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General Info

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Music ByLisa Holmqvist
Edited ByDino Jonsater, Michal Leszczyloski
Film NameEuphoria
StarringAlicia Vikander, Eva Green, Charles Dance
Directed ByLisa Langseth
Produced ByCharles Collier, Alicia Vikander, Patrik Andersson, Frida Bargo
Release Date2017-09-11
Running Time104 minutes
Screenplay ByLisa Langseth
Distributed BySF Studios
Original TitleEuphoria
CinematographyRob Hardy
Country of OriginSweden, Germany
Production Company NameB-Reel Films, Dancing Camel, Great Point Media, Vikarious Film
Euphoria, an American teen drama series, was born from the brilliant mind of Sam Levinson. The compelling story explores the nuanced teenage lives of love, friendship, identity crisis, substance abuse, trauma and social media. The series has some rough and tumble stories. Told from the point of view of the main character, Rue, played impeccably by Emmy Award-winning actress Zendaya, the story traces her path to drug addiction during the difficult teenage years. Euphoria is distinguished by stunning cinematography, a rousing electronic soundtrack and a visually striking aesthetic that reflects the turbulent emotions of its characters. Each character tells a unique drama, creating a mosaic of teenage life in the Internet age. Euphoria is gaining massive attention around the world and is a surprisingly fresh take on the coming-of-age story.


Euphoria is a groundbreaking coming-of-age drama series that fearlessly explores the darkest areas of adolescence and reveals the complex issues of the modern teenager. Far from cliché, this depiction of high school life uses vivid imagery and complex characters to tell complex stories.
Euphoria centers on Rue, a recovering drug addict who must overcome conflicting emotions, relationships and her own personal demons. Her journey is colored by her peers as they struggle with their own trials of identity, trauma and love, expertly interweaving their stories to reflect the inexplicable bonds we share in society.
The cinematography of "Euphoria" is extremely attractive, using an exaggerated aesthetic that contrasts with the harsh reality in which the characters find themselves. The series pushes the boundaries of conventional television and exposes viewers to hard truths they often avoid.
Euphoria serves as an unfiltered mirror that reflects the pressures and pitfalls of growing up in the digital age. It showcases the tools teenagers use to cope with this stress, including sex, drugs and social media, while providing a relevant and relatable cinematic experience. He is a powerful storyteller who paints a picture of the lives of today's marginalized youth. A story of chaos and celebration, Euphoria is definitely a tour de force of teen drama.



'Euphoria' "film" screenshots
'Euphoria' "film" screenshots
'Euphoria' "film" screenshots
'Euphoria' "film" screenshots
'Euphoria' "film" screenshots


Euphoria is a gripping story of high school students navigating their complex world of discovery, intimacy, and the vicissitudes of identity exploration. The story revolves around Rue (played by Zendaya), a teenager struggling with addiction and the challenges of sobriety, and her close circle of friends.
Rue is a study in contradictions. Trapped in the throes of addiction, she is intense and vulnerable, insightful yet destructive. Her road to recovery is grueling and reflects the complex realities often faced by people struggling with substance abuse. Filled with relapses, therapy sessions, and fleeting moments of clarity, Rue's story charts one young girl's relentless pursuit of sobriety despite the adversities that befall her.
The film also delves into the lives of Rue's classmates, each struggling with their own insecurities, desires and fears. Topics covered include sexuality, body image, mental health, acceptance of self and others, struggle for identity, and different forms of love. Each character goes through their own personal turmoil and triumph, brought together by shared experience and mutual understanding, resulting in a gritty and poignant depiction of the bittersweet complexity of adolescence.
Euphoria unfolds like a mosaic: fragmented perspectives create a vibrant collective image. Through the lens of these queer young adults, the film presents a sad tale of basic human experiences: chaos, excitement, and everything in between. The film not only explores the dark underbelly of adolescence, but is also a hopeful testament to the resilience, strength and tenacious spirit of a new generation on the brink of self-discovery.
This strong blend of realism and escapism, intricately woven into colorful storytelling and stunningly beautiful cinematography, makes Euphoria a force to be reckoned with in contemporary cinema. It not only pushes the boundaries in terms of content, but also brings a whole new dimension to how young people are portrayed on screen. With impeccable honesty, Euphoria is a bright, vibrant and intense reflection of the heartbeat of today's youth.


