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Elden Ring has a rich cast of characters, each different, full of personalities and complex stories. You will encounter brave tainted warriors in search of their personal purpose, abandoned demigods broken by the loss of the Ring of Elden, and cunning figures working behind the scenes for their own gain. From Malenia, Mikella's Blade, a knight who exudes an aura of fear and terror, to Rania the Witch, a mysterious caster who has a strangely endearing charm despite her terrifying surroundings. Other notable characters include Blade, an unlikely ally you'll meet as you ride across the open fields, and Torrent, a noble horse that helps you on your journey. With their whimsical charm and shared ties to the broken Ring of Elden, these characters weave an evocative narrative tapestry within the storied universe of the Ring of Elden.


Elden Ring reveals a vast universe full of dynamic characters. Each of them, from heroic figures to evil villains, add a unique dimension to the game and make the plot compelling based on their mythic stories. Powerful unfathomable creatures, mysterious enigmatic figures, primordial creatures and hardened warriors all share a common thread of fighting against all odds as you uncover the mysterious history of the interstellar world. As you delve into this layered and intricately interconnected universe, you'll encounter irreplaceable characters that inspire, horrify, and leave an indelible mark on your journey. This list is the definitive guide through the tapestry of Elden Ring characters, allowing you to understand their roles, motivations, and significance in this vast world. From the brave Malenia, the blade of Mikella and the wise Melina to the darker figures, each character's deep knowledge is ripe for exploration. Understanding these characters can enhance your gaming experience as they shape the world and its complex history. Join us on this journey of character exploration and delve into the intricate details that make the Ring of Elden universe so compelling.


Abject Lionel
Born of humble beginnings in the most enchanting city, Lionel spent his first years unaware of the supernatural destiny that befell him. As a child, he often gazed at the imposing structures that housed the Six Pillar Apostles and dreamed of one day becoming a member of their great order. But fate had other plans for Lionel.
One fateful day, he discovered the ancient Ring of Elden lying peacefully next to an old forgotten chapel. The moment he picked up the ring, he was overwhelmed by the sheer feat that gave him extraordinary powers. Suddenly he was no longer a mere mortal, but a transcendent being.
Lionel's kind-hearted nature prevented him from using his newfound powers for evil purposes, so he chose to serve the people of the Enchanted City with his undying loyalty. His halo was always visible in the darkest corners and gave hope to the hopeless.
In his pursuit of justice and order, he encountered several sinister figures. But his pure spirit and indomitable courage allowed him to defeat any enemy that crossed his path. But these victories came at a price: he slowly lost his human essence and joined the Ring of Elden.
Today, Lionel the Wretched is an immortal figure, living proof of the power of the Ring of Elden. His years of selfless service to the people did not go unnoticed and earned him an honorable place among the Apostles of the Six Pillars. His story is a reminder that we are all bound by the cycle of life and death, and while we strive for the divine, we remain human.

Creation and Development

The Elden Ring universe is filled with unique and engaging characters, each with their own complex background and story. The starting and evolution stages of the characters depend on the strict details of the game developers.
Co-creator George R.R. Martin, known for his popular epic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, and Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of the popular Dark Souls series, have cleverly combined their creative skills to deliver a breathtaking open world. a gaming universe full of rich characters. Each Elden Ring character has a fragment of the Elden Ring that adds to their compelling and complex narrative.
The process of creating these characters involved a nuanced understanding of each character's place in the rich history of gaming. This was not limited to their various appearances, but also dialogue, quests, and specific contributions to the pieces of the broken Elden Ring. The developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that each character is integral to the game's story, connected to the story, and appealing to the game's large audience.
In addition to maintaining their unique character, each character has been refined and redesigned based on extensive playtesting and feedback. The uniqueness of each Elden Ring character comes from this relentless pursuit of perfection in design and development.
Overall, character creation and development in Elden Ring illustrates a careful and deliberate process. The result is a vast universe of characters that further enriches the immersive world of Elden Ring, each with their own unique part of the amazing story that the game represents.

