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The Inquisition

General Info

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Faction NameThe Inquisition
The Inquisition is a central institution in the Dragon Age universe, revived in dire need. He emerges from the ashes of the disastrous Mage-Templar war and works to restore order and justice to all of Theda. The organization is supported by various nations and races and is led by an inquisitor. The Inquisitor is given vast powers and is empowered to perform various duties as detective, judge and executioner. The members of the organization include a wide variety of characters, from noble warriors to cunning villains. The Inquisition seeks to thwart the nefarious efforts of sinister forces, using force and deception to ensure the survival of the Empire. Despite the many threats looming over Thedas, the Inquisition is a beacon of hope for a future of peace and justice.


In the Dragon Age universe, the Inquisition is an independent organization created to fight the chaos that followed the end of the Fifth Plague. It is a group led by strong and determined leaders who have come together to restore order to a world ravaged by unknown cosmic forces. Reminiscent of armies and alliances, the Inquisition forms a network of soldiers, spies, and diplomats to maintain peace and balance.
The Inquisition is not bound by the rules of any nation or faith. This allows them to move freely and go about their enterprises, which often involve solving mysteries, fighting threats most factions ignore, and understanding cosmic forces we don't understand. Their stronghold is in Skyhold Fortress, a remote part of the Frostback Mountains.
Although the organization is primarily human, it includes people of all races and backgrounds united by a common goal: to fight the chaos that threatens to destroy the world. With a variety of collaborators from Thedas to the mysterious renegade elf Solas to the noble ex-Templar Cullen, the Inquisition embodies unity in diversity. His actions and decisions in these troubled times could be the key to survival or the end of the world.


Inquisition was a band that emerged during one of the most turbulent times in Theda's history. They were born out of necessity when a wizarding rebellion and a mysterious rift in the sky known as the Breach caused chaos and unrest throughout the land. Distrust in the Church's ability to deal with the situation led to the resurrection of the old order.
Divine Justinia V, head of the Church, was on a mission to bring peace between the Magi and the Temples when disaster struck. A massive explosion killed her and most of the conclave she had summoned, leaving a rift, a hole that tore away the veil that separated the physical world from the spiritual realm. The sole survivor of the blast, who soon became Andraste's herald, was found with a tag capable of closing the rifts. The Herald thus became the key to Teda's survival and the cornerstone of the Inquisition.
The symbol of the Inquisition, the eye in a six-pointed star, did not discriminate; it was a call to unite under one banner for all, from kings to commoners, to stem the tide of chaos. The reformer Cassandra Pentaghast and spymaster Leliana, close allies of the late divine, were the protagonists of this determined new force. They soon enlisted the help of others, such as the expert advisor Josephine Montilyet and the wily dwarf Varrik Tetra. Led by the Herald, later known as the Inquisitor, the Inquisition thwarted numerous threats, including the Venatori, an extremist cult; stopped the elder, the ancient magister, who turned dark; and even ventured into the elusive Elven Ruins and the Deep Roads.
The Inquisition was not without controversy. The Inquisitor's rapid rise, immense power, and fearsome reputation inspired suspicion and fear. Regardless, the Inquisition has proven time and time again to be the beacon of hope that Thedas desperately needed. Their legacy is a testament to the strength of unity amid unprecedented turmoil and threats.

Notable Members

Member #
The Inquisitor
Cassandra Pentaghast
Josephine Montilyet
Cullen Stanton Rutherford
Varric Tethras
Iron Bull
Dorian Pavus


The Inquisition in Dragon Age is not bound by regional boundaries, and its influence spans vast plains, sprawling mountain ranges, and the shadowy halls of ancient ruins. The geographical locations of the Inquisition's operations range from the verdant forests of Orlais Dales to the cold and harsh peaks of the Frostback Mountains to the eerily beautiful desert of Western View.
Of these, the organization lays first claim to Skyhold, an ancient fortress located high in the Springs. This mountainous landscape is bitterly cold, rugged and secluded: a natural fortress between snow-capped peaks. However, geographic robustness is a double-edged sword, which seems difficult to supply lines and reinforce. The Inquisition also includes thoughtfully restored sanctuaries within its territory, such as the Griffon Wing Sanctuary in the arid Western Approach and Caer Bronach in the Crestwood Marshes. Each landscape shapes the faction's military infrastructure and strategies, builds hard-backed warriors, and strengthens their resistance to adversity.
Their wide reach demonstrates multi-site prowess – a testament to the Inquisition's versatility and far-reaching purpose – uniting all Teds against a threat on the horizon.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy of the Inquisition is important in shaping the geopolitical landscape of Thedas. Their discoveries of ancient artifacts and revelations of the past have influenced the understanding of Theda's history and mythology. The military and diplomatic operations of the Inquisition also changed the balance of power. Closing the breach and defeating Corypheus showed their prowess. In addition, their participation in the Lion War helped to stabilize Orlais. The fall of the Inquisition did not erase its traces, and many of its former members continue to uphold its values ​​and protect Ted from the dangers that lie ahead. They remind us that a united force, regardless of origin or status, can defy the greatest threats. Their influence resonates beyond their field and shapes Ted as we know it.