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General Info

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AuthorJeremy Whitley
GenresFantasy, Action, Adventure
PublisherMarvel Comics
IllustratorEmily Martin
Issue Number1
Release Date2022-01-15
Number of Pages24
Original TitleEuphoria
Comics Issue NameEuphoria
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.marvel.com
Euphoria is a groundbreaking comedy series that expertly depicts the struggles and triumphs of today's teenagers as they navigate a morally complex world. It delves into the inherent challenges of high school life and explores themes of love, friendship, identity and mental health. Euphoria presents the unfiltered and harrowing nature of adolescence by introducing a diverse cast of characters in a series of engaging and heart-wrenching stories. The vivid images of the comic bring to life the intensity of the vivid world of teenagers and draw the audience into their own experiences. Euphoria readers will not be spectators; they will become an intimate part of the characters' journeys, experiencing every triumph, heartbreak and twist as their own. Immerse yourself in the wonderfully chaotic and brutally honest world of Euphoria and experience the unforgettable journey of adolescence like you've never experienced before.


In the tense and eye-catching comic book universe of Euphoria, nothing is as it seems. Populated by a diverse cast of characters, Euphoria brings to life the many complex issues and experiences of adolescence. Caught between the world of innocent childhood and the chaotic and demanding realm of adulthood, the high school characters navigate emotional turmoil, self-discovery, and the dark aspects of life such as addiction and mental health issues. The engaging storyline is enhanced by the bold and colorful art, which contrasts sharply with the serious undertones of the story, creating an irresistible paradox.
The beauty of Euphoria lies in its impeccable realism. It candidly illuminates the helplessness and hope, the despair and joy of being an adult, and graphically describes what it means to grow up in today's society. Comics allow us to look into the lives of the main characters by telling complex stories, unafraid to explore graphic and taboo subjects, and challenge societal norms and conventions.
Euphoria comics don't try to hide the reality of teenage life. Instead, they shed the facade of blissful ignorance and present unfiltered images of the grim reality of what the teenage years can be. Enthralling, haunting, yet thrillingly authentic, Euphoria is a mirror that reflects the evidence of the journey into self. His continued popularity is a testament to his relatability and courage to present difficult truths in a compelling format.


In the dark streets of a nameless city, seven teenagers with unique supernatural abilities form the Euphoria gang, united by shared experiences and secrets. Each has a strength that reflects their deepest inner turmoil; a reflection of a personal struggle transformed into an extraordinary gift. In an unstable family and school life, they create a safe haven and face the daily battlefields of adolescence together.
The story follows their intertwined lives as they encounter darkness, friendship, love and betrayal. Not only do these teens have to contend with emerging powers and shifting identities, the angst of adolescence, but also with enemies who seek to harness their abilities. Their leader, the empath Eli, often takes on the brunt of these challenges and guides his friends through the dizzying highs and lows of their journey together. As the town's secrets unravel, they must decide where their loyalties lie, and the choices they make will affect the neon nights of their spooky playground.
Tune in to Euphoria, the shocking odyssey of seven troubled, life-conflicting teenagers whose powers are beyond human and whose hearts are vulnerable to human emotions.


The creation of Euphoria Comics is a true testament to the collaborative spirit of creative art. The core team consisted of several top-level talents, each bringing their own unique perspectives and skills. Production began with a strong and innovative story written by the writer who drove the entire series.

The Concept Art team worked tirelessly to turn words into stunning visuals, creating unique character designs, immersive environments, and dynamic panels that capture the essence of the Euphoria universe. Their artistic vision played a crucial role in bringing the characters and world of Euphoria to life.

Colorists then added depth and dimension to the artwork with a nuanced knowledge of color theory and lighting. Meanwhile, anchors emphasized detail and defined shapes, emphasizing the mood and tone of each scene.

  • Building Euphoria was not without its challenges, but the team emerged victorious, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and learning through unwavering dedication and shared vision.

Ultimately, the Euphoria comics were a labor of love, a fusion of storytelling and artistic expression that pushed the boundaries of what a comic book series could be.