The staging of Euphoria is more like a beautiful symphony than a chaotic ensemble. It's a well-choreographed confluence of teenage angst, struggle and resilience against the vibrant backdrop of modern suburbia. Created by Sam Levinson, the show delves into the lives of high school students struggling with love and friendship in a world of drugs, sex, trauma and social media.
The cinematography is undeniably unique and captivating, a testament to Marcello Révo's creative genius. Rév's aesthetic choices of scrolling shots and balanced, neon-colored set designs contribute to a dreamy yet grounded depiction of modern teenage life. Intriguing imagery effectively evokes a lucid dream teetering on the brink of a nightmare.
Music takes center stage in Euphoria, carefully crafted by Labrinth's score. The Grammy-nominated musician's rousing, electrifying melodies set the emotional tone for the episodes and heighten the impact of key scenes. Labrinth's work underscores the show's story and enhances the emotional power of revealing monologues and tense moments.
Some of the highlights of Euphoria's production are the excellent performances from the ensemble, led by Zendaya. Their compelling portrayals of complex and complex characters add the perfect touch of authenticity, making Euphoria a gritty, intimate and compelling exploration of adolescence.
The first season of "Euphoria" premiered on HBO in 2019. in June. Its popularity has since led to its renewal for a second season, showcasing the successful execution of a well-thought-out and expertly crafted series.


Euphoria is a groundbreaking series that takes a candid and honest look at the lives of a group of high school students struggling with issues of identity, trauma, relationships and social media. The moment of teenage life in the series is touching and bright. The mature and sometimes graphic rendering provides a unique portrait of modern adolescence. in 2019 June 16 when "Euphorija" appeared, it immediately resonated with the audience and became a cultural phenomenon. Protagonist Rue (played by Emmy Award-winner Zendaya) and her friends navigate the turbulent waters of youth, coming face-to-face with the realities of addiction, loss, and longing in each episode. Euphoria doesn't shy away from these heavy themes, but rather amplifies them, using evocative cinematography and a hypnotic soundtrack to convey the inner struggles of the characters. The show's commitment to authenticity has led a legion of devoted fans to look forward to further explorations of these complex stories in future seasons.


Upon release, Euphoria received critical and commercial acclaim. Audiences praised the gritty portrayal of teenage struggles and the actors' excellent performances. In particular, Zendaya's incredibly layered portrayal of Rue Bennett was recognized worldwide, earning her a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The show's ability to comprehensively portray sensitive teenage issues such as addiction, identity, bullying and trauma has proven incredibly relevant and relatable to a global audience.
In many respects, the technical aspects of Euphoria were equally commendable. With its vivid visuals and clear soundtrack, the show sets it apart from traditional teen dramas. The spectacular makeup and costume designs have also received critical acclaim for their innovative and story-driven approach.
However, the show was not without its critics. Some critics have raised concerns about the graphic content and explicit scenes, questioning whether such depictions are suitable for younger audiences. Despite the controversy, Euphoria has established itself as a groundbreaking series in its genre and maintains a compelling story that has viewers eagerly awaiting future installments.

Cultural impact

Featuring a bold and raw narrative, Euphoria has left an indelible mark on popular culture since its premiere. His realistic and unflinching approach to sensitive issues such as drug addiction, mental health and sexuality has sparked widespread discussion and debate. The show's impact is not limited to provocative themes and influences other areas of culture such as fashion and music.
By subverting typical teen drama tropes, Euphoria showed a generation of viewers that their struggles and experiences were valid and worth telling. The unfiltered portrayal of the trials and tribulations of modern adolescence has pushed the boundaries of what can be shown on teen television, setting a new level of authenticity and bravery. From a fashion perspective, the show's unique aesthetic, characterized by glittering makeup and bold, experimental clothing, inspired both makeup artists and stylists. She applied glittery teardrops and neon eyeliner, encouraging viewers to embrace their individuality and express themselves through makeup and style.
In addition, Euphoria's soundtrack was praised for its impeccable editing. An eclectic mix of contemporary pop, R&B and electronic music with ambient and dreamy soundtracks made the show a music trendsetter. He introduced a new generation to different genres and sounds, adding diversity to the charts. Essentially, Euphoria challenged the norm and pushed the boundaries both in terms of thematic content and aesthetics. Its influence on popular culture speaks to its resonance with a generation that seeks authenticity and rawness in its media consumption. Whether it's fashion, music or storytelling, Euphoria has definitely made its mark on our cultural landscape.