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General Info

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GenresDrama, Crime
Music ByBiko Gogaladze, Labrinth
TaglineRemember this feeling.
StarringZendaya, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, Angus Cloud, Javon Walton, Barbie Ferreira, Maude Apatow, Dominic Fike, Storm Reid, Nika King, Eric Dane, Austin Abrams, Jacob Elordi
Produced ByAshley Levinson, Harrison Kreiss, Julio Perez IV, Yahir Rodriguez, Tim McDaniel, Zendaya, Will Greenfield, Kenneth Yu, Alli Reich, Drake, Sam Levinson, Ravi Nandan, Kevin Turen, Adel 'Future' Nur, Hadas Mozes Lichtenstein, Ron Leshem, Daphna Levin
Release Date2019-06-16
Running Time60
Screenplay ByDaphna Levin, Ron Leshem
TV Series NameEuphoria
Content Rating8.367
Distributed ByHBO
Original TitleEuphoria
Country of OriginIL, US
Number of Seasons2
Number of Episodes16
World Premiere Date2019-06-16
Production Company NameA24, The Reasonable Bunch, Little Lamb Productions, DreamCrew, Tiny Goat, HBO, ADD Content Agency, HOT, Tedy Productions
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.hbo.com/euphoria
Euphoria is an American adaptation of the Israeli show of the same name, which aims to shock and expose topical issues such as mental illness, drug addiction, identity crises and sexuality that teenagers face today. The series revolves around Rue, a teenager struggling with drug addiction who develops a deep connection with a transgender girl named Jules. Each episode highlights a different character's story, and the stories often overlap. The result is a raw, unfiltered exploration of teenage life. "Euphoria" is often praised for its cinematographic quality, unique storytelling and the performance of young actors. Please be aware of obscene content and potentially triggering scenes.



Euphoria is an American teen television series based on the Israeli miniseries of the same name. It perfectly portrays the turbulent times and complexities of modern high school life with an unfiltered, unforgiving and surprisingly authentic look at adolescence. Set in the suburbs, the stories revolve around a group of high school students who explore identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship in a world where established norms and morals are constantly being challenged.
The series revolves around Rue Bennett, played masterfully by Zendaya, a 17-year-old drug addict struggling with her reality and her future. Leads a cast of diverse and vividly realized characters, each struggling with their own struggles and navigating various aspects of teenage life, including substance abuse, sexuality, body image, and the pressure to conform to social norms. With stunning graphics and a soundtrack as powerful and multifaceted as its characters, Euphoria offers a gritty, often nightmarish look at the heart of adolescence and the tumultuous journey of growing up. But behind its shocking and edgy exterior, the show is a deeply empathetic exploration of young life's turmoil, making it a must-see for viewers looking for realism and sensitivity in the teen drama genre.


The American teen TV series Euphoria offers an unfiltered look at the tumultuous lives of today's teens. With equal doses of graphic scenes and raw emotion, the plot revolves around Rue Bennett (Zendaya), a 17-year-old drug addict who plunges into the abyss of the real world after rehab.
The plot delves into the swirling ocean of high school reality, where the swirling currents of sex, love, identity struggles, and cyberbullying intertwine with substance abuse. The series profiles each of the main characters, shedding light on their multi-layered personalities, home environments and intertwining histories. Dive into the intricacies of Jules' (Hunter Schafer) life as a mysterious transgender girl who meets Rue, their friendship at the emotional heart of the show. Euphoria navigates the scandalous landscape of teenage life seen through the lens of lust and anxiety, exploring internal identity struggles and the pressure to conform to the external. It paints an unromantic picture of adolescence and is completely at odds with the glamorous version of teenage life. It takes a close look at the current generation's uncertain journey in tackling important social issues.
The series offers a different approach to the coming-of-age story, focusing on the grueling struggle of teenagers amidst the chaos of the world, but illustrating the terrible beauty in the darkness. Each episode is a journey into the depths of the complex minds of teenagers, bringing to life the grim reality of youth and the shadows it casts. Euphoria deftly combines dark humor and gripping drama to create a spectacular spectacle that oscillates between thrilling and disturbing, leaving viewers to wrestle with their feelings and thoughts.


