in the face of overwhelming odds. Deeply intertwined with the fate of not only the mortal realm, but the entire cosmic balance, the story continues to unfold, creating a compelling story that resonates throughout the Diablo universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Lorath Nahr
Deckard Cain


Heaven in the Diablo universe is an ethereal realm of light and harmony, the opposite of the Burning Hells. It is far above the mortal realm, separated from the cares and devastation of worldly existence. Comprised of the Silver City and the surrounding regions, the sky has a unique geography that amazes visitors.
The Silver City, the Heart of Heaven, manifests itself as a vast metropolis carved in shining silver. Glistening peaks reach for the sky, glowing with divine energy. The city is home to the Eel Council, the governing body of Heaven, and their grand meeting place is a wonder in itself.
Outside the city, the landscape turns into endless skyways. It is full of beautiful rolling hills, crystal clear streams and vast fields colored in beautiful shades of blue. The heavenly choirs, native celestial beings, live here. The soothing melodies they create reverberate throughout the kingdom, embodying the heavenly calm that heaven is known for. But it's not all peaceful pastures and gleaming buildings. The sky is also scarred with many thousand-year-old cosmic battle scars, representing its merciless struggle against the forces of hell. Like an empire caught in eternal conflict, the sky is proof of resilience, a beacon of light in eternal darkness, a fortress against encroaching chaos.

Legacy and Impact

The influence of the Celestial faction in the Diablo universe permeates the entire series. The eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell has shaped the world of Sanctuary, where humans engage in this struggle. The influence of the Angelic Realm is felt throughout the game's story and the characters that emerge from this plane, from Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice, to Malthael, the Angel of Death. The evolving story of Celestial Leadership, especially in Diablo III when Tyrael decided to become mortal, shows the faction's tendency to change and sacrifice. The Sky Faction's legacy is its resilience and unwavering determination to protect creation at all costs. Every decision and event continues its mantra of striving for the greater good, even as the lines between good and evil begin to blur, so Heaven's influence in the Diablo universe is wide and deep.