Character Profile

Staff Name: Peace of the Lost Lands

Peace of the Lost Lands, an enigmatic figure dressed in ragged peasant clothes, her face hidden beneath a tattered hood, is a wandering heroine of the Ring of Elden universe. He strides solemnly across the vast ravaged earth, brandishing an artifact-laden staff. Her mysterious aura reveals a life full of countless struggles and endless loneliness.

A skilled sorcerer, Serenity harnesses the power of the Elden Rings to cast devastating spells. She wields a unique crystal-encrusted staff that is said to draw directly from the power of the Elden Rings, and possesses unparalleled magical power.

  • Skills: magic spells and attacks, high intelligence, shrewd strategist
  • Your Weapons of Choice: Elden Ring Imbued Staff, Enchanted Relics
  • Background: Origin Unknown, Wanderer of the Lost Lands
  • Loyal: Undecided. Peace works out of necessity, associated with the understanding of balance and justice
  • Command: an ancient ghost wolf, a symbol of his loneliness and unwavering self-confidence

His story is known as one of the most impressive of the Ring of Elden. Serenity's origins are shrouded in mystery, but her determined pursuit of order in a universe of chaos makes her an undeniable force in the history of the Ring of Elden.

Story Arc

In the Ring of Elden universe, the character arc revolves around the main character Tainted, who goes in search of the Ring of Elden after it is destroyed by Queen Marika the Eternal. Banished from Middle-earth for being powerless, Apanted is remembered after the great power of the Ring of Elden grants tainted power.
Tarnished's journey traverses a world full of fierce enemies, menacing bosses and friendly allies. From the plains of Limgrave to the grand castle of Stormvale to the esoteric ruins of Leyndell, Tarnished meets the demigods. These beings, the sons of Queen Marika, seek to stake their claim to the fragments of the Ring of Elden in order to gain dominance among the lands. One such demigod is Godrick the Grafted, grotesquely altered by the power of the shards of the Ring of Elden. He has unbridled strength and ferocity. At the other end of the spectrum is Melina, a calming beacon guiding Blurred. His worldview and dependence on the player add moral complexity to the story.
Shattering the Ring of Elden created a core power known as the Great Runes. And it was from this disaster that the Erdtree was born, the main monumental character in The Land Between. The triumphs and trials of the tainted culminate at the foot of the Erdtree, where the tainted consider restoring or abolishing the Ring of Elden.
The plot of the Elden Ring universe is thus a saga of the Tarnished's struggle against ever-increasing odds, a cosmic dichotomy of power and fragility. It's a testament to individual will against cosmic chaos that underscores the dark yet fascinating essence of the world of the Elden Ring.

Cultural Impact

The Elden Ring characters have had a significant cultural impact, seen in numerous online forums, fan theories, and cosplay conventions. For example, tarnished has become a symbol of resilience and determination. His quest to become an Elden Lord, which involves many challenges and unspeakable horrors, resonates with the audience with its themes of isolation and struggle. Similarly, Malenia, Miquella blade drives this trend. With its gripping arcs and psychological complexity, it symbolizes the destructive nature of obsession and power. Similarly, characters such as Godric the Golden are used to explore social structures and class strife. His story delves into themes of privilege, corruption and the failures of ruling hierarchies, making him a popular topic of social and political debate. On a lighter note, the strange but mysterious Kállá, a strange tree, has inspired fan art, merchandise, and theories, and has become a community favorite.
All of these characters, with their unique stories and intricate details, have spawned massive fan works and continue to influence pop culture. Such is the cultural impact of the characters in the Elden Ring universe: revolutionary, complex, yet intimate and personal.


In the vast and mystical realm of the Elden Ring universe, a character's legacy is carved in destiny and glory. A figure of admiration and awe, the bearer of the Ring of Elden wields unparalleled power, instilling fear and awe from noble nobles to commoners. Each character is beautifully flawed, their stories woven into one grand tale of redemption, temptation and sacrifice. From brave warriors to fighting sorcerers to cunning villains, each character has a legacy that shapes the unfolding story. As they travel across vast landscapes, players encounter these characters whose stories are immortalized in mythic folklore. Their legacy lives on in their battles, whispers of their exploits echo throughout the time bound by the Ring of Elden, their fates bear witness to their tumultuous world.