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General Info

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The Elden Ring universe features an astonishing array of characters, each filled with their own unique stories and wonders. Among them is the Runearer, a wandering figure shrouded in mystery. in 2021 October month. their history is largely unknown. They traverse lands filled with decaying kingdoms to summon spectral allies, enhance their abilities with intricate Rune Bows, and face gigantic foes. This mysterious figure holds immense power within themselves and the runes they carry, creating an intriguing combination of fragility and strength. Their journey promises encounters with other peculiar beings, revealing crucial aspects of the world's history. Runebearer is not only a character in the game, but also a vehicle for players to explore the intricacies of the Elden Ring universe.


Elden Ring is an upcoming action RPG developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment from 2021. October month. has included many fascinating characters in its universe. The elusive and atmospheric world of the Ring of Elden combined with a mysterious story lead to an intense world. speculation among expectant players about the backstories of these characters.
In particular, mysterious characters such as the possessed character, unknown to the world and strategically revealed by the developers, are meant to enhance the mystery of the game. Clad in golden armor, they embark on an ambitious journey to the great lands of Middle-earth, sparking speculation about an epic saga. Also intricately designed, the multi-armed boss-like entity creates an atmosphere of excitement and dread that reveals the undeniably horrifying dimension of the Ring of Elden universe. Additionally, a seemingly mounted Valkyrie figure armed with dazzling silver hints at the game's combination of fantasy elements with Norse mythology.
In addition, the detailed story along with the Ring of Elden itself was chosen to create a detailed story for each character. The mysterious Ring of Elden, shattered and spreading its power throughout the world, is a major plot catalyst that can influence the evolution of the characters and the narratives.
Although glimpses of these characters have been released so far, leading to rampant fan theories, the game's developers have carefully preserved all of their backgrounds and roles. This approach raises expectations for its release and enhances the immersive experience it promises to deliver. As the launch nears, the characters of Elden Ring continue to weave a complex web of anticipation and excitement.


Born from the chaos of darkness and light, Zaloth, an explorer of oblivion, is known as one of the most enigmatic characters in the Ring of Elden universe. Zaloth began his journey as a tiny coal, living in the darkness of the intermediate world. His humble beginnings are in stark contrast to the lofty pedestal he now stands on. However, his rise to the top was not without trials.
The most dramatic time in Zaloth's life was when he was forced to descend into the Abyss. In the deepest pit of darkness, Zaloth faced terrifying demons, merciless gods, and beasts unlike any you've seen in the Middle World. This trial by fire changed Zaloth irrevocably. Not just in the explosion of power he commands, but also in his never-ending desire for knowledge and exploration.
This desire for knowledge and exploration led him to seek the secrets of the Ring of Elden. His endless travels took him to the farthest corners of the world, often where no other creature dared to go. It was in these isolated corners that Zaloth discovered secrets that shook him to his core. The truth about the Ring of Elden, the deception of the demigods, and the cycle of world destruction and rebirth. These revelations made Zalot a living testament to the will of the Ring of Elden.
Known for his indomitable spirit and unquenchable curiosity, Zaloth may be the only one who can break the vicious cycle and escape the clutches of the Ring of Elden. With the secrets he discovered and the powers he now possesses, Zaloth has become a beacon of hope for others. Is he the true heir to the Ring of Elden, or just a harbinger of its imminent downfall? Only time will tell what lies ahead for Zalot, the Oblivion Explorer.

Creation and Development

Elden Ring is developed by FromSoftware, a Japanese video game studio known for critically acclaimed titles such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki is the creative director of the two iconic figures and oversees game development, while George R.R. Martin, author of the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, lays out the mythos of the game.
The genesis of Elden Ring was born out of Miyazaki's desire to create a game that combined the intense gameplay mechanics of Dark Souls with a vast and enchanting world similar to Martin's Westeros. The idea came about when Bandai Namco Entertainment offered to collaborate with Martin, a prospect that excited Miyazaki due to his admiration for Martin's work. Thus began the intricate weaving of the Ring of Elden universe.
Character creation in Elden Ring provides deep immersion for the player and offers a huge range of combat and visual customization options. Players can develop their characters based on their chosen combat strategies, using swords, magic, or a combination of the two. This flexibility comes from Miyazaki's desire to give players the freedom to explore their own style and influence their approach to the game. The development of Elden Ring is shrouded in mystery, but trailers occasionally offer glimpses into the game's rich and fragmented world. From the Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic to the intricate story embedded in the landscapes, every detail of Elden Ring has been crafted with care and reflects Miyazaki's innovative game design and Martin's ability to tell compelling stories.
As for the state of the game in 2021. in October, development is ongoing and constantly improving to enrich the player experience. Elden Ring has big expectations as fans look forward to uncharted lands, uncovering its secrets and taking on the awe-inspiring challenges that only FromSoftware and Martin's collaboration can promise.

