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Elden Ring

General Info

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Job TitleWarrior
Birth PlaceLands Between
Knows aboutElden Ring
Alternate NameLion
Character NameMaeglin
Member of OrganizationTarnished
Elden Ring features many unique characters with rich backstories and complex motivations. Among them are brave knights, wandering wanderers, cunning sorcerers and mysterious creatures who play different roles in the vast and enchanting world of this open-world action RPG. The player character, customizable and designed according to the player's preferences, is the Tanned One, a creature summoned by the Ring of Elden, who is tasked with navigating treacherous landscapes and battling formidable enemies. Gifted with mysterious powers, the Tarnished embark on epic, perilous quests, challenging vast plains, towering castles and haunted caves. Meanwhile, they are challenged to create their own unique story and shape the fate of the world around them. The combination of deep story, challenging gameplay and memorable characters make Elden Ring a fantasy adventure like no other.


Elden Ring introduces a number of vivid characters that uniquely shape the story of this mythical universe. At the heart of this epic saga is the Appanato, a cast-off and forgotten figure of an ancient lineage, summoned by the brilliance of the Golden Order's broken ring to follow the Star Trek in order to destroy the Elden to become. lord
The main character hails from the Lands Between, a realm blessed with a shimmering gold-tinged ring originally overseen by Queen Marika, the Eternal. Raised in the Ring of Elden, his descendants, the demigods, proudly claimed fragments of his power, the Great Runes.
Your character is connected to the Ring of Elden, a mysterious and powerful artifact that has led to cataclysmic events that have torn the world apart. When the ring was broken, you were thrown into the Outskirts, and now you're "the tainted" and must face Marika's descendants, the new monarchs of the Separate World Realms.
Once you set foot in the fascinating world of Elden Ring, you'll be greeted by fascinating landscapes, challenging battles, and intriguing secrets hidden in the vast expanses of Middle-earth. Your choices and actions will determine your unique journey and determine the fate of this world. The character truly embodies the grand ambition and scale of the famous Elden Ring universe.


Elden, the protagonist of The Ring of Elden, is a figure shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Once a royal descendant from the line of the Old Gods, Elden was stripped of his rightful throne and left to wander the vast and desolate "Middle-earth".
Elden's journey through "Middle-earth" is motivated by his desire to recover his lost memory and his throne. Born with the blood of the Old Gods running through his veins, Elden is one of the last remaining members of his royal line. The dire state of the world caused by the destruction of the Ring of Elden further compels him to embark on a perilous journey to find the shattered fragments of the Ring of Elden, the world's once thriving source of life.
Despite his exceptional combat skills, Elden is not immune to the dangers unique to Middle-earth. Haunted by grotesque creatures and ruled by fallen demigods, the world teeters on the brink of extinction. Elden must face these formidable enemies in a world where danger lurks at every turn.
Elden's search for the broken Ring of Elden, intertwined with his struggle against insurmountable challenges in The Lands Between, defines his existence. His is a story of courage, resilience and hope. As Elden embarks on a dangerous and fraught quest, he demonstrates an indomitable will and unwavering determination to restore peace and prosperity to a world on the brink of destruction.
What awaits Elden is still unknown. But it is his indomitable spirit and unwavering determination that will see him face the coming darkness. As he travels through the unforgiving world, Elden seeks to reclaim what he has lost and rebuild the shattered world from the broken Elden Ring.

Creation and Development

Elden Ring was born from an innovative collaboration between FromSoftware's Hidetaka Miyazaki and acclaimed author George R.R. Martin. In creating the world, they sought to blend FromSoftware's signature fantasy action-RPG style with the rich, character-driven narrative of Martin's work.
One of the key factors in the development of Elden Ring was the concept of a seamless and fully explorable world. Miyazaki wanted players to not only walk around the world, but to become a part of it. That's why FromSoftware avoided limiting exploration to traditional boundaries and instead opted for a more immersive open world. Inspired by Martin's complex storytelling style, the characters in Ring of Elden were given complex motivations and backstories. As a result, a narrative thread was interwoven throughout the game, driven equally by the actions of the player and the inhabitants of the game world.
FromSoftware, with Martin's influence, was able to reinvent the formula that made its previous titles so successful. The team expanded not only spatially, but also narratively. They introduced built-in combat, a first for FromSoftware games, and implemented weather and thunderstorm systems to bring the world to life. The development team also incorporated player feedback from previous titles, improving the complex combat that FromSoftware is known for while maintaining a high level of strategic depth. They made every enemy they encountered feel important, no matter how small.
The creation of Elden Ring, with its mix of elements, marked a new direction for FromSoftware: an open world filled with rich storytelling and challenging gameplay. Their fusion of intense action with Martin's storytelling skills created a world that stands out in the fantasy gaming universe.

