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General Info

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Job TitleAspect of Justice
Birth PlaceHigh Heavens
Knows aboutHigh Heavens, Sanctuary, The Sin War
Alternate NameArchangel of Justice
Character NameTyrael
Member of OrganizationAngiris Council
Often referred to as the Archangel of Justice, Tyrael is a central figure in the Diablo universe. For a long time, Tyrael's life was part of the Angiris Council that ruled the High Heavens, but Tyrael's life changed dramatically when she rejected her divine essence and stood with humanity in their battle against the forces of Hell. Known for his unwavering sense of justice and compassion, Tyrael has dedicated his life to defeating evil while battling his newfound mortality. He has a stern appearance, an ethereal blue glow, and distinctive silver armor. As a man made of spirit and light, Tyrael possesses both incredible strength and deep wisdom, encouraging his allies to fearlessly face the darkness. His mysterious wisdom and charismatic leadership make him a truly unique and central character in the Diablo universe.


Tyrael, known as the "Archangel of Justice", is a central figure in the Diablo cinematic universe. Beneath his armored exterior lies an unshakable spirit committed to the principles of justice and order.
Tyrael is not your typical celestial being. His rebellious nature and sympathy for humanity often made him a misunderstood character among his fellows. But this only deepened his determination to seek justice. Unlike other archangels who continue to enforce the laws of heaven above, Tyrael regularly descends into the mortal realms where he takes direct action against the forces of evil. Tyrael is best known for deliberately giving up his immortality and godlike powers to live among humans in Diablo III. This selfless act formed the basis of his relationship with the Temple mortals.
Tyrael played an integral role in the fight against the main evils. He acted as a guide to the players, offering advice and guidance as he fought alongside them when necessary. This friendly interaction has made him very popular in the Diablo gaming community.
Tyrael's sense of justice and willingness to challenge the cosmic order in defense of humanity make him an inspiring figure. His character remains a beacon of hope, emphasizing that anyone, mortal or divine, can overcome great odds to uphold justice and ensure peace.


Often referred to as the Archangel of Justice, Tyrael is a prominent figure in the Diablo universe. Hailing from the Council of Angiris, the governing body of the High Heavens, Tyrael has faithfully served law, order, and justice for many millennia.
Unlike his fellow angels, who often look down on humans, Tyrael has a deep compassion and respect for humanity. This is mainly due to their willpower and resilience, qualities unknown to ethereal and immortal celestial beings. He has stood up to his own kind, fighting arch-evils alongside humans and playing a vital role in saving the world of Sanctuary many times. One of Tyrael's most important actions was the destruction of the World Stone, a powerful artifact that posed a great threat to the sanctuary. But this act of bravery came with a heavy price: he fell from the sky and became mortal. As a human, Tyrael experienced fear, uncertainty, and pain, but most of all, he learned the value of sacrifice and the true meaning of being human.
Archangel's journey did not end there. He became an aspect of wisdom and presided over the council of Angiris. Tyrael no longer fights with his fellow angels for the survival of humanity, but stands with men and women as a man himself, more than ever devoted to his quest for righteousness and justice.
Tyrael's influence cannot be underestimated. Her realms of power may have shifted from Justice to Wisdom over time, but her unwavering hope and determination remained constant, powerfully shaping Sanctuary's destiny. His actions bear witness to his title of defender of humanity. His name still inspires hope and courage in Sanctuary soldiers today.

Creation and Development

The main character of the Diablo universe, Tyrael was first introduced in 2000. in Diablo II released by Blizzard North. He was originally created as an archangel of justice, a celestial being who resides in the high heavens. It was intended as a guide to the players and to teach the principles of justice and righteousness.
Seeing that Tyrael needed to go deeper into the game's story, the developers undertook a major character overhaul for the third installment of Diablo III. They made Tyrael mortal, a bold change that forced him to face the trials and tribulations of humanity right from the start. First of all, it was a direct contradiction to the original basis, which humanity viewed with skepticism.
In addition to the story, Tyrael's appearance has also undergone major changes. Known as the hooded alien in Diablo III, his initially ethereal and flawless figure has become more grounded and human. However, his iconic hood and glowing eyes were retained to maintain his mystical aura.
Throughout the games, Ed Trotta and Jonathan Adams voiced the character of Tyrael and successfully brought the celestial being to life. His cautious but passionately righteous nature was aptly portrayed through his voice acting, enhancing his personality in the game.
Tyrael's character witnessed yet another transformation in Reaper of Souls development. Now, as the Archangel of Wisdom, he stood firm against an even greater evil, contributing significantly to the progression of the plot and giving a new direction to the game's story.
Overall, the developers' conscious efforts to grow and transform Tyrael's character have been well received, making him one of the most popular and beloved characters in the rich Diablo universe. Tyrael's evolution reflects the developers' commitment to creating compelling and dynamic characters, keeping the Diablo series fascinating for years to come.

