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Dragon Age: Until We Sleep

General Info

Dragon Age: Until We Sleep logo
AuthorDavid Gaider
GenresDark fantasy, Adventure
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorChad Hardin
Issue Number3
Release Date2013-01-01
Number of Pages80
Original TitleDragon Age: Until We Sleep
Comics Issue NameDragon Age: Until We Sleep
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Dragon Age: Until We Sleep takes its readers back to a dark and mystical landscape full of intrigue and danger. It is the story of King Alistair, who travels through exotic lands in search of his father's ultimate fate. Guided by Varric and Isabella, the king faces terrifying threats and discovers terrible secrets. This comic continues the story of the vast Dragon Age universe and combines magic, adventure and political intrigue. Expect powerful creatures, strange new worlds, and high stakes as King Alistair's fate becomes deeply intertwined with forces unfathomable to mortals. Readers who enjoy deep storytelling, complex characters, and compelling fantasy imagery will enjoy this book. Til We Sleep embraces the richness of Dragon Age's history and invites new and seasoned fans alike to dive deeper into its fascinating world.


Dragon Age: Until We Sleep delves into the vast and richly textured universe of Dragon Age, leaving no stone unturned in its relentless quest to add depth to this imaginative realm. Focusing on the lives of beloved characters such as Varric, Isabella and King Alistair, this comic series shows a more personal and intimate side of heroes who have always put the fate of the world before their own. But not more. From heart-wrenching moments of personal reflection to adrenaline-pumping daring escape sequences, the story never wavers in its mission to thrill and amaze.
The artwork is nothing short of awe-inspiring, capturing the spirit of Thedas and capturing the sense of melancholy and understated optimism that is synonymous with the Dragon Age franchise. Stylistic storytelling combined with captivating visuals create an unparalleled reading experience that leaves the audience begging for more.
With Till We Sleep, Dragon Age is evolving beyond the electronic gaming medium and into a print niche. It appeals to newcomers and longtime fans alike, and is a testament to BioWare's impressive world-building capabilities. This comic series is indispensable for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the unknown parts of Thedas and find beauty in the chaos. The heroes may be resting, but the world of Dragon Age continues to fascinate and confound.


In Dragon Age: Until We Sleep, Varric Tethras and his companions sail to Seheron, a land of war, to rescue their friend King Alistair. On their journey, they encounter giant sea creatures and are betrayed by their allies. Once on Earth, their trials continue as they fight their way through the armies of the Qunari Tal-Vashoth. The ultimate goal is to face the fearsome Aureliano Titus, an evil sorcerer who is trying to reassemble the shards of the throne of the Tevinter Empire. Titus imprisons Alistair to extract the power that flows in his royal blood. Alistair's friends fight valiantly and push their limits in this fantasy world of political intrigue. Their loyalty and friendship are tested as each step they take in the treacherous land of Seheron brings them closer to the dangerous secret that surrounds the throne and the terrifying nightmares that Titus seeks to make a reality.


The creation of the Dragon Age: Until We Sleep comic series was simply a huge project. The behind-the-scenes creative team has dedicated themselves to crafting a compelling story that accurately reflects the history of the Dragon Age universe. Acclaimed writer David Gaider and skilled artist Chad Hardin have worked closely together to create authentic illustrations that perfectly complement the impressive storyline. Each shot is carefully crafted and the team invests many hours in brainstorming, detailing and refinement. This ensured that every character, twist and climactic battle was exciting and true to the feel of the original game. Combining vibrant color palettes and rich textures, Hardin's artwork brings comic book panels to life and creates a cinematic reading experience. The memorable dialogue written by Gaider further enthralled the readers with the use of familiar phrases and the witty banter of the characters. The synergy of the creative team contributed to the success of the comic book series and its ability to capture the spirit of the critically acclaimed video game.


Dragon Age: Until We Sleep is an adorable comedy series that delves into the journey of some of the most beloved heroes in the Dragon Age universe. This publication takes the reader on an intriguing adventure as King Alistair and his companions venture into the realm of dreams with a unique blend of artistry and storytelling. Artists Chad Hardin and Michael Atiyeh deliver a dazzling and colorful rendition that captures the essence of the Dragon Age world, while writer David Gaider entertains fans with twists and turns. This comic book series is a must-read for any fan as it weaves together the Dragon Age stories in an exciting and visually stunning medium. It's a great piece of literature that serves as a bridge between the games, enthralling readers with exciting adventures and inspiring stories that embody the dark and haunting Dragon Age story we all love.


Dragon Age: Until We Sleep takes us on an adventure beyond the dimensions of time and space. in 2013 March. released this three-part series from Dark Horse Comics further advances the Dragon Age story and ties together the many plot threads that still exist in the game world.
In this series, Varric, along with some extraordinary companions, undertakes the difficult feat of slaying dragons. As they delve deeper into The Fade, battling nightmarish machinations that emerge from the mists of imagination and fear, the story is more than just a battle. It's about coming to terms with the horrors of the past, coming to terms with haunting memories, and staring into the jaws of darkness, refusing to blink. The publication was warmly received by fans around the world due to its bright graphics and clearly written dialogues. The series, penned by acclaimed writer David Gaider, showcases popular Dragon Age characters in an engaging storyline that reflects the dark and brooding beauty of Theda. Until We Sleep elevates the Dragon Age games not only as a rewarding RPG, but also as a rich setting for captivating storytelling.
The comic may be over, but it lives on, like old friends sharing stories around a flickering and dying fire: a story of courage, sacrifice and redemption set against Theda's backdrop. Combining a fascinating story with top-notch artwork, this edition is a must-read for any Dragon Age fan.


The third installment in the Dragon Age comic series, "Till We Sleep" was very well received by fans of the franchise. The storyline provides a deeper insight into the complex universe of Dragon Age and adds another compelling layer to the story. Critics have particularly highlighted the comic's ability to maintain continuity with the game series, making it a worthwhile read for fans looking to enjoy more of the Dragon Age saga.
The characters, especially Varric, are the focus of While We Sleep. Readers loved Varric's extensive backstory, which extended beyond his role as narrator in Dragon Age II. The comic expanded on her character by illustrating her personality traits and motivations that were not fully explored in the game.
The artwork for Until We Sleep also received positive reviews. The stunning graphics, praised for their detail and video game-likeness, have been one of the highlights of the comic book series. However, some readers felt that the quality of the illustration varied between panels.
One criticism is the pace of the tape, which some found too fast and disorienting. Despite this, Until We Sleep was widely regarded as a solid adaptation that stayed true to the core of the Dragon Age universe. As a stand-alone piece, it was emotional, with many praising its satisfaction and heartbreaking ending.

Cultural impact

Dragon Age: Until We Sleep greatly influenced the Dragon Age franchise as a whole, creating a deeper story and expanding character development beyond the games. These comics moved the series into a new storytelling medium, allowing the story to explore new depths and giving audiences a better understanding of the Dragon Age universe. It created a dialogue about mental illness and self-sacrifice, topics that aren't often discussed in video game franchises, let alone in the comic book medium. The characters' personal struggles provided a clearer picture of the complexity of their personalities. It was also the starting point for the later Dragon Age titles and laid the groundwork for the stories that would later be developed into video games. Overall, Dragon Age: Until We Sleep helped expand the series' cultural impact, showing that video game stories can be successfully expanded into comics and other forms of media.