Euphoria Comics began exploring the melodramatic verse that oozes realism, self-discovery, and raw emotion. Set at the crossroads between teenage angst and the uphill journey of self-love, Euphoria's comics delve into the maze of teenage existence. Each issue reveals an endless level of complexity between shifting friendships, intimate relationships, identity crises, and substance abuse. These stories resonate with readers for their authentic depiction of the tumultuous teenage years, with all the highs and lows magnified. The visuals are stunning and manage to capture the multifaceted essence of each character, the conflict and the world they inhabit. Euphoria comics, in all their honest, heartbreaking glory, invite the reader into the void where they can face their own insecurities and experiences. Stories inspire empathy, understanding, and acceptance in the complex human life, making each publication a step toward self-fulfillment. While the atmosphere is dark, unstable, and often heavy, it still maintains an undercurrent of optimism as the characters continue to improve and heal, reminding readers that there is a glimmer of hope beneath the gloom that surrounds them. Each publication is a new chapter in the ongoing dialogue about the challenges of growth, a testament to resilience and strength. This is not just a cartoon, but a mirror that reflects reality and forces you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses.


As the Euphoria universe expands with the latest addition to its world, a comic book series, fan anticipation is at a fever pitch. The comics promise to take readers on an immersive journey through the minds and lives of our beloved characters, brimming with color and emotion on every page. The storylines unfolding in the comic series delve into the unexplored complexities of the characters and their intertwined lives.
The highly publicized release of the Euphoria comics was a big deal. Fans from all over the world lined up at comic shops to get their hands on the first issue. With copies falling off the shelves within hours of release, comics are already being touted as collectibles.
The creators' decision to use the medium of comics to tell the story was well received by fans and critics. Viewers are treated to the same gritty and unflinching portrayal of teenage life they've come to love on the show. The transition from screen to paper kept the essence of "Euphoria" enthralling readers.
Whether it's the dark undertones of the plot, the bold character sketches, or the bold illustrations, every aspect of the comic resonates with Euphoria's unique identity. The promise of adding new layers to the story with each issue fueled excitement for fans.
Get ready to immerse yourself in the chaotic and beautiful world of Euphoria as she takes her comics to new heights. Dive in and let the madness consume you!


Ever since their release, the Euphoria comics have made a huge impact on both the comics scene and readers. It has been critically acclaimed for its bold approach to depicting youthful reality and its curious portrayal of thought-provoking themes. Both critics and readers appreciated his raw and intense narrative style.

The intricate graphics and vibrant color palettes used throughout the series were also highly praised. He deftly captures both the euphoric highs and desperate lows of high school life, highlighting the precarious journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Part of the comic's appeal lies in its characters, each carefully framed by real-world struggles and triumphs. Their stories resonated deeply with readers and created a sense of belonging and empathy.

  • Offbeat magazine praised the series as a "sophisticated depiction of the harsh reality of adolescence in a uniquely compelling form and style".
  • Comic Review Weekly praised its "bold and innovative storytelling" and added that Euphoria "isn't afraid to dive headfirst into the crushing pressures facing today's teenagers".
  • Graphic Novel Digest commented that it "strikes a delicate balance between hopeful and heartbreaking, uplifting and haunting".

Despite some criticism for its sometimes brutal frankness, Euphoria largely managed to push the boundaries of traditional comics and set a new, more mature direction for the genre.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Euphoria comics was prolific and profound. The series has become a touchstone for discussions about mental health, substance abuse and young people's identity. He pushed the boundaries of what topics are considered appropriate in comic book literature, including explicit depictions of drug use and sexuality, challenging conventional norms. In addition to its cultural penetration into the Western world, Euphoria has been translated into many other languages, stimulating conversation and social reflection around the world. The realistic portrayal of complex characters and raw emotions resonated with readers, ultimately bringing to light issues that are often stigmatized or overlooked. In addition, Euphoria has greatly influenced the style of comics, inspiring a new generation of artists with its unique aesthetic. As a result, Euphoria's cultural footprint stretches from simple sitcom to unabashed symbol of self-examination and brutal storytelling.