Character Profile

Tyrael, also known as the Archangel of Justice, is a central figure in the Diablo universe. Once an ambitious and formidable presence in the High Heavens, he decided to sacrifice his immortality to intercede for the Temple on behalf of humanity. Known for his sense of justice and fairness, Tyrael is the epitome of law and order in a universe filled with chaos and deceit.
Defined by unwavering courage and determination, Tyrael is unafraid to face the greatest of evils and has often battled with his peers in the sky for a safe approach to humanity. Although his angelic powers are waning, he continues to fight for justice and has been an essential ally of humanity in its fight against the forces of heaven and hell. Driven by compassion and a firm belief in humanity's potential, Tyrael serves as a moral compass in the often murky ethics of eternal conflict. His powerful celestial abilities combined with his strong sense of duty and leadership skills make him one of the most respected and influential characters in the Diablo universe.
Despite the many challenges he faces, Tyrael remains steadfast and determined. His unwavering determination and belief in humanity's legitimate potential are shining beacons of hope, guiding those lost in the shadows of despair and terror. His journey from angelic lawgiver to mortal champion of humanity offers a compelling story that showcases his selflessness, courage and indomitable spirit.

Story Arc

Often referred to as the Archangel of Justice, Tyrael is a central character in the history of the Diablo universe. Once a member of the Angiris Council and a resident of the High Heavens, Tyrael willingly gave up his immortality to protect humanity.
Tyrael's arc began with the Sin War, a seminal event in which he indirectly intervened to help the humans fight against the archetypes. Tyrael saw humanity's resilience and courage in fighting the lords of Hell and began to develop an attachment to humans, which was against the laws of the High Heavens.
Another major turn of events occurred during Tristram's eclipse. Tyrael created the Soul Stones to capture the three main evils, but his plan failed when they corrupted the stones and took over the Temple. He sent his loyal Horadrim to deal with this threat, which led to the capture of the three.
His journey continued in Diablo II. While the heroes destroyed Mephisto and Diablo, their brother Baal corrupted the Worldstone. To prevent a greater catastrophe, Tyrael made the sad decision to destroy the World Stone, causing a massive explosion that pushed it out of the High Heavens. The consequences of his actions were seen in Diablo III. Thrown in front of a comet that fell on Sanctuary, he awakened a mortal with no memory of his past. Tyrael regained his memories and decided to continue the fight. He stood up to his brothers in the cause of humanity and turned it into an aspect of wisdom after Malthael's disappearance.
In Reaper of Souls, Tyrael faced a new challenge when Malthael returned as the Angel of Death. Mortality took a heavy toll on Tyrael in this conflict, but he managed to bring the Nephalem against Maltael and his Reapers and save the Temple once more.
Tyrael's storyline depicts his relentless struggle, vulnerability, and the values ​​that define humanity: heroism, sacrifice, and willpower. His divine purpose, fueled by his love for humanity, remains the dominant narrative throughout the Diablo franchise.

Cultural Impact

Tyrael from the Diablo franchise is more than just a video game character. He embodies the struggle between good and evil and even challenges his heavenly relatives to protect humanity. This angelic figure has transcended the virtual world and is a symbol of hope, sacrifice and an unwavering commitment to justice.
Tyrael's role as a champion of humanity resonated with fans around the world and sparked conversations about moral conflict, self-sacrifice, and the power of individuals to change. His refusal to blindly follow orders and question authority made players think about their role in society and the moral consequences of their actions. When creating artwork, movies, books, or merchandise related to the Diablo universe, the figure of Tyrael comes to the fore, demonstrating the massive impact the character has had on gaming culture and wider popular culture.
At cosplay events, fans often choose to dress up as Tyrael, symbolizing their attachment to the principles and qualities that the character embodies. Tyrael's iconic imagery and dialogue have made their way into forums, social media, and fan art, showcasing the character's cultural significance and highlighting his role in shaping the global legacy of the Diablo franchise.


Tyrael, the archangel of justice, decided to make the ultimate sacrifice to help humanity. After shedding her angelic form, she descended to the Temple as a mortal to protect humanity from the invasion of demonic forces. This act of selflessness marked a pivotal point in the canon of the Diablo universe, highlighting the deep complexity of the battle between high heaven and burning hell. As a mortal, Tyrael not only retained a sense of justice, but also gained a deeper understanding and respect for humanity. His new perspective allowed him to see humans as staunch defenders of the Sanctuary, not just pawns in a cosmic conflict. His courageous decision cemented his legacy as the epitome of justice and courage. Tyrael's story continues to inspire fans of the Diablo universe, reinforcing the story's central theme of sacrifice and hope.