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Week 2: Spooky Month

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Event NameWeek 2: Spooky Month
Friday Night Funkin's Week 2: Spooky Month is no ordinary rhythm game event. This amazing party of fun promises to deliver a thrilling mix of exciting rhythmic challenges and spooky vibes, making it the perfect Halloween event! The event will put your character in a spooky Halloween-themed environment where they will have to face the duo Skid and Pump, the infamous pranksters from Sr. Pel's Spooky Month series. In addition to being animated in a unique style and serving as charming enemies, they also bring new rhythmic patterns that require quick reflexes and feline precision to defeat. Every song - South, Spookeez and Monster - is sure to give you goosebumps as you pound the beat. Take part in this adrenaline-pumping battle and prove that no funk is too scary for your unbeatable beat! Friday Night Funkin's Week 2: Spooky Month doesn't just play, it scares you into dancing!


Friday Night Funkin' Universe

At the heart of the

xss=removed>Friday Night Funkin' universe is a rhythm-based indie game with bright, colorful characters and catchy music that will keep players coming back again and again. Created by xss=removed>Ninjamuffin99, the game follows an aspiring musician known as xss=removed>Boy as he tries to impress his girlfriend.

In this game, the guy meets a lot of characters, each with their own unique songs and rhythms. Players must match these numbers and rhythms by pressing the corresponding keys at exactly the right time. The characters between which the guy fights are his future father-in-law xss=removed>Daddy Dearest, a creepy demon from his girlfriend's past known as xss=removed>lemon demon and many others. more .

With its quirky characters, exciting gameplay and catchy tunes, xss=removed>Friday Night Funkin' has become wildly popular and created a fascinating universe for the gaming community.< /p>