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The Qunari

General Info

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Faction NameThe Qunari
Also known as the Horned Giants, the Qunari represent a vast and mysterious race in the Dragon Age universe. Hailing from the north across the Awakening Sea, these towering figures are deeply philosophical and adhere to the Qun, a code that governs every aspect of their society and personal life. Their culture is strictly regulated, each Qunari knows his place and purpose in society from an early age. They are best known for their imposing size, ferocious fighting skills, and exquisite metallic skin, but it is their unwavering devotion to the Qun that has brought harmony and conflict to their interactions with other cultures. They are often misunderstood and feared, but behind their tough exterior lies a rich and complex society. In the world of the Dragon Age, the Qunari cannot be underestimated or ignored.


The Qunari are a unique faction in the vast universe of Dragon Age. They are easily recognized by their height, raised horns and distinctive gray skin. The Qunari are not only a race, but also a philosophy, social order, and way of life known as the Qun. They hail from the land of Par Vollen and maintain a theocratic society with strict discipline and unwavering devotion to their code.
Despite their imposing nature and warlike culture, the Qunari are far from just brutes. They place a high value on knowledge and learning, especially in the fields of magic and science. Kunari Magi, known as Saareb, are respected and feared, tightly controlled by their companions for the good of their people and each other.
The Qunari are generally not expansionists, but have clashed with other peoples and races primarily due to vast cultural and philosophical differences. Among other things, these conflicts contribute to the complicated relationship between the Qunari and the other races of Thedas.
The Qunari faction is characterized by strong and deep beliefs that often conflict with those of others. This adds more complexity and intrigue to the diverse universe of Dragon Age. The faction is distinguished by its uncompromising philosophies, philosophies that challenge, inform, and enrich the rich tapestry of the Dragon Age world.


The Qunari, agile giants with horned heads, are a mysterious race based mainly on the northern islands of Par Vollen. Their story, like theirs, is intriguing and full of complexities. Although aspects of their past are the subject of rumor and speculation, it is generally accepted that their civilization was built on the Qun philosophy, a social and political system of social roles and responsibilities.
Their origins go back to ancient times, shrouded in mists of mystery. Some believe that the Qunari were once humans who were transformed into horned behemoths through experiments with dragon blood. However, the veracity of this claim remains open to speculation.
The Qunari came to Thedas attention after their arrival at 6:30 Steel. A series of brutal expansions, known as the Qunari Wars, followed, demonstrating their sheer determination, strategic brilliance, and unparalleled mastery of weapons and military technology. After decades of conflict and territorial disputes, the Llomerryn Accords were signed, giving the Kunar the Par Volen archipelago.
The rule of the Triumvirate, the leading coalition of Qunari society, is an important feature of their history. A sign of collective consciousness, the triumvirate includes Arishok (military leader), Ariqun (religious leader) and Arigena (civil leader). Leaders work synergistically to balance law, religion, and society, demonstrating the role and purpose of each individual Qunari.
Their story is not without controversy. Tal-Vashoth, the Qunari who rejects the Qun, represents resistance to the highly structured social norms of the Qunari. Despite the schisms, the Qunari race is still driven by a tireless pursuit of order, discipline, and collective solidarity that reflects their historical record. The Qunari's rich history gives them depth and mystery, and this intrigue continues to fuel interest in their philosophy, way of life, and most importantly, their fate in the turbulent world of Theda.

Notable Members

Member #
The Arishok
The Arigena
The Ariqun


The Qunari realm, located in the northern part of Theda, consists mainly of the islands of Par Vollen, Seheron, and Rivain. The largest, Par Vollen, is the center of the Qunari people and the Qun faith. This land of verdant jungles and lush cities is a stark contrast to the human civilizations of the south.
Next to Par Vollen is Seheron, an island marked by the ongoing conflict between the Korar and the Tevinter Empire. Unlike Par Vollen, Seheron is a place of strife and war, its beauty tarnished by bloodshed. Further south is Rivain, a nation ruled by humans. Despite being ruled by humans, Rivain maintains a close alliance with the Qunari, and many of its inhabitants willingly follow the Qun. Here, the coexistence of Qunari and humans offers a glimpse of peaceful integration.
The Qunari territories, essentially islands separated from the mainland, symbolize their unique doctrine and way of life. Their land is not only a testament to their strong faith in the Qun, but also illustrates the ongoing tension between the Qunari and the rest of Theda.

Legacy and Impact

Although initially introduced as enemies, the Korar have evolved tremendously into one of the most intriguing societies in the Dragon Age universe. Their strict adherence to the Qun, which governs every aspect of their lives, has been the subject of countless discussions among players. This led to a deeper exploration of topics such as agency and determination. In addition, their physical characteristics, especially their impressive height and distinctive horns, help to diversify the racial anatomy of Teda. Despite their often hostile relations with other races, some Qunari characters, notably the Iron Bull, have formed alliances with the player, offering a nuanced view of their species and culture. Thus, the legacy of the Qunari goes beyond their role as simple antagonists: they create moral and philosophical challenges that affect the complexity of players' navigation of Thedas.