Character Profile

At the center of the Ring of Elden universe, the character known as Marika, the Eternal Blade, is a force to be reckoned with. Marika is the queen and one of the leaders of the Round Table, posing a huge threat to the main character, Tarnished. With his charming personality and commanding presence, he commands the utmost respect and attention.
Marika was once a proud and respected queen until a powerful curse came upon her. Now he struggles to maintain his fading sanity, while the Ring of Elden continues to fuel his deepest fears, desires, and ambitions. Her mesmerizing eyes hide the battles raging within her soul, and her aura exudes a terrifying air, hinting at the wild force trapped within her.
In battle, she fights with the grace of a dancer and the ferocity of a tiger. His swift and merciless attacks are as terrifying as they are beautiful. Marika's most fearsome weapon is a golden greatsword blessed by the Ring of Elden itself. Every stroke of his sword creates a golden aura, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. Despite the endless suffering of the curse, Marika maintains her dignity and refuses to give up. In her darkest moments, she holds fast to her title and identity as queen. She may be an enemy to many, but to her kingdom and her subjects she is a beacon of hope in the darkness brought by the broken Ring of Elden.

Story Arc

The plot of The Ring of Elden centers on a mysterious kingdom known as "Middle-earth", ruled by a monumental figure: the Eternal Queen Marika. His descendants, the demigod lords who once bore the Ring of Elden, now bear the shard known as the Great Runes. However, a shocking event darkens the realm when someone or something destroys the Ring of Elden, leaving the queen's descendants in her remains. After the destruction of the Ring of Elden, Middle-earth entered a phase known as "The Shattering", which is said to be the end of an era.
The main character, known as Overshadowed, is a fallen human exiled from Middle-earth. As an outcast, Tarnished has lost the golden sheen known as "mercy". However, the broken Ring of Elden brings Clouded back to Middle-earth, drawn by the shining light of mercy, to obtain the shards of the Ring of Elden and become the Lord of Elden.
In their quest to become an Elden Lord, the Tarnished face a variety of enemies, including demigod lords who have succumbed to the power of the Great Runes. These demigods have warped features, warped by the broken Ring of Elden and fragmented by the power they wield.
At the same time, several characters cross paths with the Tarnished in this daring quest, each with their own intentions and motivations. These intersections lead to different story trajectories and offer different perspectives on the central story. These various arcs create a complex and nuanced plot that leads to a massive, multi-layered conflict unfolding in Middle-earth.
The story of the Ring of Elden is full of epic battles, intricate world-building, and deep history. Despite the missing pieces and unclear details, one thing is certain: Elden Ring promises to be another rich and sprawling fantasy saga that will captivate players in an immersive universe.

Cultural Impact

Since its release, Elden Ring has gained significant cultural influence with its unique blend of dark fantasy aesthetics, complex story, and strategic gameplay. It has inspired countless artists, writers and creatives around the world and heralds a new era of the Dark Fantasy Renaissance.
A lot of intricate details, character designs evoke a sense of haunting beauty, creating a lot of cosplay and fan art. The characters' individual stories, backed by a rich history, have sparked countless theories and fan debates, driving the game's cultural impact exponentially.
The Elden Ring's unique class and battle system have made a significant impact on the strategy RPG landscape. The artifacts and spells used by the characters have been analyzed and incorporated into role-playing games outside of video games. In addition, the Elden Ring's soundscape, including character dialogue and background scores, found its way into popular playlists and influenced modern musical cultures. A variety of gaming terminology has entered the conversation of the residents, testifying to the far-reaching influence of the Elden Ring.
By sparking curiosity and nurturing communities, Elden Ring creates a cultural zeitgeist that resonates beyond the game itself. This shows the potential of video games as a medium that can not only entertain, but also shape cultures and accelerate dialogue.


In the great tapestry of the Elden Ring universe, the character's legacy is marked by courage, resilience, and overcoming existential fear. They have become a symbol of hope in the midst of chaos, having fought countless battles against formidable heroes. It should be noted that their legacy is not only the success of the fight. It was their empathetic spirit, their unwavering commitment to social order and peace, and their willingness to sacrifice that truly defined them. Revered for their cosmic wisdom, they constantly protected the realm from the cosmic horrors that lurked beyond the Veil, navigating the labyrinthine corridors of arcane knowledge with ease. This character's legacy extends far beyond their time, touching every corner of the Elden Ring universe and serving as a beacon for those who dare to dream, fight and persevere. Their exploits reverberate through time, a testament to their eternal legacy. Their name rang out in the annals of Elden Ring history and continue to inspire future heroes in their quest for the unshakable truth.