Character Profile

The Elden Lord originates from the vast landscape of the Elden Ring universe. A fierce warrior, he wields the power of the Ring of Elden, shrouded in mystery and known only to a select few. His body is carved with runic symbols representing the strength and courage he gained during his brave battles in the crimson twilight.
The Elden Lord is not your average warrior. He fought the primal beings and emerged victorious even when the odds were stacked against him. His mind is calm; his courage, unshaken. His battles earned him the title of Appannato, an epithet that resonates with his past, his struggles, and the hopes of his people.
His gray-green eyes resemble an unrelenting storm at sea, intense and full of life. A two-handed greatsword is his weapon of choice. This reflects his resilience and strengthens his determination to restore the Ring of Elden to its former glory. Elden Lord is not your typical hero. He is the last hope of a dying world and walks that line between sanity and madness. Despite the crushing darkness that hangs over Middle-earth, the Elden Lord stands tall, armed with tenacity and the power of the Ring of Elden. He embodies the endurance that is a testament to the indomitable spirit of every Appannat.
This is the Elden Lord, a beacon of hope in the world of the Ring of Elden. His legend echoes through time and space, indelible and unbending, like the warrior himself. In the wake of his actions, the Elden Ring universe finds its true hero, its savior, its Elden Lord.

Story Arc

Set in the Elden Ring universe, the story follows the complex story of Tarnished, a player character accused and banished from Middle-earth after destroying the Elden Ring, the ultimate source of the Earth Tree and a symbol of power and authority. Summoned to earth by the destruction of the Elden Ring, the Tarnished embark on a winding journey, battling grotesque enemies and treacherous terrain to reclaim their lost glory and become Lord of Elden.
Our main character's story takes an intricate turn with many demigods, each with a fragment of the Ring of Elden, contributing to their chaos in Middle-earth as they scramble to fill the power vacuum. The demigods, remnants of Queen Mary the Eternal, the original owner of the Ring of Elden, each interpret the power of their shard in their own unique and twisted way, permeating a world steeped in eerie and desolate beauty.
Tarnished's journey into the Elden Lord is filled with massive boss fights and a mysterious environment that strikes a perfect balance between fear and exploration. The realms ruled by the demigods seem like separate, self-contained worlds that contribute to a landscape that is both vast and minute.
There is a sense of decline and despair as Tarnished moves through the unknown and battles insurmountable foes, but beneath the seemingly dark narrative lies a glimmer of hope; the promise of redemption and power. This daring journey from rejection to becoming an Elden Lord captures the heart of the story of the Elden Ring.
At its core, the in-universe plot of Tarnished in the Elden Ring showcases a fantasy journey that is both exhausting and fueled by grit. It's a fascinating study of courage and determination in the face of adversity that captures the heart and soul of the classic hero's journey.

Cultural Impact

Since the release of Elden Ring, the characters have made a huge impact on pop culture, especially in the gaming community. The character Elden Ring, a representation of the game's titular artifact, influenced the narrative structure of fantasy RPGs and set a new benchmark for character design and development.
Portrayed as a symbolic and mysterious being, The Ring of Elden embodies a whole new level of storytelling mystery. This has sparked passionate debates and theories among fans, increasing the game's cultural value and creating a rich mystery to explore. Science has created shared value for community exploration and interpretation, engaging players in a shared narrative and shaping the flow of conversation about the game's story. Elden Ring's character designs also heavily influenced the aesthetic trends of fantasy RPGs. With his ruined beauty and terrifying presence, he combines a creepy and grim image that has become the inspiration for fan art, cosplay, and other fan-made content, further etching the character's stamp on pop culture.
In addition, the Elden Ring represents the concept of absolute power and its destructive consequences, a theme that resonates with many consumers of fantasy media. As such, its deep metaphorical meaning set a compelling narrative standard for future RPGs.
Finally, Elden Ring's game character, Elden Ring, has made its mark on the gaming landscape through narrative and design innovation, community building, and thematic resonance.


The legacy of the Ring of Elden character is complex and rich, marked by both triumphs and failures. Known as exceptional warriors, their skills were unmatched, perfecting advanced fighting techniques that made them formidable in any battle. But what really defines their character is their perseverance in the face of insurmountable adversity.
Despite the endless cycle of death and rebirth, the character of the Ring of Elden never succumbed to despair. They persevered even as their journey took them into the darkest corners of the Elden Ring universe, constantly driven to discover the truth about their identity and purpose. Each fight was not only a test of physical strength, but also a fight for their souls.
Their quest led them to encounter ancient beings of unimaginable power, and their courage refused to match such terrifying foes. But it was their relentless pursuit of knowledge that truly left its mark on the Elden Ring universe and changed its direction forever. Therefore, their legacy is not one of brute force, but one of tenacity, resilience and unceasing curiosity.