A dazzling, heightened exploration of teenage life, Euphoria resonated with audiences worldwide for its harrowing portrayal of addiction and mental health issues. Creating "Euphoria" was a huge effort to reflect the broken glass reality of the main characters.
A24, a production company known for its appeal to art theater, created this intense series with HBO, turning the 2012 An Israeli mini-series on American history with international appeal. Its creator, Sam Levinson, drew on his personal experience of drug addiction to create a series that is both an abstract therapy session and a story.
The series used a neon aesthetic to create a hallucinogenic experience that reflected the subjective reality of the characters. From the beginning, the production team focused on in-depth character exploration rather than relying on plot devices. This is evident in the series' cinematography, which makes excellent use of shallow depth of field, subtle camera movement and lighting to reveal the psychological terrain of the characters.
Music also played an important role in the performance. Labrintas, the series' composer, created a pulsating electronic score that emphasizes the ebb and flow of the characters' emotional states as they synergistically interact with the visuals. The highly publicized special episodes during the COVID-19 pandemic were also a significant production achievement, demonstrating the show's resilience and adaptability. At the same time, the show prides itself on showcasing a diverse cast and behind-the-scenes. It is a synergistic symphony between the directors, writers, actors and the entire production team. They have taken all the authentic steps to bring this realistic portrayal of different aspects of teenage life to the screen, making Euphoria a labor of love that reflects the vicissitudes of growing up.


Release refers to the American teen drama series Euphoria, which premiered on HBO in 2019. performance in June. The series is based on the Israeli miniseries of the same name and was created and written by Sam Levinson. It follows a group of high school students as they navigate the complexities of their lives and deal with controversial topics such as substance abuse, sexuality, identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship.
Since its launch, the series has become renowned for its impeccable portrayal of teenage life, stunning visuals, deeply flawed yet deeply human characters and innovative storytelling. Despite the heavy and often shocking nature of the series, it has been praised for its authentic portrayal of teenage experiences in the modern world. in 2022 month of January. HBO has released the second season of Euphoria and continues to push the envelope by exposing the harsh realities facing today's teenagers. Both seasons were praised for their provocative storytelling, mesmerizing performances, especially from Zendaya as protagonist Rue, and an influential style that challenged the conventions of traditional teen dramas.


Reception has been largely positive for the TV series Euphoria, known for its curious and exciting portrayal of America's youth. Critics are hailing it for a brave story that captures the horrific truths of teenage experiences in a way that is deeply relatable and deeply disturbing. Although known for its straightforward content, reviewers note that the show does not use shock value as its mainstay, but instead does its larger message a huge service by shining a light on the darkest corners of youth culture. Euphoria's cast, especially Zendaya's performance, has been widely praised for bringing a rare bravery and humanity to such an uncomfortable but compelling storyline. Technical aspects such as the colorful and ethereal cinematography, editing and moody soundtrack have also been widely acclaimed, creating an engaging and immersive viewing experience that feels almost like a dream. While Euphoria may be difficult viewing for some, the consensus is that its unique portrayal of hard truths makes it a very valuable contribution to the television landscape.

Cultural impact

Euphoria is more than your average teen drama; it is a cultural phenomenon that has had a profound impact on a global audience. The HBO series helped spark conversations about topics often considered taboo, including mental health, identity, sexuality, drug addiction and relationships in the digital age.
Euphoria's unfiltered depiction of the Gen Z experience has been praised for its brutal honesty. He highlighted the complex struggles facing youth today, attributing it to the huge demographic. The heartfelt story encouraged viewers to discuss these topics more openly, leading to a shift toward a more understanding society. The exhibition's distinctive aesthetic, a mixture of realism and surrealism, also influenced the fashion industry. The exclusive use of glittery and bold makeup hints at each character's personality, which has become a trend for her fans around the world. It allowed for self-expression through fashion and beauty.
"Euphorija" helped change the image of teenage life on television. Although the show was criticized for its stark and dark nature, it successfully pushed boundaries and broke norms. Use the tool to give a voice to the unheard, promoting a sense of identity for the underrepresented.
In addition to individual influence, "Euphorija" had an impact on the entire television industry. Traditional storytelling techniques were deconstructed and reinvented, setting a new standard for teen dramas to come. With powerful performances and brutal themes, Euphoria has definitely left a big mark on popular culture.