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General Info

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Area/RegionSouthern Continent
CountryThedas Continent
Location NameFerelden
Alternate NameThe Kingdom of Ferelden
Located in the southernmost part of Thedas, Ferelden is famous for its vast, jaw-dropping scenery and rich cultural heritage; an empire of hardy, free-spirited individuals. From the freezing wilds of Korcari to the dark depths of the Brecilian Forest, you'll encounter enchanting lives, each pulsating with ancient stories. This nation prides itself on being a paradise where freedom reigns. The population is diverse, with a variety of races such as humans, elves, and dwarves. Mabari dogs, symbolic creatures of the country, are considered the fiercest and most intelligent in the world. You can't mention Ferelden without imagining the majestic Denerim, the capital and a vast city steeped in history. Known as the birthplace of King Calenhad, Ferelden, scarred by the dark history of the occupation of Orles, rose like a phoenix, upright and proud. A place for the brave, Ferelden embodies an indomitable spirit that refuses to bow to oppression.


Ferelden, the main location of the Dragon Age universe, is a realm of history, beauty and danger. Located in the southeastern corner of the Theda continent, it presents a country of stark contrasts; from ice-covered plateaus to verdant forests, swamps and fertile plains. With the wilds of Korcari to the south and the Storm Sea raging on the east coast, Ferelden's beauty is free from the dangers it often faces.
This majority country is ruled by a monarch, but it also provides an unusual degree of autonomy, with each territory ruled by Teryn, Arl or Bann having the right of personal rule. Throughout history, Ferelden has been a land besieged by both external forces, such as the Orlesian Empire, and internal conflicts, such as the rebellion against King Kailan. However, it is the people of Ferelden that give this realm its resilience. Strong, stubborn, but very loyal and proud, their spirit reflects the lands in which they live. Ferelden is also a place plagued by the mystical and supernatural, from dragons resting in the heights to ancient and forbidden magic lurking in the shadows. Ferelden is truly a land where every weed, creature, and storm can tell a story, an essential cornerstone of the rich tapestry that is the Dragon Age universe.


A land of harsh winters and harsh people, Ferelden has a deep and rich history that has greatly influenced the land it is today. Founded by the Alamarri tribes who escaped the devastation of their homeland, Ferelden takes its name from its leader, Hafter, who bravely united the tribes to resist the invasion attempts of the Tevinter Empire. After becoming the first teirn, the title passed from father to son, marking the rise of leadership and monarchy in Ferelden.
For centuries there have been disputes and conflicts between the many teyrnir. This led to civil unrest. Finally, Calenhad Theirin, a minor noble, united by defeating the ruling teyrn. Cullen proclaimed himself king and laid the foundation for the royal line of Theirin, respected and feared for generations.
The most devastating event in Ferelden's history was the fifth breach. Darkspawn have invaded the realm, corrupting animals, plants, and water. A tradition since the Hafter era, the Landsmeet chose a grizzly patron as regent, an outer savior, and Alistair Theirin as king. Against their odds, they managed to put an end to the Blight, leaving a devastated but hopeful Ferelden.
The turbulent history of Ferelden is more than a series of wars, famines and regicides. It is a testament to the indomitable spirit of her diehards. Ferelden may seem rough to outsiders, but there's no denying its resilience and rich history. "The Past" is about survival, leadership and the search for unity amidst various challenges.


Ferelden, a monarchy located in the southern part of the continent of Thedas, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, from towering mountain ranges to vast swamps. It is the main stage of Dragon Age: Origins, reflecting a rich tapestry of history and culture.
Born out of conflict, Ferelden resisted the occupation of Orles and became a country known for its fierce independence and strong sense of national identity. The country is imbued with the spirit of freedom-loving people, every citizen has a deep desire to protect the sovereignty of their country.
Home to many species, Ferelden is dominated by humans. Elves live as second-class citizens, while dwarves live in underground cities and rarely venture above ground. Intelligent and able to understand human language, the Mabari War Hounds are a source of national pride.
The geographical diversity of Ferelden determines the living conditions and trade of the people. It is cold in the northern areas, and mostly warm and fertile in the south, ideal for agriculture. The capital port of Denerim promotes trade, making Ferelden a major player in Thedas' economy. Despite its hard-won sovereignty, Ferelden is not immune to challenges. Plagues, periodic invasions of dark fish pose a threat to humans. The Fereldans rely on their army and the Gray Wardens, a legendary warrior order, to counter these threats.
Religion plays a vital role in Fereldan society, as most people faithfully worship the pantheon of the Church, the largest religion in Ted. This devotion greatly influences their laws and customs, further shaping the unique character of Ferelden. From facing invasions to fighting plagues, Ferelden is resilient with its fearless spirit. A symbol of altruism and resistance, it remains a testament to the strength that lies in unity and courage. It is a kingdom where heroes are born, legends are made, and sagas of valor are woven into the fabric of a rich history.